Progesterone help prostate cancer

by Tania Raath
(Bloemfontein SA)

Please help...

I went for a normal cervical smear. The result was CIN 1 cells. I've been using Natpro for about 6 months because of my periods being up and down and having all kinds of peri-men.. (I'm 36 and have 2 boys)

When I had to go for my "Letz" (cut out of these cells) I first went for a pap smear again. To my and my Gyne's amazement the cells was gone and I did not have to go for the operation!!!

Now, my dad got his prostate results back in March, his count is 4,13. They want to give him the "Brachi" thearapy in July. I told him to get some Natpro and try it, to see if this would have the same effect as mine (above).

Would appreciate your comment on this. Is it safe for him to use Natpro? He's been using it for about 2-3weeks with no side effects and he believes that it worked for me and will for him.


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Jun 09, 2008
Progesterone and prostate cancer
by: Wray

Hi Tania. This is wonderful news! We have had other women reporting a success using progesterone for cervical hyperplasia. It works because it prevents cells dividing, unlike oestrogen which causes cells to divide.

Yes, it is safe for men to use progesterone, and we have had reports of successful use of progesterone for prostate hyperplasia. For the same reason as it helps cervical hyperplasia, it prevents cells dividing. It is also an anti-inflammatory, as it prevents the Th1 cytokine response, a known initiator of inflammation. It also raises levels of IL-10, an anti-inflammatory found in the body.

I am a bit confused though. As you say his PSA is 4.13, which is just above 'normal' and yet they want to give him Brachy Therapy, which is indicative he has cancer?!

It is imperative he has more than one test too, as the PSA test is notoriously prone to false positives and negatives. It doesn't always indicate cancer. A level between 4 to 10 requires an ultrasound image, followed if necessary with a biopsy, although this in itself can cause bleeding and infection. For instance 7 out of 10 men with a positive reading will not have cancer and 2.5 out of 10 men with a negative reading will have it.

I have pasted something below from Medline for you, worth looking at the site. Do hope this helps. Take care Wray

"Using the PSA test to screen men for prostate cancer is controversial because it is not yet known if this test actually saves lives. Moreover, it is not clear if the benefits of PSA screening outweigh the risks of follow-up diagnostic tests and cancer treatments. For example, the PSA test may detect small cancers that would never become life threatening. This situation, called overdiagnosis, puts men at risk for complications from unnecessary treatment such as surgery or radiation. Most men with an elevated PSA test turn out not to have cancer."

Jul 04, 2008
Progesterone and prostate cancer
by: Tania

Dear Wray, Please help..

As mentioned before (see previous letter).

My dad has been using the Natpro for 2 months, while the doctors ordered the "brachi" implants for him. They phoned him and told him to come and have the implant on the 17th July 08. They discovered the "cancer" in March 2008, with a PSA of 4,13.? You told us that it is very low..

He went for another PSA test on Wednesday hoping that it would be less, and got the results back this morning.

His previous count was 4,13 and this test shows 4,72. Now the doctor tells him to rather get the treatment.

He is now very unsure what to do, but as I was telling him I think he's not using the Natpro for a long time and still have to wait a few months. I used it for nearly 6 - 8 months before my pap smear showed 0, while it was showing CIN 1 for the past 2years.

What do you recommend. Should he still use the Natpro for a few months longer and then go for a nother PSA test, or should he go for the therapy now the 17th July 2008. It is a lot of money (R70,000) but his medical will pay R68,000 of the total.

He is a bit "down" because his PSA count went up and did not come down as he thought (because of my results) but I told him he's been using it for to a short while.

Please could you reply asap. Thanks for all you're understanding and comment we appretiate it!

Aug 21, 2015
Other supplements
by: Anonymous

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