Progesterone Dose for Estrogen Dominant Weight Gain

by Vianne
(New Hampshire)

I am 59, menopause began 10 years ago. My only problem is the 70 lbs. increase and HUGE breasts that have continued over the years.

Finally found someone to order and interpret a saliva test - I am CLEARLY Estrogen Dominant. Naturopath wanted to dose only 50 mg, telling me "no one I know has success losing weight with progesterone . . . "

Having read the data on your site, I bought UPS progesterone cream myself, started with 40 mgs/day and quickly worked up to 200 mgs/day. After 2 months, more energy, but no weight loss.

So how do I proceed? Continue to increase progesterone until I see results? Up to how much?

Thank you SO much!

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Oct 28, 2014
Progesterone Dose for Estrogen Dominant Weight Gain
by: Wray

Hi Vianne No one would loose weight on the amounts given by most doctors/therapists! They are generally so low as to make matters worse by stimulating more testosterone and oestrogen. Having said that, please do not rely on progesterone for weight loss. Yes it is thermogenic, but so slight that it will not have much effect. To loose weight safely and effectively please consider following the Ketogenic Diet. These are two more sites to look through here and here. Please have a Vitamin D test done, a lack of this not only reduces the benefits of progesterone, but can cause weight gain. Please continue with the amount you are currently using as it's a good dose, but try the keto diet first before increasing. Take care Wray

Oct 28, 2014
Just want to follow your progress
by: Leitita

Just want to follow along

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