Progesterone flue symtoms?!

by moritz


Im a 24 year old male and it's my third day taking progesterone. Today i started feeling sick in my stomach, sweating very easily and feeling down a little. Essentially i feel like i m getting the flu/ cold.

Could this be related to progesterone? Or could it be some kind of detox reaction, since this often feels like getting the flu.

I took 20mg on the first day, 40mg on the second, and 20 so far on the third day.

Greetings Moritz

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Sep 16, 2017
Found something...
by: moritz

I found somthing here :
Natural progesterone advisory network.

They say it has to do with bad liver function which i suspected for a long time, because of pyroluria. im already taking milk thistle for 3-5 months but apperently is wasnt enough... will it help to support my liver in other ways ?

"Use progesterone in these cases with sensitivity and a program that incorporates steady increases in dosage over time. We suggest you start with very small doses"

So should i do as they say ?

Sep 18, 2017
Progesterone flu symptoms?!
by: Joy

Hi Moritz

I may be wrong, but I am sure I was communicating with you via my Facebook Group, you never replied back. Or perhaps I have the wrong person, he was also very young.

Progesterone can cause an upset to the body when first using it, it does detox one. Your body is still adjusting, it takes 2-6 months before positive results are achieved. What progesterone cream are you using and are you using it every day?

Apart from the obvious females issues, men also suffer from adverse symptoms, so you will experience estrogen dominance symptoms. You do not state what your symptoms are, perhaps you do not need to use as much as 40mg per day.

What is your vitmain D3 level? A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone, co-factors are needed.

Has anyone tested your vitamin B6 level? It's one of the vitamins which seem to be depleted by pyroluria, along with zinc. Please read the pages listed below on pyroluria. There also seems to be a connection between pyroluria and depression. I am not sure if that will be of any help to you as you do not mention the reason for wanting to use progesterone.

Milk thistle is excellent, please continue with that. I know and deal with lots of people with pyroluria and progesterone therapy has been most beneficial to them.

Please read these pages and references as they will help you to understand what is needed.

How to use Progesterone Cream -

Estrogen Dominance -

Vitamin D3 -

Magnesium –

Progesterone for Men -

Pyroluria -

Pyroluria and Depression -

Sep 19, 2017
by: moritz


I'm so sorry for not replying on facebook!! I thought it was spam :/ but it was definetly me.

Soo how do say this ... I'm really into it and I feel it could benefit me a a lot, but I just can't take the symptoms. I was constantly feeling like I have to throw up. I just couldn't take it all day long, besides that I also got anxious and a sore throat.

I really wanted to continue but because of the mentioned reasons, I stopped. Now after 4 days the nausea and anxiety lessened, but sore throat is still kind of there...

I was taking now foods natural progesterone cream.

I just don't know how to start again. Can I go REALLY low and REALLY slow and start with tiny doses? Maybe this way I wont feel so many bad symptoms? I dont know if I can take these symptoms for 2-6 months. It may sound stupid, but I need to function, I have job and I can't just be anxious and tired the whole day...

My symtoms stem mostly from pyroluria:
zinc deficiency--> copper dominance--> estrogen dominance--> varicose veins, anxiety, inflammation, overwhelmed liver...

So I want to take progesterone to get rid of estrogen dominance which is the root cause of my varicose veins and contributes to my anxiety and it also decreases inflammation I guess...

I'm not 100 percent sure but since I'm taking very high doses of b6 for 10 months already I think my b6 should be fine?!

Also don't know about vit d but I'm also taking some through my multi for a long time.

I know about pyroluria and depression. I'm in a great facebook group, they have helped me a lot! Almost everyone with pyroluria has either depression or anxiety, for me its anxiety, almost no depression.

So thanks for your help. I feel like there is not much information on men taking progesterone, at least not men with pyroluria. So thank you really much. Im gonna check out the links.


Sep 21, 2017
by: Joy

Hi Moritz

Thanks for clearing that up, I did suspect that it was you. The anxious feeling is an estrogen dominance symptom and you body is adjusting. As for females, this can take 2-6 months. During the adjustment period one must expect all sorts of strange things to take place, perseverance is needed and I agree, it can become uncomfortable for some.

Men should use between 10-100mg per day, more depending on symptoms. I take it that you read all the pages given to you. It must be used no less than twice a day. Yes you can start on a lower dose, you will have to experiment to see what suits you. One missed dose will set you back, it must be used every day, levels will drop otherwise.

I am pleased that you are taking vitamin B6, this is important. Please continue taking it. How much zinc are you taking? If copper levels are high, more zinc is needed. Estrogen Dominance we have dealt with, you know what is needed there. Please read the Anxiety page, nutrients mentioned on the page are excellent. I have no studies suggesting progesterone could help varicose veins, but it does prevent platelets aggregating, which helps keep blood from thickening. It's also an anti-inflammatory, so might possibly help. I suggest rubbing Natpro over the affected areas. A lymph drainage massage could possibly help too. Milk thistle is excellent for liver detox. May I suggest that you take the nutrients mentioned on the Inflammation page. Fermented foods are also excellent, in fact we should all be eating them as it replaces bad bacteria with good bacteria.

I am not in favour in multi vitamins as they do not deliver what is needed. I doubt very much if it would delivery 5,000iu's Vitamin D3 which is the minimum amount needed per day. It is also vital for depression and and anxiety, so is magnesium as mentioned on the pages given to you.

With regards to not enough info being available about progesterone and men is because it needs to be treated the same as progesterone for women. Women need to use more because of their 'female issues', that is the only difference. Pyroluria affects women too, not only men.

Take care and please try to persevere with progesterone. It is not an overnight fix.

Anxiety -

Inflammation -

Nov 13, 2017
men need DHT, not progesterone.
by: JohannJorg

Yes, progesterone is helpful. You can take it.
What you really need though is DHT.

This will work better than progesterone.

Feb 17, 2018
Back again
by: Moritz


I stoped taking progesterone the last time, I want to try it again though. The reason is that I found an article from someone who uses it and raised his testosterone levels.

Article name: "How I Boosted Testosterone And Reduced Estrogen With A Regimen Of Progesterone, Pregnenolone, Dhea, And D-Aspartic Acid."

Whats your opinion on this article?

I tried DHEA on it's own, I did feel good but it also gave me a lot of estrogen dominance symptoms, like progesterone.

Greetings Moritz.

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