Progesterone for PMDD and coming off contraception

by Claire
(Pennsylvania )

I came by the idea of bioidentical progesterone therapy while I was researching PMDD. I currently have a hormonal IUD (Kyleena). I plan to take it out in the middle of August and allow my body to heal naturally.

I have been using ProgesterAll (now discontinued) for my last two cycles. The first cycle, I started to use 20-40 mg/day the second day of my luteal phase, which was only one week long (days 20-26).

\My second cycle, and the one I just finished, I took his advice to “load” my progesterone intake. I tried 80 mg/day, felt too nauseated, and dropped down to 60 mg/day. I also took it one day before ovulation (days 18-26) because I felt like the 7 days weren’t enough.

I am now on what I’d usually think would be day 2 of my period, but I feel like my estrogen is already starting to pump. I assume that’s because the cream is starting to sensitize my estrogen receptors. Does this mean that I should continue upping my dose of progesterone next cycle? I am very interested in learning how to properly use it, particularly after my IUD gets taken out. I am also very interested in buying your brand after I’ve finished the last of my ProgesterAll.

Also, if I have a short luteal phase, should I start when it begins, or start where my ovulation “should” happen?

Thank you very much,

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Aug 02, 2022
Progesterone for PMDD and coming off contraception
by: Joy

Hi Claire

It appears that you have posted the same message on a few other posts which I have deleted.

I suggest that you start using progesterone as soon as possible as it will help support the body when you have the device removed. Unfortunately you were not using progesterone correctly. Between 100-200mg is needed. If you have a regular cycle, then use the cream by following it i.e. your luteal phase. As you don't know when you ovulate I suggest that you use the cream every day with NO breaks until your cycle reverts to normal, then use during your luteal phase. The luteal phase is always, no matter how long or short the cycle, the last 14 days before bleeding. The peak would always be ±7 days before bleeding. A defective luteal phase can be one that's too short, or the corpus luteum is not producing sufficient progesterone. Thus making estrogen the dominant hormone, progesterone should be dominant in the luteal phase.

It can take 2-6 months for the body to adjust to progesterone IF used correctly. The How to use Progesterone Cream page explains in more detail as well as using progesterone as a contraceptive. Don't waste the cream that you are using, just increase it so that it equates to that of Natpro which is a 3% cream. Once finished you can order Natpro if you wish. Just a note on using progesterone as a contraceptive. Stress and certain meds can disrupt things a little. It is advised to use extra precaution if experiencing this.

Please take note of Estrogen Dominance symptoms which you may experience while the body adjusts to progesterone. The aim is to make progesterone the dominant hormone at all times.

Please make sure that your Vitamin D3 is optimal as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone. It is also connected to every single function cell in our bodies making it vital.

Aug 20, 2022
Following up
by: Claire

Thank you very much for your response! Unfortunately I was unable to see it until just now. I posted an update on another part of the forum.

In short, I ended up following your advice and started taking 200 mg per day. I tried to get off of it during my period and follicular cycle, but my estrogen dominance symptoms came surging back, so I decided to keep on using it. So far, doses up to even 300-400 mg seem to have no effect on my cycle whatsoever, but that could be because I am still adjusting to getting off the hormones in the IUD. I haven’t even had a proper bleed yet, but I can clearly feel my body ovulating and can track the mucus and cervix positioning.

I hope that the progesterone helps to shelter me from the worst of the "Mirena crash" as they call it (Kyleena uses the same chemical, levonorgestrel). I’m concerned and a little scared, but I’m excited to be free of its effects at last! If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that often the best things in life take time.

Aug 21, 2022
Following up
by: Joy

​Hi Claire

Great idea to continue to use it with NO breaks until all your adverse symptoms clear and your monthly cycle is regular again as explained. Do remember that it can take 2 - 6 months b​e​fore positive results are achieved. Keep going on the 400mg per day. You can slowly start to reduce that amount once you feel stable. The IUD would have upset things terribly so you need to take that into account too. Progesterone will help to adjust things but this could take time.

I really am bothered by the fact that your doctor​/s​ refuses to test your progesterone and vitamin D3. For a start it is your right to have these tested. Why are they ignoring progesterone which is an important hormone? If you are able to​,​ you can apply online to have tests done at ZRT Labs or Birmingham Hospital.

I personally prefer the D3 drops but there is nothing wrong with the others mentioned on the page. It is vital that you get your D3 level optimal. A lack of vitamin D3 is found in all autoimmune diseases, see here and here. Dendritic cells are implicated in the initiation of autoimmune diseases, vitamin D3 inhibits their production, see here. Progesterone also inhibits dendritic cells, whereas estradiol increases them, see here. In all the autoimmune diseases I've read, a high level of estrogen is observed and low progesterone. Or the ratio of the two hormones is skewed. Oxidative stress is prevalent in autoimmune diseases too, usually as a result of low vitamin D3.​​

Aug 22, 2022
Thank you
by: Claire

Thank you very much for your thoughtful reply and your patience re directing me to this page! I agree, it is honestly infuriating to have to fight for very basic tests. I assume it’s partly because of my age (27). It’s especially frustrating to have that resistance coming from an OBGYN. I’m hoping to find a naturapath or midwife who will take my concerns seriously in the near future. Otherwise, it’s just been me using Google to the fullest extent possible!

I see my primary care physician this week, and I’ll ask her for another hormone panel then. If I’m refused again, I’ll save money and get a panel done online from one of your suggested sites. I also see a Rheumatologist next month. I tested positive on an ANA assay test and had a very high number of thyroxine antibodies, in the 900s. The allergist who sent the test in assured me this probably didn’t mean anything and that I was fine. Again, I assume my age has something to do with that. I hope to get another yes down before I see the rheumatologist to get a more updated look at my thyroid.

I will say, if I did not have the progesterone cream, I would be very sick right now. The allergies are very high in my area and my lymph nodes are constantly swollen. The progesterone brings the swlling down like no other. It feels like a miracle. Thank you very much for this website.

Aug 29, 2022
Update: very dry eyes, mouth, and nasal passages
by: Claire

Hello Joy! I hope you are well. I’d like to provide an update and also see if you could shed light on a new set of annoying symptoms.

It’s been a little over a week since I got the IUD out, and so far I have only positive things to say! More energy, more hope and zest for life. I definitely am excited to see where my healing journey goes.

However, I am dealing with extremely dry eyes, nose and mouth and skin. This as slowly become a greater problem over the last few months, but now it’s gotten almost unbearable. Last cycle, the worst of it occurred during ovulation. Now, I’m on day four of my "period" (still not bleeding yet) and I’m already suffering. I’m a little scared of drying out even more as my estrogen keeps rising!

Is this another sign of estrogen dominance? I’m still using 400 mg of NatPro a day. I upped it to 600 mg over my "period" because I was suffering from thyroid issues and it was soothing. Or is this a sign that my estrogen is too low comparatively? (I doubt that, but worth asking).

Finally, if it is an estrogen dominance symptom, what dose of progesterone cream would you suggest in order to combat the symptoms? The dryness really feels unbearable, like I’m drying up from the inside :(

Also now taking 10,000 iu of vitamin D now per day.

Thank you,

Aug 29, 2022
Update: very dry eyes, mouth, and nasal passages
by: Joy

Hi Claire

I am very well thank you. I am so pleased that you have noticed a difference since having your device removed. Please do remember that it sets you back and it will take time for your body to adjust and revert back to normal again.

Dryness is usually caused by excess estrogen, progesterone is not yet dominant in your case. Dry eyes in it's worst form it's called Sjogren's syndrome, see here. This also causes a dry mouth. Although it's called an autoimmune disease, I'm not convinced. Progesterone has anti-oxidative and autoimmune anti-inflammatory mechanisms, it increases levels of SOD and glutathione, both potent antioxidants. Try inserting some Natpro in your nose it usually helps.

I am confused. How do you know that you are day four of your period when you are not bleeding? Are you using the cream everyday with no breaks as suggested? Once your cycle returns to normal again you can revert to using the cream by following a regular cycle i.e. your luteal phase. Your estrogen level will not continue to rise if using progesterone. Again, your body is adjusting as mentioned previously. Stress will also reduce progesterone levels, when stressed more progesterone, D3 and other nutrients need to be increased until the stressful time is over.

I see no reason why you should increase to 600mg, continue as you are and give it time. Things will settle down. What are you taking to support your thyroid?

Is your D3 level low that you need to take 10 000iu's? Are you taking the co-factors mentioned when taking D3? If not, please do it as explained on the page.

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