Questions about progesterone cream?

by Jessica

I bleed very heavy every month, and I want it to stop because I have to stay home for a week it is so bad. I'm only 25 and I'm a serious athlete. My period started when I was 18, and was kind of irregular but light, but now I have gotten a consistent cycle. I miss the days where I would only have to change my pad once a day, and I would use panty liners most of the time. Now I must change a maxi pad and tampon every hour. at least I don't get any cramps. Also, they are 10 days long!!! Im 100% sure I'm estrogen dominant, Ive been checked for more serious things and nothing is out of ordinary except my progesterone and estrogen, so I ordered progesterone cream.. I took it, and it worsened my symptoms for a while, and induced the heaviest bleed I have ever had, but two weeks later I had another bleed, and I could almost use panty liners. I was taking 40 mg of progesterone, which for me is 1/4 tsp twice a day. After that, I started the cream again at ovulation, 40 mg per day and on day 28 of my cycle my period came, but it was pretty heavy and I had to stay home. It wasn't quite as bad as they were before progesterone, but my goal is to get it light to the point panty liners work. This month I'm doubling the dose, and seeing how that affects me. I'm thinking of switching to 10% cream so I can get more progesterone per tsp. I'm just lost on how many mg of progesterone I should take to get a light period like they were when I was younger. At least the progesterone has really made my moodiness and fatigue (which are my pms symptoms) better! I would appreciate any help, but I think 200, 250, or 300 mg will hopefully do the trick :). Also, are the breasts the best place to apply progesterone cream since there are progesterone receptors there? For now I'm just rotating the areas like the instructions said. Another question I have: when I had the light period, I took progesterone through the second part of it since I was getting moody and my period became a LOT heavier, so I stopped, and it got light again and then went away about 2 days later. Why did it got heavy when I took the cream during my period? Wouldn't it make it lighter? Last question is how many mg of progesterone does a woman with a healthy balance in hormones make per day from day 14 and on? Just curious :P. Thank you so much for your time reading this!!!!

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