Progesterone overdose???

by Joanne

I am 12 weeks pregnant using both Intramuscular progesterone injections daily at 2ml and crinon 8% 2x day. My RE tried to wean me off the injections to every other day but my blood tests showed a significant drop to my progesterone levels so I was placed back to daily shots with the Crinone supposotories, but I was wondering with such high dosages, could it be possible to have any overdose to progesterone? If so, what are symptoms of progesterone overdose?

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Feb 22, 2012
Progesterone overdose???
by: Wray

Hi Joanne I'm taking a guess here, but the injections are probably giving you 100mg/day progesterone, and the Crinone 8% gives 90mg, twice a day would be 180mg. Giving in total about 280mg/day, am I correct? The amount isn't very high if you have problems. The range given is usually between 200-600mg/day. If you'd like to see the studies, they are on our Pregnancy page. During the third trimester levels of progesterone can reach over 400ng/ml per day. In fact the higher the better, as it's been found progesterone increases intelligence, see here. It's evident you do need that amount if not more, if your level drops so sharply when reducing the progesterone. Plus that's far too quick a reduction too, dropping from 280mg/day to 180mg/day. I normally suggest reducing by no more than 16mg each time. And then staying on that reduced amount for a few days before reducing further. Too great a reduction can cause miscarriages. High progesterone levels can produce a feeling of euphoria, and have an anaesthetic action. Dr Dalton would use 2400mg/day for her patients with post natal psychosis to bring them out of it, and Traumatic Brain Injury victims are given over 1200mg/day via IV transfusion which brings them out of the coma. Take care Wray

Jun 03, 2015
I wonder if 900 mg progesterone is high ?
by: Rh

I'm in 900 mg progesterone daily 300 oral and 200 three times per day. Is that consider high dose for ivf pregnancy

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