Progesterone through IUD

by Karla

My doctor is suggesting IUD use rather than have a uterine ablation procedure done for heavy bleeding. I am 47 and require no birth control.

I have not begun menopause but would like to lessen the bleeding. Would the progesterone from the IUD cause any risk factors for me?

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May 07, 2010
Progesterone through IUD
by: Wray

Hi Karla. Yes it could cause risk factors as it's not progesterone, it's levonorgestrel! Please see here. And here.

Heavy bleeding is normal when in peri-menopause, please see here. Progesterone does help with heavy bleeding, but the amount to use is higher than normal. One woman who wrote to me said her doctor put her on 900mg/day. I suggested she dropped this to 600mg/day but to divide the amount up and use it hourly. She found this worked too. It wasn't until she dropped the amount to 400mg/day that she had a period, which was normal. She had been bleeding heavily and continuously for months with no break. Unless this is occurring to you, I don't think you will need such a high amount, 200mg/day will probably help. If not it's easy enough to increase the amount, once you've been helped it can just as easily be reduced, but slowly. Take care, Wray

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