RA in Men

by Kirsty
(South Africa)

Hi Wray

My boyfriend has been diagnosed with RA at the age of 28.
When i first came across Natural Progesteone and the wonders of it i had read the transcript from Dr Lee that mentioned that Osteoperosis and Arthritis could be caused by the lack of Progesterone.

Now he wants to take Testosterone and i am not willing as its synthetic, yes? could progesterone cream help with it? help inprove it? i use Natpro

Thanks very much Wray

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Nov 01, 2014
RA in Men
by: Wray

Hi Kirsty Thanks for using the Natpro. I'm not sure which testosterone he wants to use, so yes it could be synthetic, or natural. But I don't see why he wants to use it, if there's a problem with Libido progesterone is excellent for this. If his muscle mass has shrunk, then yes testosterone can help. Arthritis can be helped by progesterone, as it's an anti-inflammatory. But it's essential to find out why he's getting arthritis, often wheat and the grains are to blame. Sugar is a no-no too, in fact all starchy, sweet carbs should be avoided. A lack of Vitamin D causes arthritis, please could he have a test done. Pathcare do it for a reasonable price, medical aids also cover it. I suggest he looks into following the Ketogenic Diet. This is another site to look through here. The reason being it reduces glucose levels to the barest minimum, and the body uses ketones for energy. It's a very high fat, moderate to low protein and very low carb diet. Only the good fats should be used, i.e. MCT oil, coconut oil, butter, cocoa butter, olive oil or macadamia oil. The first four are saturated fats, the other two mono-unsaturated fats. The best is the MCT oil, an extract from coconut oil. The body converts the fatty acid into ketones, in fact the brain does better on these than glucose. MCT oil forms ketones more efficiently than the other oils. Take care Wray

Nov 01, 2014
Progesterone will help a lot.
by: davidgmills

You can read here my testosterone story (I was on it for a year) and how going to progesterone reduced my estrogen and raised my testosterone significantly.

You can read about my regimen of taking progesterone, pregnenolone, DHEA and D-Aspartic Acid, the combination of which has increased my testosterone from 155 to 590 and reduced my estrogen from 46 to 10.

But it also greatly helps my back which is constantly bothering me (back surgery for a ruptured disc) and my knee (knee surgery for a torn miniscus). It just really reduces joint pain when you apply it directly over the joint. I have also had some minimal arthritis in my hands with swelling and I have not been bothered by either in the two years I have been on progesterone.

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