Progesterone plus testosterone

by Vic


After I got rid of candida, things still didn't feel quite right.

After more reading and research, I tried your progesterone for a few months several years ago.

I didn't notice any difference so I quit.

After more reading I tried a formula that was supposed to free up bound testosterone, which it seems is actually a bigger problem than low levels of testosterone for many guys. This is testosterone that is in the body but unusable because it becomes bound to other elements in the blood.

However, I didn't notice any difference with that approach either.

Then I decided to try both approaches at the same time because my symptoms were screaming "hormone problem" and then I noticed a big difference.

Since men and women use the same hormones but just in different amounts, I'm wondering if women might also benefit from such an approach if they run into a problem like I did.

I think it's probably safe to say that I needed the extra boost the freeing up of testosterone gave me and then I could feel the difference using progesterone. By itself, for some reason, the progesterone alone didn't give me the boost I needed.

Perhaps I was so low on free-circulating testosterone that progesterone couldn't give me the boost I needed although your information states that progesterone is used to make the other forms of hormones.

What's your thoughts on the subject?

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