by Rachel M D
(San Luis Potosi, Mexico)

Hi Wray, I wrote last month about the doctor who was warning me about the long term effects of progesterone. I have since researched enough to be comfortable with my decision to continue with the progesterone, however I am completely confused on how to switch over?!

Remember I am the one taking 100mg twice a day without a break and I have not had any problems with my cycle, it is completely regular down to the day. However, now that I received your cream I and utterly confused as how to make the transition because in your page on how to use the cream does not cover a situation like mine. Let me explain, I just started the process of getting pregnant (yesterday in fact we started), I have never had any problems AT ALL in the past to get pregnant (both times it took one try!) so I don't expect to have any, I actually could be pregnant now but it's too early to tell. SO how do I switch, or should I just wait until I am pregnant for sure before starting or switching? I'm so confused?!

I take 100mg capsules, but with the anticipation of switching over I bought some 50mg capsules to help with the transition, should I incorporate that

And as far as the amounts of cream to use, do you measure out 4.25ml? Or do I need to measure it out in measuring spoons? How important is the precision on the amount of cream used? Can I just estimated in the palm of my hand?

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Dec 17, 2010
by: Wray

Hi Rachel I'm relieved your search convinced you about the merits of progesterone. I can find no down side, having read hundreds, if not thousands of studies. I probably told you about the lack of efficacy of oral progesterone, hence your decision to switch. If you still have the caps continue taking them, it's a pity to waste them. But use the cream at the same time. I recommend between 100-200mg/day, dependant on symptoms. I can't remember what symptoms you had which prompted you to use progesterone, but you might experience side effects when starting it. So please read this page we have on Oestrogen Dominance. You're currently getting about 40mg/day from the 200mg you are taking. So if you aim for the 100mg you would need to use about 2ml of the cream, until your caps are finished. Then increase to 3ml per day to remain on the 100mg/day progesterone. You'll have to judge by your symptoms if this is sufficient. You say you never have problems falling pregnant, and it appears no adverse pregnancy symptoms too. But if these should occur, ie nausea, headaches, tiredness, water retention, please increase to 200mg/day. This would be 6ml of the cream, each 1ml contains 33.3mg progesterone. I've found a kitchen measuring spoon the easiest to use, until such time as you can judge the amount. The measuring doesn't have to be too accurate, the aim is to prevent any symptoms. We do have a page on Pregnancy, please read through it, as it gives info on how and when to use the cream. Take care Wray

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