by Val
(Beaveton, OR)

I'm 45 and I feel I began menopause at about 35. My periods started decreasing and my skin began to age quickly. I hear estrogen loss causes this. I heard combining natural estriol with progesterone can keep skin younger longer.

I'm trying a product from Geomarix. "2% Micronized natural prog" and 50g micronized natural estrogen. How does yours compare? Explain dosage differences compared to yours please.

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Jan 07, 2009
by: Wray

Hi Val. Menopause only begins when bleeding actually stops. In fact it's recommended to wait a year before saying you are in menopause. But peri-menopause can begin 5-10 years beforehand.

Interestingly from age 35 progesterone levels start dropping, with anovulation occurring at greater frequency as menopause approaches. No progesterone is made by the ovaries during anovulation, but oestrogen continues to be made and only drops at menopause. There is no evidence that oestrogen loss causes skin to age, it has no benefit to collagen either. It does cause water retention, thus giving the appearance of plumping up cells. There is evidence of progesterone benefiting skin, please see the papers below:;jsessionid=G9vQGJ2FjtWkN4jXHSTKWdhfsgHhvxNMQ42LYWnHvhH1rXz7HjTG!-1465501618!-949856144!8091!-1

Geomarix is a 2% cream, Natpro is a 3.3% cream. So you would have to use more of the Geomarix to arrive at the same dose of progesterone. Natpro does not contain oestrogen either.
Take care Wray

Jan 28, 2012
The articles you cite do NOT say that progesterone helps skin!
by: Anonymous

Wray: the articles you cite do not say anything about progesterone improving skin texture.

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