Natural progesterone for 37 years

I've used natural progesterone on and off for 37 years, since I was 20. I'm so delighted that Katherina Dalton is being recognised on your excellent website.

I suffered profoundly with PMS until I found her! She was also alongside me when I started to have another miscarriage and I had progesterone injections with all three of my daughters, now aged 27, 22 and 19. I also used it for menopausal fatigue.

Before now I have used Cyclogest suppositories which provide much higher doses than the cream and I think that there are individuals who probably need higher doses. Any comment?

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Oct 24, 2008
Natural progesterone for 37 year
by: Wray

This is wonderful news and refreshing for me to find someone who knows of her work. I never had occasion to go to her with a problem for myself, but my interest in progesterone was fostered by her knowledge of the subject.

She was delightful and gave me her time freely. You are right about the higher doses needed by some people as low physiological doses have no affect on severe symptoms. It was because of her we made the Natpro a high strength cream, because as you say she used the Cyclogest suppositories or injections. So anyone wanting a high dose and preferring the cream should use between 3-6ml/day, this will give 100-200mg/day of progesterone (equivalent to the 100-200mg Cyclogest suppositories).

We do have women with very severe problems using 8-9ml/day which gives 270-300mg/day progesterone. Having used the suppositories before, I must confess to preferring the cream! One advantage it has is that it can be used anywhere, on the face, in the vagina, wonderful for burns and minor wounds. I also had menopausal fatigue and myopathy which went soon after using the cream. Thanks for the lovely comment! Take care Wray

Nov 03, 2008
Where did you go?

Wray, I have not been able to contact you. Your feedback and support was helping me so much! Where can I get these progesterone suppositories? I still have bad symptoms.

Nov 05, 2008
Natural progesterone for 37 years
by: Wray

Hi Dianna, I haven't gone anywhere, still here! Will send you an email. Take care Wray

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