Progesterone does make you gain weight

by corky
(new york)

I've been on progesterone pretty much for the last 4 years and in the last 4 years I have had such a hard time losing weight. When I was off the progesterone for 6 months I was able to lose 20lbs then i went back on and it all came back. I've been on 200 mg for the last six months and going to weight watchers and moderate exercise and my weight has stayed within 5 lbs, it's gotta to stop.

I don't believe any of the progesterone theories anymore.
I'm stopping it completely.

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May 31, 2013
Progesterone does make you gain weight
by: Lynne

How much are you using? Its possible that you aren't using enough and therefore staying in Estrogen Dominance where estrogen remains the dominant hormone. Also, what delivery system are you using? Oral? Creams? But at the end of the day, if you feel better off the progesterone and are able to lose weight easier when you are off of it, then maybe for you, its better not to take it.

Everyone is different... I've always heard that weight training will not make a woman bulk up. Well, I DO and it does nothing for the fat sitting on top of the muscles. So I know the frustration of something not working when all the evidence/studies point in the other direction.

Jun 01, 2013
Progesterone does make you gain weight
by: Carol K

Hi there

I felt I had to comment on your statement because I do not believe this to be true. I believe that Estrogen makes you fat, along with lots of other things :). You have not mentioned which brand of Progesterone you are using, but even if you are using Natpro it seems that you have remained in Estrogen dominance. That is just my guess and I am sure Wray will have a more scientific explanation. Progesterone Cream is a wonderful diuretic and I lost a lot of the "puffiness" in my legs when I first started using Natpro and applied it to my thighs. Perhaps you need to look elsewhere for your failure to lose weight. I don't think that Progesterone is the culprit.

All the best.

Jun 03, 2013
Same experience -- weight gain!
by: Anonymous


I am new to this forum and have not yet ordered Natpro, BUT have used other "high quality" all-natural progesterone transdermal serums and creams (specifically, one by Premier Research Labs).

Whenever I tried progesterone cream in the past, I too experienced rapid, massive weight gain! Also, extreme swelling and tenderness in the breasts, as well as overall puffiness from fluid retention. Mind you, I ALREADY suffer from these awful symptoms, and every other Estrogen Dominance symptom on the list, and have for most of my life--I'm 31 now--so to see the symptoms worsen suddenly, was terrifying to me!

I'm intrigued by what Wray seems to advocate, which is that we must use a MUCH higher dose (I've no clue how much I was using previously but it wasn't more than 100mg, that's for sure).

I am curious to hear your response, Wray, as I would like to try Natpro but am terrified of worsening the estrogen dominance issues again.

I'm on natural desiccated thyroid hormone replacement, FYI, which helps a lot, though it does almost nothing for my weight gain, water retention, breast swelling. Very perplexing indeed.


Jun 05, 2013
Same experience -- weight gain!
by: Wray

Hi there I actually wasn't going to answer the above post, as I've repeated myself ad nauseum on the web site about weight gain, and she's determined it's the culprit. One of our longest pages is on weight gain, there are many others too. In fact putting 'weight gain' into the search field I've come up with 10 pages referring to it, each page has 10 pages, each of which has dozens of comments and my answers, which must total about 1000 comments. I'm becoming exhausted in repeating myself! These are two of them here and here. Briefly oestrogen is a mitogenic, excitatory, inflammatory hormone. It stimulates cells, including fat cells, to proliferate. It also causes water retention. Both cause weight to increase. By using too little progesterone it stimulates oestrogen, hence the adverse side affects people get when using too little. There's more info on our Oestrogen Dominance page and our Menstruation page. I think the most graphic example of the affects of low progesterone is a study done on cancer. Too little progesterone they found only caused the cancer to worsen, see here. Carol who has made a comment above, has been using Natpro for years now and has found it's helped her. She's just been through an op and the one thing her surgeon allowed her to continue was the progesterone. Maybe the thought of a woman dripping wet with a Hot Flush on the table was too much for him! I think Carol has been up to 600mg/day progesterone but she would be the best to answer that. Take care Wray

Jun 05, 2013
Progesterone does make you gain weight
by: Carol K

The best way I can describe is that we should view Estrogen as the "wild child" - it's part of us and we need it but we cannot allow it to get out of hand, otherwise we will suffer the consequences. I see Progesterone as the Discipline. Too little discipline and the child will still give problems. Enough discipline and the wild child will behave. The tricky part is working out how much is enough because we are all different. The biggest mistake people make is they use too little Progesterone, get symptoms of Estrogen dominance, blame the Progesterone and automatically REDUCE it, which is the worst thing they can do, as all they are doing is creating the Estrogen Dominance. I now use about 400 mg a day. I have tried reducing it and felt awful. I feel my best on this amount, which is quite a lot, but what else can I do. I would rather feel well. Everyone has to find what amount works for them. The way I see it, if you have symptoms, you are not using enough.
Good luck

Jun 05, 2013
Progesterone and cancer
by: Anonymous

I am kind of bothered by the statement about to little progesterone causes cancer by stimulating estrogen. My question is if a woman has used high amounts as myself for many years wouldn't her family be absorbing small amounts from her stimulating estrogen in their bodies ie when you hold children or even pets. The reason I ask is because I had a small dog who I was constantly holding, about two years after I started progesterone she developed breast cancer it may sound silly to some but it's like when men use testosterone creams they say to avoid application sight from others.
Thank you for you reply in advance

Jun 06, 2013
Progesterone and cancer
by: Wray

Hi there No where did I say too little progesterone 'causes' cancer. If you look at the paper I gave you, they found if someone had cancer, using too little would stimulate it. There's plenty of evidence that having too much oestrogen can lead to Cancer. And plenty of evidence that progesterone suppresses oestrogen and cancers. All topical hormones can be transferred to another if after applying them they touch that person or animal. But bear in mind it would have to be directly after applying it, as they are absorbed quickly into the skin. It would be essential if applying topical oestrogen and testosterone to avoid a human or animal of the opposite sex, as it has a significant affect. But progesterone is not a sex hormone, so can be used safely on all humans and animals and both sexes. There's more about this on our Traumatic Brain Injury page. Amounts over 1200mg/day are given to the victims via IV transfusion, over 70% are men. Take care Wray

Jun 06, 2013
I have low estrogen too
by: Corky

So I use 200mg progesterone cream, compounded, with 2 mg bi-est. My estradiol was 8., 12, like that on no estrogen in the last year. My last lab test was this:

Progesterone: 0.6 ng/dl (not sure which level, i have no periods for 10 months, then 11 months, then 9 months, then a short spotting, so I start the count all over)

I also have one ovary and tube, which at times is barely visible on sonogram.

Estradiol: 36.1 pg/ml

Prior to this lab, i was off estrogen for 3 months, and was using an OTC progesterone 20mg a day and prgenelone 15mg a day.

The day before the test, I put on 1.5mg of bi-est and 25mg of progesterone to see what results would be. Because in the past when I have not applied any estrogen, my estradiol drops to 8, and 12, pg/ml

In other doctor's books, I've read that estradiol needs to be at 100 pg/ml to feel well, and to have good skin, libido. I have none of these things since my surgery 7 years ago.

Last October I had been on 200mg of progesterone for one month, and my lab came in at : 1.72 ng/ml and my estradiol 9 pg/ml, I had no used the cream a day before the test, so again, the estradiol drops low when not on a cream for a day.

So looking at these progesterone levels, and the low estradiol, you say I'm estrogen dominant still?

How can I get my estradiol to 100 to feel a libido, using what dose of progesterone?

When we are young and menstruating, we only make 20mg of progesterone a day, and the rest of that time more estrogen. When I was young I had the strongest libido, then when my ovary came out, nothing left.

I understand progesterone comes mostly from the ovary and I have none, and estrogen is in fat tissues, and I'm overweight, but I've been on progesterone for five years, and also on it with and without estrogen, and I feel no different.

I can't wrap my mind around taking high doses of progesterone when our bodies never made that much unless we are pregnant.

What do you think of those progesterone lab levels? What should a good progesterone level be to feel balanced?

Jun 06, 2013 more thing
by: Corky

When I check symptoms, I have mostly low estrogen, and only three low progesterone symptoms. And I also have low cortisol symptoms, low thyroid symptoms, and I am on thyroid treatment, but it seems most of this time I'm having Reverse T3 as well. I also had high SHBG and not sure what is causing that either.

Maybe I have to stop it all, but when I lower my thyroid dose, I start to get worsening muscle pains and fatigue.

Jun 06, 2013
I have low estrogen too
by: Wray

Hi Corky I fail to see why you blame progesterone when you are on oestrogen too! Why not blame that? It would make more sense. As I said above "oestrogen is a mitogenic, excitatory, inflammatory hormone. It stimulates cells, including fat cells, to proliferate. It also causes water retention. Both cause weight to increase. By using too little progesterone it stimulates oestrogen, hence the adverse side affects people get when using too little." By using oestrogen with the progesterone it will get you nowhere, the progesterone can't help if you do that. If we take your Progesterone: 0.6 ng/dl and the Estradiol: 36.1 pg/ml, your ratio is only 17:1 which is extremely low, so it's hardly surprising you are getting nowhere. If using your other test results of progesterone 1.72 ng/ml, estradiol 9 pg/ml, it went up to 191:1, but still low. If you look at the Saliva Tests we run you'll notice ratios of 600:1 and over. That's when you'll feel well, as these women do. Other women on this site have said that we need 100 pg/ml oestradiol to feel well, but I've found no study to support this. Oestradiol lowers Libido, whereas progesterone plays a far bigger role than most realise. The other essentials for a good libido are vitamin D and dopamine. When young we do make 5-20, some say 40mg/day, but not more oestrogen. When young we are also ovulating every month, when older we don't, so oestrogen rises in ratio to progesterone. Removing the ovaries not only removes oestradiol production but progesterone too, something you seem to overlook. You don't say how old you are, but as you had your ovaries removed you are now in Menopause. You are right, progesterone does come from the ovaries, and oestrogen also comes from fat cells. Small amounts of progesterone come from other areas, but too small to make a difference to excess oestrogen which you evidently have. If you are overweight you will be secreting excess oestrogen. The reason for using high amounts of progesterone is that low amounts don't work. I still haven't found out what these low oestrogen symptoms are that other women mention, maybe you could tell me? Oestrogen is an excitatory, inflammatory hormone, so it doesn't surprise me you have muscle pains and fatigue when you lower your thyroid dose, oestrogen slows the thyroid down. It also sounds as if you are low in vitamin D too, as both this and progesterone prevent muscle pains and fatigue. Please have a vitamin D test done. Take care Wray

Jun 06, 2013
It's all so confusing, but thank you
by: Corky

I will ask my doctor to keep the bi est separate and use just the 200mg of progesterone for a little longer. I do agree that I must have extra estrogen in my 30lbs of overweight fat around my breast, stomach, and hips, but I'm still not entirely convinced on this issue. But I will stop the estrogen again. When I stopped it for four months, and was using 40mg of OTC progesterone and some pregnenlone, I still could not lose weight. When I added the bi est in, I seem to lose and gain the same 5lbs.

I wonder if I should stop it all? At this point, I suppose a few months on 200mg with no estrogen isn't going to make me worse. I've been 30lbs overweight for the last 5 years, struggling, a little longer shouldn't matter.

Thank you. I'm so frustrated and still somewhat unconvinced about the libido and progesterone. When I was young I had endometriosis, so high estrogen, and a very high libido. Now I feel like I have no estrogen, and no libido. If we weren't making 200 or higher mg of progesterone a day, than to me it seems higher estradiol and testosterone build the libido. I understand all that you've researched, and I will hang in there a bit longer, but still on the fence with the progesterone.

Jun 07, 2013
Progesterone does make you gain weight
by: Carol K

Hi Corky
I don't think we should blame our poor hormones for everything including weight gain and failure to lose weight. I believe there are very few people who are unable to lose weight with an appropriate diet and exercise. It sounds like you could also be feeling a bit low and perhaps looking at your diet and getting involved in exercise if you are not already doing so, may just be what you need :).
Good luck

Jun 07, 2013
It's all so confusing, but thank you
by: Wray

Hi Corky I'm puzzled why you say you're not convinced, when your ratio is way out. And not only that but oestrogen is a known mitogen, it causes cells to proliferate. Which is why the lining of the uterus builds up each month during the follicular phase. Why eggs develop and mature once a month. Why subcutaneous fat develops on us during puberty, and why this increases when we go through Peri-menopause, with it's dropping progesterone levels and normal oestrogen. And also why it's implicated in Cancer. You might not find the 200mg/day enough, and will probably need more. Simply because you have a great deal of oestrogen, plus you were taking more. Your levels of estradiol might be low, but it should be if you're in peri-M, you don't say how old you are. Using 40mg/day progesterone would have made matters worse, so it doesn't surprise me you didn't loose any weight. Please read that page I gave you on libido, I see you couldn't have done so. As it's all explained there, the most important factor is dopamine, not the hormones. Testosterone has a very small role in libido, including that of men. There are papers on the page I've given, and you might like to see this comment here from one man. Take care Wray

Jun 11, 2013
I'll try it a bit longer
by: Corky

To carol: i exercise 3x or more a week, cardio and muscle building, not as intense as I'd like b/c I suffer from muscle pain, dizzyness, and exercise fatigue. I'm also on thyroid medication too. I go to weight watchers and track, and move, and yet, still stuck at this weight, give or take 5lbs up and down over the last year.

I renewed an RX that has 3 months left on it for 200mg of compounded progesterone cream. I will use that daily for the next two months. I also could add some of the OTC cream 2x a day to bring it to 240mg of progesterone.

I still suffer 3 day migraines every few weeks, and I'm in the middle of one right now. I stopped the bi-est more than a week ago. However, even on the estrogen and progesterone for the last five years, and even prior to that, after my ovary/tube was removed, and was on no HRT, I had these migraines. I never had these migraines when I cycled regularly and was younger.

I'm 53, with one ovary, and the other barely visible on scans, and with cycles that began skipping every few months, 4 years ago, then on HRT with the bi-est and cycling progesterone 14 days, still only a few periods. I was told that was because my estrogen was not high enough to build a lining to shed even while cycling in the progesterone to stimulate a shed. So this is why I'm of the theory that i need more estrogen as well.

In the last three years, while on continuous bi-est with progesterone, I've had a cycle once in 11 mnths, then 10 months, then 9 months. In December I had 2 day spotting and that was after I stopped my estrogen for a few weeks.

So I believe that even with my 2mg of bi-est for most of the last 4 years, and 100 to 200mg of progesterone 14 days a month, and not shedding, there was not enough estrogen there to build a lining.

Be that as it may, I am going to stick with 200mg and I'll use some OTC until I get back to my doctor after the summer. He actually wanted me to take 400mg a day, so I'm sure when I see him I can get him to give me that dose to continue on for awhile.

I hope you correct and the research you mention is true. But every person's body is different, and reacts different to outside supplementing.

I will see how it goes for the next two months without the bi-est. I've been off the bi-est before and had more hot flashes, mood swings, rages, and I don't like living that way. The estrogen helped me with that.

Jun 12, 2013
I'll try it a bit longer
by: Wray

Hi Corky I'm puzzled why you should question the research, please read the papers I gave you and make up your own mind about them. None are from blogs, all are from reputable sources. There's evolutionary evidence we should not be having the 400 odd periods we get in a lifetime, but should be nearer the 100 mark as it was with women living hundreds of years ago. And as it is with rural women living now, see here. This is another worth reading, see here. I don't know why you think you should still be having a cycle. You are either in Peri-menopause, when bleeding does become more erratic as the ovaries are slowing down. Or you are in Menopause, but because you're still using the oestrogen it's forcing the system to keep going. If you have muscle pain I would suspect your vitamin D is too low, possibly magnesium too, please have a test done. And if you get Migraines, then your progesterone is too low, so is vitamin D as both prevent them. I don't think the 200mg/day is enough, so I don't think you'll see much change over the next 2 months. Take care Wray

Jun 12, 2013
I'll try it a bit longer
by: Corky

Thank you for all your advice. I just did another ratio with another lab, and it came in 38:1, progesterone: 3.0 ng/ml, Estradiol: 68.5 pg/ml in serum, not saliva. My testosterone free: 3.6 ng/ml also came out low in ratio.

A huge part of me agrees with the research you cite, as well as other books I've read, but I see just as much research and evidence to the estrogen helping more issue.

It's up to me to keep at and find which works best. I have always cycled in progesterone, done it alone, done estrogen alone, and all three together. I had better sleep, no more rages, and less hot flashes, but still lingering issues.

My vitamin D was 67, and I will up my dose to 6000 iu for a month or so and re test. I take 800 mg of magnesium citrate to bowel tolerance, and lower when needed.

I'm off the estrogen now as you suggest. I have never done anything higher than 100mg of progesterone alone, so I'm going to do the 200mg a lone, and I even get a RX for 400mg at my next visit and try to edge up.

If I find that my weight goes up quickly again while following my healthy guidelines and exercise, I'm going to most likely stop everything for several months.

Again, thank you for your time, it's frustrating that there is so much out there on both sides; many women's experiences on progesterone that were awful, and some that said it was the only help.

I was getting very frustrated, and also leery about that much progesterone when our natural bodies never produced that much day to day.

Time will tell. I'll try this for three months to see what develops.

Jun 14, 2013
I'll try it a bit longer
by: Wray

Hi Corky Your ratio is actually 44:1, that's if you take the figures you've given me. Oh yes you'll find many studies on how beneficial oestrogen is. After all billions were being made selling it to women as HRT. Billions were lost too, after the WHI study and the Million Woman study came out showing it increased the risk of....

breast, ovarian and endometrial cancer
heart disease including strokes, clots and heart attacks
fibroid growth
C-reactive protein (a marker for inflammation)
impaired cognition and dementia
insulin resistance
abnormal mammograms
deaths from lung cancer

Particularly combined with a progestin. So why take the risk when progesterone has none? I suggest you read our page on Progesterone and Vitamin D. You'll get an idea of what progesterone actually does in the body. And of course women are saying they feel awful on progesterone, the web blogs are littered with it. Have you asked them all how much they were using? And how high their level of oestrogen was? Don't be surprised if nothing happens on the 200mg, or you go backwards, remember you are full of oestrogen which has to be suppressed. Take care Wray

Jun 16, 2013
To add a different perspective...
by: Verleen

And to back up the research that Wray has posted and quotes…

As a heart patient, I am very tiny…at 42, I am lucky if I can hit and maintain 120 pounds, therefore one of the greatest risk factors for high blood pressure and CHF never existed with me…

And my point to this post is that since using natural progesterone and upping my dose, I've been struggling even more to maintain my weight!! It most definitely does not cause weight gain!

When I was estrogen dominant, I was still tiny, but could stay at 120 much easier, it wasn't hard at all.

However, rebalancing with the Progesterone causes me to lose weight regularly and to become dehydrated…my doc was even aware of these issues and being a bit dehydrated at my last appointment, I got in trouble for it…and I understand why, since I know that I need to compensate and make sure I don't get dehydrated.

Right now, I've dropped again to 118 and am showing more signs of dehydration! …and no, I do not take a prescription diuretic of any type. We had to do away with those over a year ago, due to the fact that once the fluid from the ascites was processed out, I dehydrate super easily.

If you're gaining, or can't lose, it's estrogen dominance.

Jun 17, 2013
Full of estrogen???
by: Corky

You are so informative, so I have another question. I have read that estrogen is in fat tissue, that it get's deposited on hips, and belly. Most of my fat 30lbs, is all over, but more in rear, hips, belly, upper thighs.

How come, when I use the bi-est estrogen and take a blood sample four hours later, I'll get to around 68pgml, sometimes lower 32pg/ml.

Then when I do a blood draw after non application for 24 hours, my serum estradiol drops to 8pg/ml?

I was told on other forums that push the estrogen, and also Dr. Vliet, Dr. Northrop, Uzi Reiss, to name a few books, that estrogen drops out of the body, and one should use 2 dose a day to stay constant.

Even my thyroid doctor who prescribes my bio HRT said the same. He said you serum is low b/c you didn't apply the cream, it leaves the body.

But then I see men with moobies as they get older, and I read it's that their estrogen is out of balanced with their testosterone, and man make very little estrogen, right?

So you're saying that even though my estradiol drops down low after one day of non use of cream, that somewhere, that serum doesn't show, I am full of estrogen, that it is stored from years of use, and from other sources, and I should stay away from it entirely.

The cream that is coming today is 200mg. I will be seeing another hormone doctor in July. I could try to use two doses a day, but in 2 weeks I'll be out. Is that enough time, 2 weeks, to know if 400mg is better, or should I stay on 200mg, use some OTC 20mg cream, and wait until next month and ask for a higher dose of cream?

I'm willing to give this a go, but there is that little person in my head that is still worried that it's too much.

At this point, all I've really wanted was a libido. My marriage is not what is was prior to my ovary removal 7 years ago. It was if they took everything out, all my problems started then, thyroid too.

I'm almost willing to stop it all. At this point 7 years of no marriage bed, I feel like I've tried too long. I want those thoughts to come back, I want that wanting feeling to come back. I want to look at a good looking man and be like, wow, and have a fantasy. I feel and have felt for 7 years like a 12 year old girl, boys are icky. Who wants all that.

Its very sad.

Jun 18, 2013
To add a different perspective...
by: Wray

Hi Verleen Thanks for giving Corky those words of encouragement. I must add here that Corky is using 200mg/day and oestrogen, which is counterintuitive. And you are using 600mg/day which will make all the difference. It's essential to use enough to prevent any stimulation of oestrogen. Plus you've given more useful info. You mention you occasionally become dehydrated and once used diuretics. Well there's not a better diuretic than progesterone, it's given to Traumatic Brain Injury victims to prevent any oedema, and inflammation, forming. Of course oestrogen causes water retention, see here, here, here and here. So the more oestrogen one has the more likely to retain water. Many have found constipation problems ease once using progesterone, as oestrogen is drawing water from the gut and putting it in the tissues, see here.
"I had absolutely no side effects. They are supposed to cause constipation and this has always been a problem for me. Weirdly, when I take the progesterone I feel great, have more energy and my bowels are regular!" Take care Wray

Jun 18, 2013
Full of estrogen???
by: Wray

Hi Corky Fat cells secrete oestrogen, it's not so much a storage system, so the oestrogen will then enter the blood stream. So if you supplement with it and have a test your level will be higher than having a test when not. I'm not interested in what others say about oestrogen, I've read enough studies to convince myself that extra is not needed, that in fact can be dangerous. Plus we get over 100 oestrogen mimics from our environment, it's everywhere, see Our Stolen Future. All hormones are metabolised, mainly by the liver, it's a natural course of events. Man Boobs are caused by excess oestrogen in the environment, mostly from the food and drink they eat. Most meat in the States has had growth hormone added, milk too. Many pesticides are oestrogenic, so it doesn't only affect men, but women and all animals. I'm not saying your oestrogen is stored and that this is the problem. I said your ratio is out of balance, that's the critical factor, not the amount. It doesn't surprise me your problems started when they removed the ovaries, it's the main source of progesterone and no one seems to take this into account. Read what I put in our libido page and try taking some of the supplements suggested. Take care Wray

Jun 18, 2013
Here is Dr.Vliet's idea
by: Corky

See here:

This is just one experience, I have read her book and she says progesterone makes you fat.

I'm willing to stay off it for two months at 200mg of progesterone to see. I may also go to 400 but if i gain, i'm stopping everything.

Jun 18, 2013
Here is Dr.Vliet's idea
by: Wray

Hi Corky I'm not going to argue with you anymore, you must do as you see fit. But one thing I will say Dr Vliet gives no reference papers at all. I've no idea where she got the idea progesterone causes fat storage when pregnant. Oestrogen is a mitogen, progesterone inhibits mitosis, what could be more simple than that? This is just one paper here on the topic. Take care Wray

Jun 18, 2013
Here is Dr.Vliet's idea
by: Carol K

I hope that Wray does not waste any more of her precious time in answering this post. You seem determined to try and prove her wrong, so I suggest you go ahead and see what works for you. You have the information, Wray has told you what she thinks and given you lots of back-up evidence and yet you still challenge her. Did she not say that 200mg will not be sufficient and yet you are determined to use that amount? Why? Because if you prove her "wrong" you can say that Progesterone makes you fat not Estrogen. Wray has said "Don't be surprised if nothing happens on the 200mg, or you go backwards, remember you are full of oestrogen which has to be suppressed".I think she has said it all.

Jun 18, 2013
Here is Dr.Vliet's idea
by: JL

Hi Wray

I really have to commend you for your time and patience with Corky. She certainly is hell bent in not taking your advice. Such a pity.

I have been using progesterone now for 10 years and I use it every day. Depending on my stress levels will determine how much I use, there has been occasions when I have used a tube of Natpro a week. Now I am small in stature and weigh around 51/52kgs. Guess what, I have weighed that for 15 years. Progesterone DOES NOT put on weight.

All I can say is, good luck Corky. And to Wray, I bless the day I met you.


Jun 19, 2013
Forums are for discussion...I thought!
by: Corky

I'm not trying to prove anyone wrong. There is so much out there on both sides of the issue. I said I would try to get on 400mg for awhile. And, of course, if it doesn't work for me, I'll stop. I'm not trying to prove anyone wrong.

Forums are for discussion, and concerns. I think it's unfair of you to say Wray is wasting her time on me. I have said to some degree I agree with her progesterone theories, but I have difficulty with it because there is evidence to the contrary too.

Medicines, and especially hormones, work differently in each person, what works for one, may not work for another.

This is why I'm continuing to read as much as possible, yet I have been on 200mg for awhile not a year, and even that dose made me nervous.

If that is how one is treated on a forum, which is for discussion, and not trying to prove anyone wrong, I'll not come here again. Nor will I recommend it to others.

Maybe your irritated response shows you are not hormonally balanced yet.

Jun 26, 2013
Forums are for discussion...I thought!
by: Wray

Hi Corky Yes forums are for discussion, but on the whole it's been you disagreeing with what you've been advised. 5 women, including me, have offered their advice, all of whom are using progesterone and not oestrogen. But because you say you've found some blog or forum which opposes their suggestions, none of which give reference papers, you're still not convinced. It also appears you haven't read any of the papers I've given you, because if you had, you wouldn't be saying there's evidence to the contrary. Hormones have a specific function, and they all work along those lines in every human. If they worked differently in each person as you suggest, there would be chaos, they have to follow the same route. I have repeatedly told you that the 200mg/day you are using is having an uphill battle against the oestrogen you're taking. Once you stop this it will begin to help, but will have to suppress that before it does. Which is why I said you would probably need 400mg/day before you find any benefit. I'm not sure who you are referring to about being hormonally imbalanced, there are five women giving advise here, maybe we all are! Sorry about the delay in replying, but we've been having server site problems, which now seemed to be fixed. Take care Wray

Sep 01, 2013
can't lose weight.
by: Marnie

hi Corky. I see you also have thyroid issues, and that keeps people from losing weight. All of our glands get out of whack and that contributes to difficulty in losing weight.
These glands being out of whack also contribute to us feeling fatigued and other symptoms. Which takes away from our libido.

I do hope your husband is an understanding person in all this. As that does not help the situation either. (and you stressing about it is really harsh on your system as well)

I have the thyroid, can't lose weight, can't sleep, hormones out of balance, no libido, etc etc junk going on so I can relate to how you are feeling. I do hope you can get some relief.

Jan 26, 2014
Weight gain - for Corky
by: Renee


Did your weight gain come off? What worked for you? I have also gained weight. I have been using 200mg of natural progesterone cream for several months and I just keep gaining!

Feb 07, 2014
I'm done with hrt
by: Corky

I left this site because I was thinking things over and asking questions, as I had tried so many hormone doses etc., but five women were getting angry. I never said wray you are wrong, but I mentioned what I have read about others theories. Anyway, I went up to 400mg of progesterone only for seven months with no estrogen, and I've gained more weight and all that time I was on a good detox diet. I also was on good dose of thyroid, my vitamin D level was and is in the high sixties and I still take 6000 iu a day. My magnesium top of range, ferritin and iron perfect.

And I am now planning on giving up the progesterone and all hrt and accept how I am. I may try Maca root.

I agree with some of the research here, but I still believe one size foot doesn't fit different shoe sizes, so some may do well on these high doses, and some won't.

I wish u good luck. But I'm worse than I was when I was on 200mg. So I'm done playing with Mother Nature

Feb 07, 2014
I'm done with hrt
by: Corky

I left this site because I was thinking things over and asking questions, as I had tried so many hormone doses etc., but five women were getting angry. I never said wray you are wrong, but I mentioned what I have read about others theories. Anyway, I went up to 400mg of progesterone only for seven months with no estrogen, and I've gained more weight and all that time I was on a good detox diet. I also was on good dose of thyroid, my vitamin D level was and is in the high sixties and I still take 6000 iu a day. My magnesium top of range, ferritin and iron perfect.

And I am now planning on giving up the progesterone and all hrt and accept how I am. I may try Maca root.

I agree with some of the research here, but I still believe one size foot doesn't fit different shoe sizes, so some may do well on these high doses, and some won't.

I wish u good luck. But I'm worse than I was when I was on 200mg. So I'm done playing with Mother Nature

Feb 08, 2014
No it didn't come off
by: Corky

I did decide to use Wray's advice and for six months I did not use any estrogen, and used 400mg of progesterone a day. I also was on a detox diet for six months, had vitamin D levels in the high 60's and still take 6000 iu a day; good ferritin and iron levels, good thyroid levels.

Now before the 400mg, I had been on 100mg then 200mg for about a year, at times with a low dose bi-est, at times, just the progesterone.

So, weight stayed the same and was hard to lose on the progesterone only. The last six months on 400mg and the detox diet, which was doctor advised, and I followed exactly, my weight has stayed the same, sort of maintaining the initial 30lbs I gained since upping the progesterone from 50mg to 100mg then 200mg in 2012-2013.

In 2011, I lost 20lbs when I was on 50mg of progesterone and 2mg of estrogen.

i came here to see other peoples experiences with progesterone only, and asked many questions, while I thought about my own experience, trying to decide if I should stop estrogen and increase progesterone, but I got nasty replies. I came back today by accident looking up something else, and saw your reply to this post.

I say, you can listen to the advice here, and read all the links given, but there is always the other side to an issue, and you have to try what you feels is best. You can try the progesterone only for awhile and see how it works for you, if it doesn't, you try something else.

For me, I've decided to stop all HRT, and stop fooling with mother nature.

May 02, 2014
Amusing Discussion
by: Anonymous

I've been postmenopausal for 20 years. I don't have a uterus but have useless ovaries. 7 yrs. after my partial, I started to experience fluid retention, gained 20 lbs (always very thin), developed muscle tension, joint pain & inflammation, carpal tunnel, acid reflux, brain fog, anxiety, & depression. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, generalized anxiety disorder, & GERD by doctors who specialized in these areas. I was prescribed a ton of medications which did not improve my symptoms. After 2 years of suffering from these symptoms, I started having night sweats. My GP ran labs to test hormones. I was postmenopausal and had NO estrogen in my system. Progesterone & testosterone were in normal range based on the chart. I was given a bioidentical estrogen pill which gave me migraines. By this time, I had started reading & found myself as confused as Corky. Progesterone was THE ultimate hormone and fix for all my woes. I was SO excited to ask my doctor for a script. He told me that I did not have a uterus and did not NEED progesterone. I was then placed on a bioidentical estrogen patch. That estrogen patch taught me a lot about my body. Within 3 months, I lost the 20 lbs., fluid retention went away, as did the muscle tension, joint pain & inflammation, & all of the other symptoms I mentioned above. I don't have fibromyalgia, GAD, or GERD! I felt great on estrogen alone but all the progesterone hype still had me convinced that I needed it to "protect" myself from the horrible estrogen I was pumping into my body. I saw 3 gynecologists, & a reproductive endocrinologist. All told me I did not NEED progesterone. My pharmacist at the time also happened to be a compounding pharmacist. I asked him about progesterone & he INSISTED that I needed it & recommended a high quality OTC brand & advised me about dosing. A true nightmare! It cancelled out my estrogen & all of my pre-estrogen therapy symptoms returned. He told me it took "time" & suggested a few tweaks to my dose as well as another OTC brand. Same experience with the symptoms but when my weight started creeping back up, I said enough of this! I then confessed my sins to my GP and asked him to run another round of labs to check my hormone levels. My progesterone was through the roof, estrogen was extremely low, & testosterone was elevated. The amusing thing is that progesterone isn't being pushed as much as the cure all for hormonal woes but testosterone is the new answer! Women are growing beards & going bald but insist their increased libido & happy husbands are worth it! There is NO perfect fix. What works for one does not work for all. Our hormonal needs vary greatly & that's why the information we read is SO confusing. I could sing the praises of estrogen but it might have negative effects on another woman. Best wishes to all the women struggling to find their "fix". It can be a journey & the more you read, the more confused you will become.

Oct 16, 2014
by: CarmenAnonymous

Hysterectomies should be band all together. I lost my ovaries and uterous six years ago. I can say that day I died. Life has never or ever will be the same. Lost of libido, zest for life all gone. I've struggled with anxiety, depression, fluid re tension digestive issues, painful inter course, gained 24 pounds and lost my husband. I Went on bio identical hormones, dedicated thyroid and felt tired and more weight along with cellulite. All I want is a normal sex life that's all. There is a reason God gave women ovaries, they have their function in a women's body. The Medical field should hear all the complaints that are brought on by hysterectomies before they declare that these organs are not needed. I wish I had been more informed and read the horror stories of all these women who are now crying out for help. My outcome would have been different. Yes, I've gained weight using progesterone. I'm tired of experimenting.

Oct 26, 2014
I agree with Corky
by: Anonymous

I agree with Corky, I could of written her post so I will just say "Ditto" and I also am stopping. I gained 20 pounds very quickly after I started and nothing I do will make the scale budge. I've read a few different books and no one can agree on dosage, and one book I read also said that "some women can't tolerate progesterone in any form." So at this point I figure it can't hurt to give it a break for 6 months and see what happens. Best of luck to all of you

Mar 12, 2015
Estrogen helped me lose all weight.
by: Anonymous

I had Asherman's syndrome since i was 40. I am 53 now and have had terrible last 12 years with hot flashes, anger, seething, sweating, sleepless, itchy and dry. Have been off and on HRT first 5 years and then off and on compounding bio identical then only root estrogen by a local in my country. Apart from the local's preparation which I believe is estrogenic, I gained 162 lbs. With the natural estrogen, I lost 25 lbs and only thing i did extra was power walk 4 to 5 days a week for 20 mins. I did not have any progesterone of any sort with the "root" estrogenic prep. My stomach, body was like I was in my mid twenties, taut, flat, no sag anywhere and not at all like the post menopausal/failed ovarian syndrome I was with. So in my opinion I think in my case the estrogen made me lose weight. I cannot take it as my mother died of breast and ovarian cancer and my grandmother of uterine cancer, so even if I do take it, I will also take DIM capsules and maybe some other estrogen blocker/metabolizer down the lane.
Just my 2 bits worth. I do have DDS so yes I know the effects of both hormones in their synthetic versions.

Mar 21, 2015
Importance of Estrogen is Being Realized
by: Anonymous

The importance of estrogen is being realized more and more every day. All of the progesterone hype stemmed from the WHI study scare which has now been deemed as a farce that scared women away from using HRT and doctors from prescribing it. The lowest incidence of breast cancer is among those who use estrogen only therapy and those who do not have a uterus. It's now estimated that over 50,000 women lost their lives as a direct result of the WHI study scare. However during the years of the "scare", women were suffering so Dr. Lee popped up with this cure all called natural progesterone. It worked for a few women but most found that it did NOT relieve their symptoms. After Lee passed away, we now have the testosterone only gurus who claim a massive dose of T is all we need to relieve our symptoms. It's uncanny how these gurus make the same claims about T that was once made about progesterone.

The fact is that the WHI study was based on a synthetic combo of estrogen and progestin. The participants in that study were all older women and some of those ladies had pre-existing health problems.

Natural of bioidentical estradiol and progesterone come with the same warnings as synthetic estrogen or progestins. We only know that synthetic hormones can cause problems because there has been multiple studies conducted and because they are often prescribed much more than bioidenticals.

I'm a bioidentical estradiol only gal. I do not regret having a hysterectomy. When I had mine over 20 years ago, a hysterectomy was pretty much the only option for dealing with huge fibriods which was also the reason for my mother's, grandmother's, all of my maternal aunt's and several of my maternal cousins' hysterectomies. Do you think there just might be a genetic link? And, we were estrogen deficient most of our lives. Rail thin women who felt great on the old school birth control pills filled with synthetic estrogen and a little progestin...that was the younger generations of us that it was available to.

It is now estimated that as high as 30%-40% of women are progesterone intolerant. I firmly believe that to be true. It definitely causes weight gain if you do NOT need it. And, it can cause a world of side effects even in the smallest doses to those who are intolerant making it very difficult for women who still have a uterus to deal with the side effects even if they are cycling the progesterone.

And, testosterone is the now the cure all that will make us thin, restore our muscle tone and make us sexy. Fountain of youth. Hang out in some other groups and see how women are doing who use progesterone or testosterone only. Estrogen does not CAUSE cancer. It is the hormone that makes us WOMEN. And, if you all will spend some time doing research, you will see just how crazy these notions are. One site may claim that progesterone is the dominant hormone throughout our younger years while another site will claim that testosterone is.

If progesterone relieves your symptoms and aids you in weight loss, then it's the hormone for you. If it causes you weight gain and does not relieve your symptoms, get some estrogen in your bodies unless you have an underlying health reason that prevents you from being able to use it. If you do NOT have a uterus, and progesterone is making you feel worse, not relieving your symptoms, and making you gain weight...toss the crap.

Get up to speed on current hormone therapies.

Mar 24, 2015
Importance of Estrogen is Being Realized Part 1
by: Wray

Hi there, Before you confuse people, I'd like to put a few things straight. Your first sentence is erroneous, the 'importance' was recognised in the 60's. In fact it was being given in the 50's, but the amount increased greatly during the mid sixties because it was being touted as the saviour of the menopausal woman, keeping her ‘Feminine Forever’, which is the title of a book by Dr Robert Wilson. Initially only oestrogen was given, but then an increase in endometrial cancer in the 1970’s was observed, so progestins were introduced with more disastrous effects.. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, (NEJM) in 1975 noted the increase was greater than 10% in some areas, see here. That paper you quote from and don't give a reference to is here. That to me is scare tactics, and not the results of WHI. Approximately 33% of women in the States has had a hysterectomy, see here. Many women hearing the news, but who have not had one, could well be confused into wanting to take it. And will undoubtedly demand oestrogen replacement from their doctors thinking they too will be 'protected'. You say "during the years of the "scare", women were suffering so Dr. Lee popped up with this cure all called natural progesterone". Dr Lee actually 'popped' up many years before, in 1970's to be precise! His first book being published in 1993. But even earlier than that, Dr Dalton had been prescribing progesterone from the late 1940's, and in the course of her 50 years practicing medicine had found no adverse reactions in her patients. She was responsible for coining the term PMS, see here and here. The WHI studied women who were taking both forms of HRT, the combo and oestrogen alone, not as you say the combo only, see HRT. Continued below

Mar 24, 2015
Importance of Estrogen is Being Realized Part 2
by: Wray

Hi there Hi there Fibroids are caused by oxidative stress, vitamin D and taurine being of paramount importance in their prevention, see here, here, here, here, here and here. A lack of taurine is found in endometrial cancer, cystic endometrial hyperplasia, fibromyoma (fibroids), and dysfunctional uterine bleeding, see here. Maybe your family is lacking these two nutrients, rather than a having a genetic disorder? Progesterone is a thermogenic hormone, so cannot cause weight gain, but oestrogen does increase fat cells, see here, here, here, here and here. As for oestrogen causing cancer I agree with you, there are many causes. But what oestrogen does do is stimulate cellular division. I suggest you read Prof Soto and Sonnenschein papers, plus their excellent book called 'The Society of Cells'. It was they who first found while experimenting with oestrogen, that certain plastics are oestrogen mimics, and then found pesticides and industrial chemicals are also EDC's, see here. And from their work later scientists have found more and more endocrine disruptors, most being oestrogen mimics, see here For more info on EDC's see the website Our Stolen Future. This is the reason I'm against giving women oestrogen. Take care Wray

Apr 01, 2015
weight gain from estrgen
by: Anonymous

Not all females gain weight during puberty. I was very thin and my breasts would swell so bad until my period came every month. Thats estrogen. I suffered fibrosis disease so bad that mammograms were useless according to my Dr. That is estrogen domenence. I was full of fibroids. Yes nearly underweight.
No, you cannot blame weight gain on estrogen. I was low progesterone.

Aug 08, 2015
Be very careful about claiming your opinions as fact
by: Anonymous

Initially bio progesterone worked wonders and then they added testosterone and I blew up instead of lost weight. (Some people metabolize T incorrectly and convert it to Estrogen) when i got off it my hormones plummeted and caused extremely dry hair a long with other symptoms (sometimes substituting hormones make ur body quit producing them) Finally they upped my progesterone by double and i take it every day instead of on cycles and my breasts are huge and i am bloated and fatter than ever. The only thing worse than insisting that progesterone works the same for everyone mentality is some jerk who scoffs at those who can't lose weight. I have been thin and athletic my whole life, i am not down or lying to myself about what I eat! Until this happens to you keep ur ignorant comments to yourself. In addition, over the counter drugs (certain sleeping meds and antihistamines) can also contribute to weight gain, basically anything anticholinergics. But hormones, INCLUDING TOO MUCH PROGESTERONE might cause side effects!

Aug 13, 2015
Weight Gain
by: Anonymous

After suffering through hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and all the other wonderful symptoms we women experience with menopause, I went to see a dr. who specializes in menopause. She is a couple of years older than me (late 50's) and she put me on the same thing she had been on for her menopause; estrogel and introducting 100 mg progesterone after using estrogel for 2 weeks. I start the progesterone in 2 days, but after reading these posts, I wonder if I want to start it at all! I work hard to keep my weight down..actually go overboard with my exercise so if this medication is going to make my weight go up even with my regular exercise routine, I wonder if it's worth it. Does progesterone put on weight right away? The estrogel has improved my hot flashes already after 2 weeks use, but my dr. said since I have my uterus, I have to take progesterone, too, so I have no choice. If I do gain weight, I would rather just deal with not feeling well and go off everything. Has anyone taken both estrogel/progesterone and not put on weight?

Aug 28, 2015
progesterone dominance weight gain
by: Anonymous

My doctor says progesterone does cause weight gain. I know you keep repeating your theory that it is the estrogen, or the balance, but others will keep disagreeing. Your theory that it is simply that one does not take ENOUGH progesterone is interesting, but that is just trying to find some excuse to never admit progesterone causes weight gain, like, "God didn't answer my prayer because I just didn't pray enough." If your theory is to be believed, how would you explain my experiment: 1)for 8 months I take estrogen only and I feel fantastic and thin. 2) for 8 months I take progesterone only, I get fat and depressed. 3)for 8 months I take tiny amount estrogen and huge amount progesterone, blood tests confirm high progesterone, lower estrogen--the opposite of what you say causes weight gain--and I get fat and bloated! 4)Then, I try equal balance of progesterone to estrogen, still fat and bloated. Only time I am thin and happy is estrogen alone!

Aug 29, 2015
Progesterone Dominance Weight Gain
by: Alyce


Why bother reading a progesterone website then? If you feel estrogen keeps you thin, then so be it. Personally I have not put on any weight with progesterone, probably because I am using it correctly!

Aug 29, 2015
Wray, Wray, Wray...all I can do is shake my head.
by: Anonymous

Hadn't been to this site in awhile but say where you responded to me awhile back informing me that my family history of women developing fibroids could have been due to a Vitamin D deficiency, taurine deficiency, and you provided several links to studies regarding the estrogenic chemicals we acquire through certain plastics and other environmental means. I believe you also included some studies to support that estrogen causes weight gain.

There IS one thing I'd like to clear up. When I speak of estrogen, I really should NOT use that term as I haven't used what is referred to as a synthetic estrogen since I was a late teen which was in the form of a birth control pill that was primarily synthetic estrogen with a small amount of synthetic progestin. I had no weight changes, migraines or any negative side effects during the time I took them. That was back in the days when the greatest side effect from a birth control pill was thought to be a pregnancy. I was a skinny Minnie at that age as a lot of younger people are unless they are predisposed to weight gain fro some reason. During my 20 years of being postmenopausal, I have only used estradiol or plant based estrogen. Of course, it is also considered to have synthetic qualities because it's made in a lab. I've never taken Premarin but not necessarily because I see it as disgusting because it's made from pregnant mares' urine...I grew up on a farm and see pregnant mare's urine as pretty natural. However, I hear the process for acquiring it is not a pleasant one for the mare. I don't know the complete details about that and don't want to know. Years ago, my doc started me out on an oral estradiol, it worked so I took it until the WHI study reported info that led most docs and women to believe that ANY and ALL HRT caused cancer among other things. My symptoms were unbearable but I stuck it out for 2 years. During that two years, I found myself on a host of medications for more conditions that I can begin to explain. I also gained 20 pounds in less than 2 months immediately following my stopping the oral estradiol. I had my own concerns about taking an oral form because I am a smoker.

Now, back to the references you sent me. I believe you once scolded me about not having my facts straight. The two book references you sent me were published in 1996. That was 19 years ago! Take a minute to consider EVERYTHING that has changed during those years. Who knows, the information included in those books MIGHT be more to be concerned about TODAY than they were then or could be less. I'm just saying the books are dated either ways.

The studies you sent me about vitamin D made me smile...especially the one regarding more black women developing fibroids than white. I believe some other ethnic groups might have been included but concerning my own personal fibroid experience, I am white but my great grandmother was 100% Cherokee Indian. I was also a heavy tanner up until I realized the damage it was doing to my skin a few years ago. Also, most older women aren't attractive heavily tanned. I still soak up some rays but just enough to gain a little color. My point is that throughout my childhood and long after developing fibroids and having my partial, I was a sun goddess who competed with my friends for the darkest tan and always won. I NOW take a daily maintenance dose of Vitamin D3 for its multiple qualities but have NEVER tested low. Too much can be harmful, too!

The link you sent me regarding taurine is no longer available; however, I will read about the qualities of taurine and how it is acquired. You might be onto something there...don't know because I haven't researched it.

The other links you sent me to studies regarding what I believe was your proof that estrogen/estradiol (I'm sure you see them one in the same much like I see Progestin and Progesterone), causes weight gain and other negative side effects were either very old studies, or studies carried out using rats, and one study that used "juvenile trout" which to my knowledge is a fish! Most of the links regarding fibroids clearly stated the reasons for them remain unknown or unclear. So, these links are "theories". Theories do NOT qualify as facts. The studies closed with result or concluding statements using words like "suggests", "might", or "may" which are not used when FACTUAL information is presented, either. I AGREE that these words could very well mean that there is a "chance" of these adverse effects happening to humans since rats and baby fish were affected...especially the rats since they are mammals as we are.

The bottom line is there is no ONE perfect fix for every woman suffering from severe menopausal symptoms. I'm in multiple HRT and menopause support groups and find it absolutely amazing how very different all of us are. I often joke about our uniqueness because I'm from the southern US where I hear men make the statement "all women are alike" too often which makes me cringe. That could be a world wide statement since I've never lived anywhere else but I find it humorous that they say that because our HRT needs is proof that we are all very different. Progesterone might help relieve one woman's discomforts and assist her in losing 50 pounds, it might be estrogen or even testosterone alone that does the same for other women while another group may need all 3 whether she has a uterus or not. I have made this observation from interacting with hundreds of women who are experiencing the discomforts of menopause: estradiol seems be better tolerated than progesterone or testosterone by MOST of those ladies. Now, these ladies are from all over the world, have different doctors, and our using various delivery systems of the hormones.

By the way...concerning lung cancer and estradiol...I HAVE my FACTS on that one since I'm a smoker. It is among the users of the combination of estrogen and progestin that there is a higher incidence of lung cancer with found with the LOWEST rate found among estradiol users only. Women who have never taken ANY form of HRT do get lung cancer as well as women who have never smoked. And, yes, I certainly believe that SMOKING greatly increases my risk of getting lung cancer but NOT estradiol.

Oct 08, 2015
Progesterone helps with weight loss
by: Anonymous

I have been using compounded bio identical progesterone for years. It does not cause weight gain if used correctly and in the proper dose. The only time I gained weight was when I reduced my dose to 50mg per day. This also caused headaches, mood swings and anxiety.

I am now back to 200mg per day and considering increasing the 300mg. Feeling good with increased energy, better sleep, lower stress and better libido.

I do believe the quality of the progesterone cream used is very important, make sure your pharmacy uses Progesterone derived from Wild Yam not Soybean as that is a phyto estrogen.

There are a lot of factors to consider with weight gain; stress, sleep, diet, exercise, and hormones. You have to find the right balance. That is why Progesgerone is so important, it is the balancing, calming hormone.

Dec 01, 2015
I'm tired of gaining with progestrone
by: Anonymous

Hi, I was taking natural progestrone cream. And am no longer.
I feel like the Goodyear blimp. I can't hardly loose weight and my legs feel very swollen and cushy. I'm very disgusted. I assumed it would help my Goodyear tire around my waistline. But no,I've turned into the blimp. I've not started a cycle in about 7 weeks and have taken 3 pregnancy tests. I feel like I'm turning into one large fat cell. And if this is the result of progestrone cream, you can have it. The physician perscribed cream is not worth the 60$ I had to pay. I used over the counter progestrone cream and felt much better. As soon as I have a cycle that's my plan to do a small amount of over the counter cream. Tired of the trouble and read your testimony. Thanks, just call me... Chunky

Dec 02, 2015
Sex Hormone binding Globulin can be a reason Natural HRT does not work
by: Ess

I thought some information about Sex hormone binding globulin or SHBG levels and how it effects hormones might be helpful for women who are not seeing the proper results when supplementing hormones.

Too High or too low SHBG may be the reason natural hormone replacement therapy or HRT does not work for some even at suggested dosages.

Here is an excerpt discussing SHBG from Wikipedia:
"SHBG levels increase with estrogenic states (oral contraceptives), pregnancy, hyperthyroidism, cirrhosis, anorexia nervosa, and certain drugs. Long-term calorie restriction of more than 50 percent increases SHBG, while lowering free and total testosterone and estradiol. DHEA-S, which lacks affinity for SHBG, is not affected by calorie restriction.[22] Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is associated with insulin resistance and excess insulin lowers SHBG, which increases free testosterone levels.[23]"


Personally in my own experience, my blood work shows that I need a little bi-est and a lot of progesterone. I am in menopause.

If I use too much bi-estrogen cream in proportion to progesterone cream, I gain weight.

If I use more progesterone my weight drops and I can maintain it.

I use the bi-est and progesterone in the first 14 days of the month and for the remainder of the month I use ONLY PROGESTERONE.

For me, this schedule of use appears to mimic my youthful hormone cycle.

There are a lot of variables that influence weight gain other than hormones.

Dec 02, 2015
Question for you
by: Anonymous

Would like to first ask: What is Wray's credentials. Seems to have lots to say on women's health but don't see any credentials attached to her comments. Has a lot of crack pot theories on progesterone therapy and hormones which I think can be rather dangerous to one's health.

Is this just a person that reads articles and books and thinks themselves an expert on hormone replacement women's health?

Find her comments sarcastic and somewhat rude to those people writing and asking questions that they don't know, responses have been posted elsewhere. I am surprised anyone would want to take this yahoos advice.

Dec 04, 2015
Self education is a good thing.
by: Ess

Hi Anonymous:

In the USA, President Lincoln was a Self-educated Attorney. He took the bar after studying on his own and was admitted.

I think self-education is commendable and advisable.

Bill Gates is also self-educated. He dropped out of college because his professors were not as intelligent as he was.

Wray, and I know nothing about her, has cited reputable physicians and studies to support her opinion, as far as I can see.

Studies on rats, mice, dogs and pigs, are also used by traditional researchers in traditional medicine, because it is unethical to use experimental drug therapies on people. So don't discount those types of studies.

Bio-identical HRT is a very individual trial and error approach. Similar to therapeutic trials with thyroid meds, conducted by traditional allopathic doctors.

If you do some research, you will find that the average doctor has an IQ that is only 12 points higher than that of the average person with a low level job.

Also none post their transcripts on the wall along side their diplomas. So maybe their grade point average was low.

Personally, I find that doctors are woefully ignorant and uneducated regarding any natural or preventive approaches to health care.

In addition, a large percentage of traditional doctors are terribly narcissistic. They can not handle any challenges to their own entrenched ideals and always fail to think outside of the box of knowledge delivered to them in medical school.

I had one doctor who would give me his opinion and then back it up by showing me a page in an old textbook he had kept from medical school.

The traditional doctor also sadly needs to practice defensive medicine, so they prefer to adhere to accepted standards of care taught in traditional medical schools rather than think outside the box for fear of lawsuits.

I think any intelligent person, who can think for themselves, would appreciate the information here as an excellent starting point.

Many people who have trusted doctors too blindly have ended up dead. My dear friends mother was bullied into having heart surgery. It caused her death after getting an antibiotic resistant infection introduced to her body during the invasive surgery.

There were many natural approaches to her condition but the doctors scared her into an EXPENSIVE, invasive surgery. Had she used the natural approaches, she may well be still alive. Surgery could have been the court of last resort, not the first.

I have a cardio/thoracic surgeon in my family who cautions others to do their own research and to get numerous opinions from various doctors before trusting one doctors opinion.

Don't forget in the USA a doctor is a self-employed businessman who makes money whenever he conducts a surgery or treats an illness.

There is actually very little incentive to use a natural approach first rather than jumping right into an expensive surgery, procedure, or treatment.

If you are unhappy with Wray's links and advice, don't follow her recommendations, but please do not try to discourage others from self educating themselves and please do not discourage her from sharing her wisdom.

I have been greatly helped by natural HRT. The information was gathered on my own. The traditional doctors were absolutely no help and several of their treatments caused me harm.

Dec 05, 2015
Self education is a good thing.
by: Wray

Hi Ess Bless you for your support, I was hurt by her comments. As you point out, I don't give advice based on my own opinions, but on the numerous studies done on progesterone and allied nutrients. Many, many thanks! Take care Wray

Dec 05, 2015
Self Education is a good thing
by: Joy

Hi Ess

Well said and exactly to the point. As you correctly said "If you are unhappy with Wray's links and advice, don't follow her recommendations, but please do not try to discourage others from self educating themselves and please do not discourage her from sharing her wisdom".

Many come to this forum and website because all else has failed, they are desperate and looking for some form of relief, support and guidance. A place where many feel the same, a place where no one is going to say that they belong in a psychiatric institution when all that is needed is the balancing of the hormones and correct nutrition. Wray and her website provides exactly that, a place of hope when all else has failed.

Dec 06, 2015
No Disrespect Intended
by: Anonymous

I came to Wray's website seeking answers. I've been using hormone replacement for over 20 years in the form of bioidentical estradiol. I do not have a uterus and have never seen a doc willing to even discuss the idea of adding progesterone to my therapy. I seem to need more estradiol than the average woman but there are certainly women using higher doses than I am. My problem is that when I use a sufficient dose of estradiol to alleviate all of my symptoms, the estradiol makes me jittery. Other than the jitters, I have NO side effects from the estradiol...not even tender breasts. I've always felt that I could benefit from a little progesterone to calm the jitters. I FINALLY found a doc who felt that I might benefit from a little Progesterone. We tried low, high, and in between doses of compounded creams, troches, and oral formulas. We even tried decreasing and increasing my estradiol dose. Any dose and form of the progesterone swelled me up like a whale and the higher doses led to full blown panic attacks. I also experienced horrible heartburn on all of the doses. I ENVY the women who can use progesterone and enjoy it's calming effects. It seems to have the opposite effect on me as well as many other women I know who have tried either progesterone therapy only or who use it with estradiol or estradiol and testosterone. Testosterone effects me in very much the same manner that progesterone does. I just feel that it's misleading to women who are just beginning their hormone journey either due to surgical or natural menopause to say that progesterone will cure all of their woes. My ovaries have been dead for years. Without replacement, I have zero estrogen. However, I DO have a progesterone reading although it's low. I may possibly have an underlying problem that makes my body have adverse reactions to progesterone but no doc has ever been able to find it. Instead, I get a big "I told you so" from the them meaning they tried to tell me that I simply do not need progesterone replacement. I tend not to trust doctors but after so many attempts and fails with progesterone, they've made a believer out of of me. It is NOT for ME.

Dec 10, 2015
Individual results may vary
by: Ess


I am sorry to hear of your health issues and reaction to progesterone.

Anyone can have a paradoxical, allergic, and adverse reaction to any medication, nutrient, food or supplement.

Even FDA approved pharmaceutical drugs have numerous reports of paradoxical, adverse or allergic reactions to specific drugs.

It's also possible that your reactions are caused by something mixed in with the progesterone cream you are using.

Or maybe you just don't need progesterone.

I had an 18 year old British Labrador dog who would only respond appropriately to a thyroid drug made specifically for dogs known as Soloxine.

If I gave my dog a generic thyroid drug, he would have an extremely adverse and allergic reaction.

He would blow up like a balloon and become very lethargic. This was opposite to the positive reaction he consistently had to Soloxine.

The vet sold the generic and did not carry Soloxine. He insisted that there was no difference at all between Soloxine and the Generic thyroid med, except pricing.

Nevertheless, it turned out my dog was having an allergic reaction to a dye in the human-grade generic drug the Veterinarian stocked at his clinic.

How did I learn this? One day I mentioned the dogs odd reaction to a human pharmacist who stocked the same human-grade generic thyroid drug.

Lo and behold, he informed me very succinctly that a particular dye in the generic thyroid med, the vet was prescribing, was well known to cause adverse or allergic reactions.

Personally, I love Tangerines, a natural and normally healthy fruit for a majority of the population.

Still, I can not eat a Tangerine. When I do, my lips and face swell up like a Macy's Thanksgiving-day parade balloon.

Go figure.

Feb 12, 2016
i was convinced too
by: Anonymous

Yes well I too was so convinced with what I have researched about progesterone, that it would fix everything, but I got the opposite, I put on horrible weight with it, I think maybe it works well for many and maybe there is a few of us which it just does not work for, maybe it is because something else is wrong with us who knows...!!!!

Feb 13, 2016
I also wonder...
by: Anonymous

I don't really believe that I'm allergic to the dyes or the bases I've tried using the compounds in this and that form which were all made by different compounding pharmacies as well as a highly recommended cream purchased from my local health food store.

My progesterone levels are always in normal range (for a postmenopausal woman) based on the mainstream lab range charts but my estradiol to progesterone ratio is WAY off according to the ranges the followed by the the anti-aging docs, or the new "optimal" charts. The mainstream and anti-aging docs act like it's no big deal and tell me that a lot of women can't tolerate it or simply do not need if if they don't have a uterus. I've suspected that I've had a thyroid problem for a very long time but didn't learn until recently that more than a simple TSH test is needed to determine that. I underwent all the recommended thyroid tests and everything came back within range based on the typical charts. According to the optimal thyroid charts, I'm just inside the hypo levels. I tried self medicating following the lead of others whose tests results were similar to mine and nearly threw myself into a hyper state. Lesson learned.

All I know is that I've tried many forms of progesterone over the last 20+ years now and always get the same results. I've tried everything I know...starting out low and gradually adding more, and starting out with a bang of a dose. My body rejects it first with heartburn and fluid retention and then with true weight gain and horrendous heartburn. My body also reacts the same to testosterone. I tried that when I finally had to give up on progesterone. I feel best using estradiol only but far from as well as I'd like to feel. I just can't win!

Mar 19, 2016
by: Anonymous

I just started using progesterone. I notice I urinate more.

Apr 13, 2016
Wray seems a little threatened
by: casser00

Wray seems a little threatened by anyone who doesn't take what she says hook, line and sinker. Making rude and nasty remarks never helps to make your case stronger.

Apr 15, 2016
Wray seems a little threatened
by: Alyce

Wow, unbelievable! Why would Wray feel threatened? She is merely putting the message out there, if one doesn't agree then don't bother with it and move on. As for her being rude and nasty, I must disagree with you, quite the opposite actually.

Have a nice day!

Apr 17, 2016
Wray seems a little threatened
by: Joy

Hi casser00

I am somewhat confused. I have worked with Wray for about 12/13 years now, never once have I experienced her to be rude and nasty. Perhaps you are referring to her one post where she said that she is tired of repeating herself, not sure. If not please direct us to where she was rude and nasty.

It would be remiss of Wray not to make sure that people understand exactly how to use progesterone and what is needed, otherwise what is the point?

As Wray has retired, I will suggest that she reads this post, but I doubt if she will respond for obvious reasons.

Take care.

Apr 18, 2016
I did gain 15 pounds that i can't lose after i started progesterone, though
by: Anonymous

I'm really not sure how to take all this information. I take 300 mg bio-identical compounded progesterone each night, prescribed in response to severe chronic insomnia. It did help with my sleep issues, but very soon after I started taking it, I gained 15 pounds -- most of it on my bust, which is revolting on my small frame -- that WILL NOT COME OFF, no matter what I do. None of my clothes fit, and I just feel miserable all the time because of this. I have always been very thin, and I was very thin when I started taking the progesterone. Now I'm covered in a disgusting layer of fat on my chest and back.

According to what I've read on this site, I should not have gained any weight on the progesterone, as I have not added any estrogen.

Can anyone explain to me how this can be, given that I keep hearing about how progesterone does not cause weight ain?

Many thanks in advance.

May 09, 2016
Progesterone is a diuretic
by: Ess

by: Anonymous

I just started using progesterone. I notice I urinate more.[/b]

Hi Anonymous.

Progesterone is a natural diuretic. So yes it reduces fluid retention and that likely results in more urination.

If it is appropriate for you to supplement with progesterone, it should reduce bloating and swelling.

May 10, 2016
Say what?
by: Anonymous


Thanks for responding.

I don't think you understood. Progesterone does not make me urinate more. It has made me gain weight. Because it causes weight gain and water retention, it is not functioning as a diuretic, which would flush out the water.

May 19, 2016
I was responding to a March 19th post
by: Ess

to the "say what" post from another anonymous.

I was responding to another poster, posting as Anonymous.... not you.

I quoted her comment. Did you not see it in quotes?

On March 19the, She posted this question in quotes:

"Mar 19, 2016
by: Anonymous

I just started using progesterone. I notice I urinate more."

My response to the March 19th post was:

Yes, progesterone is a diuretic.

May 19, 2016
Progesterone reduces fluid retention
by: Anonymous

On May 10, 2016, Anonymous wrote.

"May 10, 2016
Say what?
by: Anonymous


Thanks for responding.

I don't think you understood. Progesterone does not make me urinate more. It has made me gain weight. Because it causes weight gain and water retention, it is not functioning as a diuretic, which would flush out the water. "


I was responding to a different poster. Still, Progesterone, without a doubt is a diuretic.

If it is not causing diuresis, perhaps something else is going on. That could be, endocrinological disorders such as insulin resistance or cushings syndrome or low thyroid which is known to cause puffiness, or excess estrogen.

Here is an excerpt and a link:

Progesterone Reduces Fluid Retention. When Estrogen levels are not balanced out by adequate levels of progesterone, women tend to retain more fluid than usual. Progesterone is a natural diuretic and can greatly reduce bloating and swelling....Jun 26, 2014

May 20, 2016
by: Anonymous


I am a thyroid patient, but my thyroid numbers are very good (TSH below 1.0) now that I am finally on natural dessicated thyroid. But even when I was not receiving treatment for my thyroid, I was tiny.

Unfortunately I cannot increase my progesterone dose because I am told that I am already taking the maximum allowable dose. I take it orally because it helps me with my awful insomnia.

I did try for a month taking 400 mg at night anyway, but noticed absolutely no change in my weight. Also, the increased dose made my heart race at night.

I suppose I could go back to my naturopath and ask if there is another combination I could use, but in doing that I risk offending my wonderful new GP.

Aug 25, 2016
New here
by: Angela

Hello, I've been following this discussion for a while, and curious where I can purchase progesterone cream with such a high dose? I'm currently using about 15 mg compounded progesterone cream from a compounding pharmacy. To get to 200 mg, would be an awful lot of cream! Also, I've taken a zrt saliva test, and my progesterone, and my progesterone to estrogen ratio was too high on 20 mg progesterone. I was doc ng good...but haven't had my period in 80 days now, and now rapidly gained weight. I'm thinking I'm not ovulating so my estrogen is slowly increasing, and now got to the point where my progesterone supplementation isn't enough. I'm 35, how much do you suggest my progesterone dose should be? I know my doc would never approve such a high dose, so I was looking online to purchase progesterone on my own and see if it helps.
Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Aug 27, 2016
New here
by: Joy

Hi Angela

Welcome to the Forum and the website. You can order Natpro Progesterone cream on this website. The compounded cream that you are using is going to cause adverse symptoms. The usually incorrect suggested amount of 20-40mg will merely aggravate your estrogen receptors, not what any woman needs! Compounded creams, if not natural and organic, contain parabens, chemicals, estrogen and or testosterone, again not what any woman needs. 200mg of Natpro is not a lot of cream actually, many use as much as 400mg, even more per day. It is all dependant on symptoms and low vitamin D3 levels.

What is your ratio, it should be 600:1? Please read the Hormone Testing page for the correct levels and ratio. You are in the beginning stages of Peri-Menopause which can cause periods to become erratic, but I would say that the incorrect use and advice of progesterone has caused a few problems, most definitely weight gain would be one of them. The How to use Progesterone Cream page will explain the correct what to use progesterone and what is needed. Please be aware of Estrogen Dominance symptoms which may occur, they usually do in some way.

Doctors are pretty much uninformed when it comes to progesterone because it is natural, sadly they prefer all of us to take drugs! For Peri-Menopause 200mg of the correct progesterone cream would be a good start, more maybe needed in the beginning.

Do you know what your Vitamin D3 level is? A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone and is connected to every single functioning cell in our bodies making it vital.

Please read these pages and the references:

How to use Progesterone Cream

Estrogen Dominance
Vitamin D3
Progesterone Cream
Hormone Testing

Aug 27, 2016
New here
by: Angela

Thank you for the fast reply, Joy!
Ok, first let me state that my doctor is not the typical Doctor. He's holistic, well educated in that area, and he's willing to give any of my suggestions a shot. Also, I've been working with him for over 3 years to get me back to good. With that said, I've done every test imaginable. From neurotransmitters, to heavy metals, ZRT saliva, 24 hour urine, etc...etc. everything checks out. My D levels are in the upper 60's, my thyroid is good now (I'm taking compounded). And, after 3 years of feeling like garbage, all of a sudden this past May, things were looking great. Feeling great, lost weight. Now, I haven't gotten my period in over 80 days, but I'm getting all the symptoms of one. This happened to me last cycle, all the symptoms, but got my period on day 79. Then weight came off again. Anyways, I checked my last zrt saliva test, and here were my numbers from April 2016. Estrogen: 2.4 (1.3-3.3) Progesterone: 1289 (200-300) Ratio: 537 (optimal 100-500 when E2 1.3-3.3 pg/ml) I sometimes wish I was in menopause, because then my levels would be consistent. Trying to supplement with progesterone when my own levels are fluctuating, seems nearly impossible!
And I should add my doctor suggests I put the cream on my labia, because he believes that's optimal. And then I don't have to rotate sites.
Thanks so much for your feedback, and help!

Aug 28, 2016
New here
by: Joy

Hi Angela

Well both your P:E(E2) ratio and your Vitamin D3 levels are quite good, still a little low but well up there compared to many. Sadly, what you are dealing with is so typical when in Peri-Menopause. You really should be supplementing with progesterone every day now with no breaks at all, it becomes impossible using it by trying to follow the one’s cycle. My concern is the compounded cream as already discussed. What is the concentration of that cream and does it contain ingredients mentioned?

Progesterone should be used no less that twice a day. Inserting in the vagina at night is first prize, I do this every night. In the morning I use it on my face and neck. If I have an ache or a pain I rub it on that. Do bear in mind that I am referring to Natpro cream here. There could be other ingredients in other creams which should not be used on the same place all the time, not because of the progesterone, but because of the other ingredients.

Peri-Menopause can be a long hard road to travel, but is need not be with the correct use of progesterone cream.

Take care.

Aug 28, 2016
6-day monthly break even post-menopausal?
by: Anonymous

Joy -- my naturopath thought that taking a monthly 6-day break from my oral progesterone would shut down the estrogen receptors (I guess to simulate a monthly cycle).

But I am 15 years post-menopausal, and taking the 6 day break has not resulted in any weight loss. Instead, I just have 6 terrible, sleepless nights every month.

Should I insist that I go back to taking it every night?

And should I insist that she increase my dose?

Aug 29, 2016
New Here
by: Angela

The progesterone cream I use checks out good. It's made by a highly recommended compound pharmacy in my area.
I have been continuing to use progesterone cream every night continuessly...about 6mg. That's what I did with my last cycle that was 79 days. Now on day 85 with my current cycle, I've increased to 12 mg about a week ago. I started noticing period symptoms around day 68, but no period. Like I mentioned before, I gained weight about a week before my period, and then it came off again once I got it. Now, I've gained weight nearly 3 weeks ago, and it's still not coming off! So, I thought to increase progesterone, and still nothing. In your opinion, should I increase even more? I've read about putting progesterone on the face to help aging, and I've always wanted to try. But I put moisturizers and spf on my face in the morning. Would that affect the absorption of the progesterone?
Thank You!

Sep 04, 2016
by: Anne

Now I am confused. Wray and Dr. PLatt say NOT to use estrogen. Yet, some of these women did better with it...what is going on?

Also, I have not seen the diuretic effect I was hoping for either. I use about 300-400 mg a day, eat healthy, no gluten, no alchol and exercise 6 days a week.
The progesterone has helped with mood and sore breasts, etc. i however now am retaining water everywhere. I cant even wear my wedding ring, to tight, it was always loose before.
What is going on?? I also use DIM, calcium glucarate and 2 grains of nature throid. My weight has not budged. So discouraged.

Oct 04, 2016
Check your thyroid
by: Ess


In my experience, and I am not an expert, in some rare cases people have very low estrogen. Thus perhaps that is why estrogen is helpful to some people posting here.

Typically, however, estrogen dominance is the main problem.

It's testing, plus trial and error, in my opinion, that can make a difference.

As for retaining water, perhaps your estrogen receptors have been stimulated by the progesterone. This may calm down with continued use and balance out.

If not, after a month of continued use, you should also have your thyroid checked or try a test trial of natural thyroid hormone like Armour.

Estrogen dominance can bind thyroid hormone of prevent conversion from t4 o t3 leading to symptomatic hypothyroidism.

Therfore, Hypothyroidism can cause bloating as can temporary estrogen dominance when first using progesterone cream.

Here is an excerpt from good housekeeping

"The symptoms of hypothyroidism read like a modern woman's lament: fatigue, bloating, weight gain, irregular periods, constipation, dry skin, thinning hair, thinning brows (I checked the mirror — yep, sparser), forgetfulness, depression, cold hands and feet, muscle cramps, low sex drive.Jul 4, 2011
Thyroid Problems - Symptoms and Treatment of Thyroid Problems Housekeeping"

Here is more info:

Supposed Hypothyroidism could actually be Estrogen Dominance
Since protein-bound ("tied-up") hormones can't bind to their receptor, this reduces the free thyroid hormones in the blood that will be available to cells for maintaining metabolism, even though blood TH levels may test normal or high. Circulating thyroid hormone is highly bound (>99%) to thyroid binding globulin.

Here is a link:

Jan 18, 2017
felt great for 11/2 years on progesterone
by: stephanie

Started bhrt using progesterone. Felt best at 125 mg's and then doc messed up and prescribed 80 . then raised me to 200mg's. I felt ok for a while but now 6 months later it seems like all my symptoms have returned. I increased to 225mg's a few days ago. Am I going to feel better again on this higher dose or should i reduce to 125 where i was originally feeling the best? I am still having periods and i am 49.

Jan 23, 2017
Such conflicting information
by: Just me

I don't understand why everyone gets so bent out of shape over nothing. An imbalance of too much estrogen to progesterone is bad, right? So it's only fair to be honest and admit that an imbalance of too much progesterone to estrogen is just as bad. That's what a hormonal imbalance is, is it not? As someone who has had at one point had much higher progesterone levels than estrogen, yes I'm sorry but I did gain weight. Very quickly, I might add.

Progesterone levels much higher than estrogen SUCK. Estrogen levels much higher than progesterone levels SUCK. IMBALANCED HORMONES ARE PURE HELL. And I'm not going to mention what I'm taking or what dosages, because that really isn't the point. As it's been stated many times, not everything will work the same for for each and every person. There is nothing wrong with listening to advice. I honestly think to find the correct dosage is trial and error. But before anything, have your levels tested. Get seen by a doctor, so that what you feel is the source of your problems, actually IS the source of your problems. And if someone asks and chooses not to take the advice given, or questions the advice, that too is okay. Guess what? The world will continue.

Feb 08, 2017
should i use progesterone
by: Anonymous

I'm in my 20s I have anxiety and depression and want to loose weight. Though I am getting fit and have a healthy diet, is progesterone something i could be taking to improve my anxiety and achieve weight loss. I feel I have high levels of cortisol, I don't know about estrogen levels.

Feb 14, 2017
Forget the cream
by: Anonymous

I swear by progesterone. HOWEVER, I say forget the cream. I don't believe the cream is as helpful as people are being led to believe. I tried the cream for months, every dose imaginable and nothing changed. I got a prescription for Prometrium and within one week things were changing for the better. Unless you have a prescription for a cream from a compounding pharmacy, don't waste your money. Just gave your facts and talk with your doctor.

Oct 07, 2017
Of course progesterone can make you fat!
by: Anonymous

I've been saying this for a while, too: progesterone absolutely made me gain 15 pounds overnight. After two years on 300 mg progesterone alone (as in no estrogen supplementation) my ND freaked because my progesterone levels were sky high, whereas my estrogens were so low I am at risk of osteoporosis.

Again, progesterone at high levels made me fat.

Jun 24, 2018
200 mg
by: Anonymous

I have found that 200 mg of Progesterone cream is my lucky number. My estrogen was at 1241.8 and I was miserable, 200 mg controls all of it, the conversion, the weight gain, the water retention, the PMS, it's incredible, and I couple it with Calcium D Glucarate (200 mg)

Jul 31, 2018
Progesterone and weight gain
by: Anonymous

Hi Corky,
I know it's been a long time since you posted...and were going to try and increase your progesterone to 600mg. Did you? How did it go? I too gain weight when adding in progesterone at 100mg orally. I stopped it till I came here to see the theory I need more, which I will try also but if I gain weight will stop it.

I deal with a lot of your issues (CFS/Fibro) and we tend to always have atypical responses to things others respond to in a normal way. for instance, with CFS we are depleted in cortisol and Progesterone will turn into cortisol (pregnelone steal) (and then turn to belly fat) so there is that possibility that is often overlooked, and that is what I'm worried is happening with me. So I'm interested in your experience with upping the dose.

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