Progesterone levels

by Sarah

Hi. I've been taking 100mg progesterone cream for 3 months (split twice a day) .

Just had my blood tested and my progesterone has gone from 3.5 nmol/l to 7 nmol/l.

I'm assuming this is an inadequate rise??? My ratio is still very very low.

What sort of increase would you expect to see over 3 months, if my dosing was right???

Based on these results, what dose do you recommend each day?

Thanks for your help.

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Mar 20, 2022
Progesterone Levels
by: Joy

​Hi Sarah

If you want your progesterone levels to rise quicker use more cream. Between 100-200mg is needed, more if symptoms are severe. It is very difficult to say what to expect over 3 months

a) if using less cream it will take longer
b) it all depends on how severe your symptoms are

We are all different, what works for one may not work as quickly for others.

You might find the following pages useful if you have ​not​ read them already. How to use Progesterone Cream, Estrogen Dominance and Progesterone Levels.

Vitamin D3 plays a huge part in that a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone​​.

Mar 20, 2022
Is it harmful or unhealthy for progesterone to go above 25 ng/ml during the luteal phase of your menstrual cycle?
by: Siri

Hi-I posted before that I was able to raise my progesterone levels to 12 using progesterone cream. I only use it during my luteal phase however.

However my PG/E2 ratio is still only 104. In order to get to 600 or even 500 my E2 would have to come down to 50. So I have a few questions regarding all this.

My FIRST QUESTION: Isn’t a E2 of 50 pg/ml way too low during the luteal phase? What does this mean for my fertility or ability to get and stay pregnant if my E2 is only 50 (at its highest)!during the luteal phase?

My SECOND QUESTION : If I can’t lower my E2 which was 115 the last time I tested 7 days after ovulation, then my progesterone level would have to be A LOT HIGHER than 25 ng/ml to get to a pg/e2 ratio of 500 or 600.

Everything I read online seems to say that unless you’re pregnant your progesterone level shouldn’t go beyond 25 MG/ML during the luteal phase. So is it harmful to my health and fertility if it goes above 25 ng/ml during the luteal phase? That would be the only way to get the ratio up to 500-600 because despite trying DIM, Calcium D glucarate and broccoli supplements my E2 levels are very stubborn and don’t seem to want to come down anymore. I hope my questions make sense.


Mar 21, 2022
Is it harmful or unhealthy for progesterone to go above 25 ng/ml during the luteal phase of your menstrual cycle?
by: Joy

​Hi Siri

It can take some time to get the ratio where it should be. Please read the Hormone Testing page, it will answer all your questions on what hormone levels should be at various times of the month. Both progesterone and estrogen levels change during the month. Your progesterone level during luteal phase should be 75 to 270 pg/ml or 238.5 to 858.6 pmol/L. The Pregnancy page may also be helpful to read. Please send ​the ​post where you read how it could be harmful to your health, plus the references relating to this. Thanks.

If you have posted before then I would have given you the relevant pages to read. ​​

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