Question about Progesterone for men

by Brian
(Ontario, Canada)

My Doctor has suggested I take Progesterone cream to go along with my topical testosterone replacement therapy. Reading about it on your site, I'm scratching my head over the "reference ranges" given above:

Oestradiol 0.5 - 2.2 pg/ml
Progesterone 15 - 100 pg/ml
Testosterone 44 - 148 pg/ml

My blood work in Ontario, Canada states "normal" ranges for men are:

estradiol-17 Beta < 150 pmol/L = 40.86 pg/mL
Progesterone < 4 nmol/L = 1257.86 pg/mL
Testosterone 8.4 - 28.8 nmol/L = 242,074.9 - 829,971..2 pg/mL

Second, I am wondering about a recommended dosage. My serum blood test indicated a level of 1 nmol/L Progesterone to start. The doctor was talking about a 2% cream, dosing 0.5mL to 1.0 mL per day. By my calculations, that would correlate to 10-20 mg/day. He wants me to take it once per day at night, and my testosterone cream once per day in the morning.

Your thoughts ?

- Brian

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Feb 24, 2015
Question about Progesterone for men
by: Wray

Hi Brian I'm not sure where they got those ranges from, but over the years I have found opinions differ. I have taken my ranges from Medline and from Keratin, they are all on our Hormone Testing page. I always err on the high side when it comes to how much progesterone to use, I've found adverse symptoms occur in men too if too little is used. There's more info on our Oestrogen Dominance page. So by all means try the 10-20mg/day your doctor suggests. My suggestion would be to try 100mg/day. You might like to see these pages here and here. Take care Wray

Feb 24, 2015
I have been using progesterone at 60 mg per day
by: davidgmills

For about 2.5 years. I was originally on testosterone (tried shots and gels) and started taking progesterone at 15 mg per day (topical) to block gynocomastia. It worked so I kept taking 15 mg per day while I was on testosterone.

Before taking testosterone my level was 155. My testosterone level got very high on shots but so much converted to estrogen I got gynocomastia and gained about 20 pounds. When I got on gels over a period of about 6 months my testosterone fell from 600 to 250 and I felt like crap. So my doctor wanted me to be off testosterone for a month before he put me back on shots to see what my base level was.

I have had back surgery and testosterone was a blessing. It really helped my back pain, even better than a medrol dospak. So when I had to be off testosterone for a month, my back pain came back significantly. I was still taking 15 mg of progesterone a day, and knowing that progesterone was such a good anti-inflamatory I bumped it up to 60 mg topical a day. And my back soon got as good as it was on testosterone.

Here was the interesting part. I was fully expecting after a month of no testosterone to have fallen back into the 150 range. That did not happen. I was 350 after three weeks of progesterone at 60mg. At 350, my doctor would not put me on testosterone.

Now knowing that the half life of progesterone is 13 hours, I decided to also take its precursor, prognenelone which comes in oral capsules of 100 mg per day. Pregnenolone also can make testosterone a different way than progesterone because it can also be converted to DHEA.

Over time I also found out that men's DHEA falls about 5mg per week for every 5 years over thirty. So I began adding DHEA as well as a supplement. I take 50 mg of that per week since i am almost 65.

Apparently one of the reasons my testosterone was so low is that my leutenizing hormone levels were at the bottom of normal. I had a CT of my pituitary and it was normal. I found that a substance called d-aspartic acid raises LH and so I began taking it. I would not recommend taking d-aspartic acid if your LH levels are Ok. No need.

But the last time I had my levels checked my testosterone was 590. Also my estrogen levels, which were 50 when my first testosterone was checked and determined to be 155, had fallen to 10.

I hated the side effects of testosterone which also include possible atrophy of the testicles and in my case shrinkage and chilling of the scrotal sac. There were days I would literally have to get in the hottest tub I could stand for for half an hour to warm them up.

I have no side effects whatsoever with progesterone and pregnenolone and DHEA. I would never go back to testosterone. My best friend decided to use my regimen after testosterone therapy that was not working for him. He had a high PSA which has now been normal for his last several tests. he has been on my regimen for a year and half now.

The cost of topical progesterone, pregnenolone capsules and DHEA tablets are way cheaper than testosterone therapy unless you have insurance to cover the high cost of testosterone. And I worried about not getting coverage once I get on medicare. I don't worry anymore.

Sep 02, 2015
Aspartic Acid
by: W

David - thank you for all the info you've provided.

I see here that you had a CT scan to check for pituitary problems. An MRI is what should be done.

In any event, you mention taking aspartic acid to improve your LH. Is this still in your regimen? Did you ever check the effect of aspartic acid *only* on your T level?

Dec 26, 2015
Thank you
by: DLP

Thank you so much for your story. I am just starting the " Quest" for better health-especially sex. You have given me hope that it really can work - I am really encouraged. I am going out today to get the products you mentioned.

I just started Testo injections 3 weeks ago but am going to augment with your regimen. Once again thank you for your story

Nov 13, 2017
take DHT
by: JohannJorg

You can take progesterone. It is safe for men.

However, DHT will lower cortisol, estrogen and prolactin even more than progesterone will.

Ideally use DHT gel and progesterone

Jan 29, 2021
regimen without using T supp.
by: Anonymous

I have been useing 25 mg DHEA and 25 mg pregnenoling once a day along with progesterone at 10 mg twice a day.
No need for T supplementation on this regimen for many men., as this regimen balances out the ratios between them.
Adding DIM or indole 3 carbonol will speed the process of eliminating the bad metabolic byproducts.
Adding 6 mg boron along with the above with indirectly boost T with exercise in a safe way.
I have been on this for 3 months now and psa is coming down and BPH symptoms improved along with better energy.

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