Should overweight women use ESTRADIOL?

by Glaza Siniy

my gynie took one look at me during our first visit, and said 'clearly you're estrogen dominant. you've gained 60 pounds with menopause (true, i have) and it's all around your middle"
my weight gain has made me absolutely miserable, adding to the overall misery of my menopause, which i'm 6 years into: I am now 56.

She put me on ORAL generic prometrium (progesterone) for 3 months to 'clear out the old gunk up there' or something to that effect. i don't really mind her nuts and bolts descriptions. i'm more concerned with NOTHING helping me to lose and regain the same old 2 pounds all the time. I used to exercise quite vigorously, all my fertile years, but when meno hit, i hit a wall of fog and depression and turned to wine and food for comfort.

after i complained to her about how untouchably tender my now huge breasts are (i was a 34B, now i'm a 40D) she said it was time to add estradiol patches twice a week and drop the progesterone down to two weeks out of each month. and to expect a 'mock period'. to help clean out that gunk even more. (btw, she did a thorough swabbing of my cervix etc before we started any of this bio hrt.

so then i decide to return to my old books by John Lee and see what he says about estrogen in post meno women. and he says that hardly ever does a fat / overweight woman need estrogen; ie, in my case estradiol patches.

my gynie is rather well known for her Wiley Protocol lectures. she isn't someone i want to anger by using forums. i live in a very small coastal town in Oregon, and have no one else to see. Doctors here in this area terminate care with patients at a pin drop, so i can't go in to the next appt sounding like an armchair HRT maniac.

i have a motherlode of generic encapsulated 100 mg progesterone that i am amazed she had me taking orally. i am going to begin night time vaginal insertion of one pill for the two weeks.

it has made me 'wet' again! it has made me less prone to being unbearably hot during the day. it is lovely to not have the toilet paper cling to my labia because of dryness. my estradiol is .05mg per day patches, applied 2x week.

menopause is miserable for me. i am not going to stop drinking wine. i don't binge on sugar at all, otherwise. i take BP meds, i take diazepam for sleep. if i did not take diazepam, i would NOT get any sleep at all.

my metabolism is really screwed up from a couple of years of Adderall, just prior to meno hitting. i despair of being able to lose any of this upper body fat that makes me feel like a top about to topple over. i'm only 5'4". i have lost my waist. i am all boobs and back fat and i look like i'm pregnant. my face is disappearing into fat pads.

my bloodwork is all normal, excepting for my hypothyroidism, which i've had since i was skinny at age 41.

i hope to be able to see my gynie in another 6 weeks and have some intelligent questions for her, and not just get emotional.

thank you for your time reading this.

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