So out of control -need help making sense of labs and what is wrong

by Jenny
(Birmingham, al )

51 years old, great health, only 2 periods in last 9 months. Symptoms before meds: sleepless nights for months, back pain, racing mind, tingling in legs at night, belly weight (15 lbs in last year), lethargy, hair thinning and blah.

Doctor put me on 100mg of progesterone and testosterone cream daily, vitamin d, iron, 2.5 DHEA and thyroid support vitamins about 2 months ago. Recent labs show, estradiol is 19.9, progesterone is 4.9, esterone is 12.3, testosterone is 35.

Since meds, sleep is still an issue, racing mind and back aches have stopped, belly weight is still there. See doctor tomorrow, so confused if my estrogen is too high or too low. Should I be taking estrogen with progesterone if I am not having a period?

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Jul 10, 2018
So out of control -need help making sense of labs and what is wrong
by: Joy

Hi Jenny

A missed period for 12 months puts you in Menopause. As you have experienced 2 periods in 9 months I would say that you are still in Peri-Menopause.

I do not believe that any woman needs to use testosterone, or estrogen. Testosterone is associated with Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, and Cardiovascular Disease. To me the risks are simply not worth it, see here.

Your adverse symptoms indicate that you are suffering from Estrogen Dominance. Your progesterone:estrogen ratio is 246:1, it should be around 600:1 meaning that you need progesterone and not estrogen. Please read the Hormone Testing, Estrogen Dominance and How to use Progesterone Cream pages. Hair Loss could mean that you have a thyroid problem. Restless legs could mean that you are deficient in dopamine, see here.

Progesterone therapy does take time, it is not an overnight fix and can take 2-6 months. Between 100-200mg is needed, more if symptoms are severe.

Vitamin D3 is very important as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone, optimal range is between 70-100ng/mL. Nothing less than 5,000iu's is needed daily. Co-factors are needed when taking D3, magnesium and vitamin K2 with no soy are the important ones.

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