Progesterone for kid with allergy?

by T


First of all thank you for this website and your awesome work in bringing us vast knowledge regarding this topic.
I read through all that I could find and still left with questions, so please allow me to ask them.

My 38-yo wife has Hashimoto's and during her pregnancy her symptoms went all over the place. She has been getting great improvements since following a low carb keto diet, all her symptoms are improving, but we still want to try progesterone, I already ordered a couple. She was also diagnosed with PCOS recently.

Our 5-yo son has dustmite allergy, basically constant issues with excess mucus, nasal congestion, and so on. I read somewhere that allergies can be hormonal and progesterone improves it, but all the articles I found were about women during pregnancy and menopause, no info on kids. I feel he could have been affected by his mum's condition during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so I was wondering if progesterone could help him. If yes, how much should we use?

Thank you very much in advance,

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Jun 08, 2018
Progesterone for kid with allergy?
by: Joy

Hi T

I am not sure if progesterone helps with dust mite allergies but you could try to see if it does help, I suggest using 10mg per day. Your son's immune system needs help, vitamin D3 is important and you could try the amino acids cycstine (NAC) and taurine, both are powerful antioxidants and vital for the immune system. If your wife was deficient in vitamin D3 during pregnancy it is likely that your son is too.

Pregnancy can affect the hormones and I am pleased to hear the keto diet has improved things for her. Between 100-200mg progesterone is needed. Please read How to use Progesterone Cream, Estrogen Dominance and PCOS. If your wife's PCOS is severe, she may need to use more progesterone.

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