Progesterone treatment

by Karen

I use progesterone cream and also tablets, I am trying both - I am very oestrogen dominant and have been prescribed prog. cream or tablets in a cycle - I take from day 12 to 26 prog. and then stop and await my period- this time, however, my test showed that I need more prog. a high dose and could also take DIM to kill off the xs oestrogen- this time my period has not arrived when I stop the prog. and I am sweating day and night, not excessive but annoying.

Question - should I forget about awaiting the period this time and get on high progesterone supplement - cream or tablets and try the cycle next month just?

I am 45 and also take b12, vit d , thyroid ans testosterone all of which I need and some other good supplements. My GH is on the low side and I am considering supplementing that too. I have blood tests from time to time.

Also I prefer the cream but maybe it is not strong enough for me as i have too much oestrogen. Thanks for your comments.

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Sep 29, 2010
Progesterone treatment
by: Wray

Hi Karen Oral progesterone is a waste of time, unless you take about 300mg/day, please see here. For more info please see the page Progesterone application methods. I generally recommend 100-200mg/day progesterone, are you using this amount? If you've been told to use it from day 12-26 it sounds as if you're using a low amount, about 20-40mg/day. This is usually far too low to help. Progesterone should only be used from ovulation, for the next 14 days, then stopping. For more info please see How to use progesterone cream. I would avoid the GH, far better to take the amino acid arginine, one of the main precursors. Please see here. If the test was done during the day levels tend to be low. GH peaks about an hour after sleep, which would be the time best suited for a test. There are safety concerns too, please see here. I don't believe any woman needs extra testosterone, often given in the mistaken belief it increases libido. Progesterone is affective for this, many men are using it successfully, please see here. If you are having to take thyroid supplements I would guess your vitamin D is too low, please have a test done. A low level affects the thyroid, please see here. The minimum dose is 5000iu's/day. Take care Wray

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