Spotting after period, long cycles, low cortisol

by Davey
(Seattle, WA)

I'm trying to conceive my second child, but my hormones just haven't been right since having my first (3 years ago). My ND did a 1 day saliva test and confirmed my progestone is low, my dhea is low and my cortisol is low. She started me on 30mg/day of Progesterone after day 14. Last cycle I felt pretty good but had a 36 day cycle with ~12 day luteal phase (ya!). My only issue during that time was night sweats. I had a good 5 day period, but have been spotting ever since (7+ days). In the past couple of days I've also broken out with back acne.

Some other information. I used to have short cycles (got pregnant with my first on day 5). The average length of my past 6 cycles is 35 days. I am 32. Thoughts?

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