Progesterone is balancing my adrenal glands

by Jessica Daniels
(San Clemente, CA, USA)

Dehydration has been part of my day to day life over the past 5 years and has made me miserable! I would drink a glass of water and it would run right through me.

I've had to eat excessive amounts of salt and potassium, and take lots of magnesium with my my water just to try to stay hydrated. When I would be on my monthly period I would often end up in the E.R. Some times there was nothing I could do to get hydrated. Finally I went to see an alternative medicine doctor and she told me my progesterone levels were low. I started taking the cream and haven't felt this good in years! I can drink water and my body holds on to it:) I have a brown spot in my right iris that is getting smaller and smaller too. I still have a couple dark brown spots on my right cheek, but am being patient for those to lighten up.

I also haven't slept so good in years. I have always felt "wired but tired" and have blamed it on my Mitral Valve Prolapse. Now I see that my body's lack of progesterone was the root cause. I'm so thankful for Natural Progesterone!

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Oct 08, 2010
Progesterone is balancing my adrenal glands
by: Wray

Hi Jessica Thanks for sharing your story. Progesterone does help the adrenals, as these have to make progesterone before converting it into cortisol, one of our stress hormones. Supplementing with progesterone takes the stress off them. It could be you also lack taurine. This amino acid is vital for controlling the electrolytes potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium in and out of cells. So if you should ever feel wired again, please consider adding it to the progesterone. it happens to be one of the most calming substances there is too. Take care Wray

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