started menopause 18 moths after giving birth

by Rebecca

I breastfeed my daughter for 2.4 years, my periods were quite heavy before I had her and at one point when i was 40 they even stopped for 3 months my doc said i wasn't in menopause my fsh was 17 but my periods restarted and i got pregnant very easily so put that delay down to stress as I was very stressed at that time.
But even though my periods started again when my baby was 6 months old they stopped completely a year later.
And even though I was still breastfeeding I had a fsh test done which came up as 120! I was horribly shocked to be told I was post menopausal and that was the end of my fertility. I was only 43 I had also suddenly put on loads of weight but again was in a stressful job.
However I tryed different herbs and finally natural progesterone cream, but I found first of it caused bleeding so I stopped then the next month I had a bleed even though I hadn't been using the cream.
I decided to persist and have a break of 5 days but I didn't always bleed, this time I tryed the cream on day 14 because I had been bleeding this month, I don't regard them as periods because even though they last a few days, the blood is light coloured and hardly any clots at all.
Anyway I had another fsh done which came back at 49.1 which still isn't great but maybe better than the 120 results I kept getting.
Anyway I have started bleeding again this time on day 20 which is a short cycle if it is a real one or as I suspect just caused by the progesterone.

So I'm not sure when I should take the progesterone now, or whether to try hrt, even though I'm not getting sweats ect I'm still worried about bone health.
What do you think, I'm nearly 45.

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