progesterone helping si ligaments and hips after baby

by melinda
(ontario, ca usa)

Hi wray! my name is melinda I had a baby girl 5 months ago and it has been a challenge. The last trimester was horrible my left hip caved in I had sciatica . and I think restless legs not sure if it was that or a pinched nerve. Before I got pregnant I was on progesterone due to being diagnosed peripausaul I am 38. I was told I was very deficient. I had to stay on progesterone for 3 months so not to miscarry.

I was also told I could not have children.

Well I had an MRI i have a 2mm herniation in the lumbar spine, but that could have been there before I fell on my butt about a year before baby. 2mm is very small thank God!!

But my hips hurt and my si joints hurt no doctor has been able to help Emmy legs twitch at night but a slow twitch like a nerve like an electric wave down my leg.

Well I also had severe post pardum depression. Since I have been using the cream I have improved i put it on my back my hips and si joints. When I do that the pain is gone and my legs don't twitch as bad. I know I have a long way to go to heal and in using about 350 mg a day or more depending on symptoms its very costly in going through cream like every other day.

My question is why is the progesterone helping when nothing else would? I know its an antiinflammatory and can help with bone growth any other reasons?

I have been using the cream for about 3 weeks I had to up the dose many times how long does it take for the body to heal after baby?

Any thoughts

Thank you,


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May 14, 2015
progesterone helping si ligaments and hips after baby
by: Wray

Hi Melinda I'm pleased the progesterone is helping you. I can only assume it's stopping the pain because it's of hormonal origin. Although progesterone is also a COX2 inhibitor, plus it inhibits the inflammatory cytokines. As for how long, that's an impossible question, no one can tell you. Dr Dalton would give up to 2400mg/day progesterone for her patients with PND. See this page here. Some women respond quickly, others slowly, some need high amounts, some can do with less. With PND I would allow at least 3 months and longer. If you considered using Natpro, the tube would last you almost 6 days, not 2. Take care Wray

May 14, 2015
Thank you wray
by: Melinda

Hi Wray! Thank you for your post yes i will try natpro im going through it quickly i never knew having a child could do these things to you, its the hormones! I think the relaxin hormone screwd me up to thats why my hips are still loose. They say it takes about a year to truly come back. But i belive in the progesterone therapy and nutrition will help me. Hormones have the power to make us well and ill .

Progesterone is the good guy in all this. Hopefully in a few months time with the amount im using i can go on maintenance level.

Thanks Wray! Hopefully other women who have my issues will continue to use the cream. You just have to use enough not less


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