Side effects, does it mean it's working?

by Mary
(Ontario, Canada)

Dear Wray,

I just started on Natpro a week ago. I read in the insert about symptoms getting worse in the beginning. How long typically does this occur for most people? I will share some history of my situation. I am 41, suffered from post partum depression with my last child 6 years ago. I have always had mild PMS, but the last few years have been awful. Every last 2 weeks of my cycle I get anxious, irritable++, very difficult on my children and husband.

I did try Zoloft 2 weeks every month for 2 years, and it did help, the side effects were unpleasant but tolerable for the sake of my family. I stopped taking it last fall, and have been trying supplements to no avail. My periods are very regular, but heavy. I was just diagnosed with fibrocystic breasts, after having much breast discomfort my doctor ordered a Mammogram and ultrasound which comfirmed what I already suspected. Thus far, I have been sleeping better and seem calmer, although the month is still young. My pms typically is at it's worst 5 to 7 days before then tapers as my period approaches. I also get a 2-3 day time after my flow ends where I get irritable and pms like.

Essentially I have one good week a month where I am my old self, joking, laughing, very patient, the mom my children love. I guess I am looking for reassurance, my breasts have hurt more lately since being on the Natpro, is this the side effect of the initial stages of the progesterone starting to work for me?

Also a sideline question, will it also help my libido, for my husband's sake? Thankyou for your time.

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Nov 19, 2007
Side effects
by: Anonymous

Hi there, don't feel alone - it is like I'm listening to myself.

(I'm actually Afrikaans so verskoon die engels)

I've had the same problems for about 2 years now with two boys 12 and 8. I've never been on any pill or any hormonal therapy. I'm now 35 turning 36 and in the last year felt terrible. Depressed, getting fatter for no spesific reason, terrible water retention, painfull and swollen breasts.

I've been using Natpro for 2+ months and feeling much better, energetic, relaxed, like you say - the mom and wife they want.

I've noticed that 2 weeks befor my period everything gets worse again, meaning the breasts and water retention, so much that my clothes fit so tight that I want to go through the roof. I hate feeling fat and seeing my thighs getting bigger.

I also want to know if my hormones are still deurmekaar doing this. I've been drinking a water pill but it doesn't seem to help. Do you know of any other plan to help with this?

Also sukkeling to loose the 5kg Ive put on!

But we have to be patient. Don't feel alone! Please reply.


Nov 20, 2007
Side effects of progesterone
by: Wray

The side affects can take up to ten days to disappear, usually not more. But the symptoms themselves can take up to 6 months to go.

It's such a pity you weren't given progesterone after the birth of your child, it would have saved much heartache. Dr Dalton has written a book about PND and how effective progesterone is for it.

The only supplement that would help PND is the amino acid L-tryptophan, the precursor to serotonin. I would suggest you try to get some, as it will get you back to your normal self very quickly. Progesterone helps raise serotonin levels in the body, so they work well together. Don't be persuaded to get 5-HTP, it's more expensive than tryptophan and doesn't work as well.

It appears from what you say about PMS that you are not making enough progesterone in the luteal phase, so you should find supplementing with it very helpful. The painful breasts will go and your libido will go up! If the method outlined in the leaflet doesn't help, please try the following one. Do hope this helps!

Our cycles can vary from as little as twenty one days to as long as thirty six. The average being twenty eight days. This is the reason that the manufacturers of The Pill and HRT pack their product in twenty eight day cycles. The following guide is also based on 28 days*, but please bear in mind that if your cycle is longer or shorter, try to follow that, rather than the average.

A twenty one day cycle Ovulation should occur on day seven
A twenty eight day cycle Ovulation should occur on day fourteen
A thirty six day cycle Ovulation should occur on day twenty one

Day 1 - 14 No cream
Day 15 - 17 1ml
Day 18 - 20 2ml
Day 21 - 22 3ml
Day 23 - 24 4ml
Day 25 - 26 6ml
Day 27 10ml
Day 28 15ml (remainder of tube)
Total 60ml

Nov 28, 2014
Confused with dosage
by: Dani

I know this thread is old but just found your website anyways I've taken progesterone cream for the last four years at 20mg per day following the cycle taking it day 12-26. Anyways I just had a saliva test done and my progesterone levels are super low. Doesn't make sense at all. I do see where you recommend 100-200mg per day during the cycle however in the above comment you made you listed several different amounts through the cycle????? I'm confused. Well this cycle I doubled my dose to 20mg twice a day (this was before I found out about your website) since I have doubled my dose I am having intestinal cramping and discomfort and joint pain should I up my dose again to offset these issues? I'm also peeing like 5-6 times a night now so I get no sleep. If I increase my dose can I do it while I'm in the middle of this cycle or do I have to wait until next cycle to up it and if I can up it can I go straight 100mg straight away or do I have to gradually increase it? I'm on day 18 right now. Thank you.☺️

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