Saliva test, can I go it on my own. Getting expensive

by Robyn

I refuse to go to another doctor for BHRT. Last bill after blood work and saliva test was 800.00 with no reimbursement from my insurance. Why is the medical field ignoring women? Anyway, my last dr. Put me on 100 ml day 12-24. I have not have a test done in over 1 year and I can feel I am changing with symptoms and sporadic periods. Should I order the ZRT cortisol test on this site? And then when I receive the results, then what? I just want to know if I should up the cream or maybe I am experiencing other hormonal issues etc... Not sure how to proceed, I am no doctor and want to make sure I choose the safe and healthy route however, the expense is too much. May go it alone


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Nov 10, 2012
Saliva test, can I go it on my own. Getting expensive
by: Wray

Hi again Robyn I don't blame you! Luckily I was reimbursed, but I only had two tests done. I was feeling awful one day, on top of all the other symptoms I had. I thought my blood pressure was so low it was barely functioning. So I went to the local pharmacy, who checked and told me it was high! I was stunned as I never have high BP. He suggested I saw my doctor, but not having one, he then suggested an MD/iridologist/acupunturist rolled into one. He did a blood test which came back normal. A year later I was worse, but by then I'd read Leslie Kenton's book 'Passage to Power', in which she gave many of my symptoms, plus info on progesterone. Armed with this knowledge I went back to the doctor who looked up my previous results. To find the lab had not done a progesterone test only oestradiol. So he asked for another. I was 48 by now, with regular cycles, but my mid-luteal progesterone was 0.6nmo/L and oestradiol 120pmol/L, giving me a ratio of 5:1, needless to say I was a basket case by now! The doc suggested OTC progesterone cream, and after 6 months of use, I finally felt sane again. I haven't had another test done, or visited another doctor since, apart from one who fixed a broken bone I got from falling off a ladder. The tests were done 16 years ago now. So I don't see a need for doctors unless seriously ill. You could have a cortisol test done, but this will only show your cortisol levels. In the interests of saving money, I don't think hormone testing is vital. Symptoms are a good indication to go by. And if you're feeling things changing, certainly increase the progesterone. There's no hard and fast rule to it's use, the amount I use varies. If stressed I cover myself top to toe. ZRT Labs also do hormone saliva tests if you feel you need one. In case you haven't seen them, you could look through our pages on Peri-menopause, Menopause and Oestrogen Dominance. Take care Wray

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