Progesterone Cream dosage

by Amy

I am not clear on progesterone cream dosage as compared to oral progesterone like prometrium. On another progesterone cream website I read that for example a 20mg pump of progesterone cream is roughly equal to about 200mg of oral progesterone. Is this correct??
I don't see how I can get atleast 400mg of topical progesterone applied on a daily basis without spending all my time in the bathroom covering myself with atleast 5 pumps of progesterone cream at a minimum of 4 times a day?? (and not to mention going broke from buying the cream by the truck load)
Can someone explain?
I understand that oral progesterone is by far not the best as it has to pass through the liver etc. but I'm just trying to figure out how to use enough cream to overcome my fatigue, hairloss, joint pain and so on.

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Oct 10, 2014
How to reach 400mg?
by: Anonymous

I have the exact same concerns. Wray will say use the progesterone cream sold on this site because it is stronger, but other approved creams are cheaper in the long run even though they require more frequent application. I am doing the best I can with my limited income but I am getting a bit discouraged. I can usually reach only about 200mg a day and my night hot flashes are still strong. I would like to hear some comments from others who have been successful and could provide tips and ideas.

Oct 10, 2014
Some testing
by: Anonymous


Just saw your symptoms and thought thyroid. Be a good idea to get TSH, Free T3 and Free T4, and thyroid antibodies. Genetic testing is also opening doors these days to gain insight into exactly what your body needs, based on any mutations.

I have the same symptoms and have Hashimotos, hypothyroidism and have homozygous A1298C found on an MTHFR gene test.

Hope this helps in some way to finding some relief.


Oct 11, 2014
by: Tara

The people taking 200mg of oral progesterone are only getting 20 mg, that's what left after its metabolized through the liver. Doctors are aware that it takes 200 mg orally to get 20mg, sometimes the patients are as well. But, they are willing to sacrifice liver health to do so, that's if they understand. So, if they want to give 30mg orally, they will give 300mg etc.

I don't know your condition, but I don't believe you have to start at 400mg. I did it for a while. Then I took my chances and emailed Ray Peat, and he did get back to me. Luckily, because this was my second time asking for guidance. He did, and stated "if 100-150mg isn't doing the job, I see no reason to go any higher with dosage" He is another pro progesterone figure. Progesterone will lose its magic if we just keep pouring it on ourselves. You will see excessive progesterone symptoms mimic estrogen dominance, so then it easy to say, well you need more progesterone. I was very confused by misinformation, even if it was what they held true.

The pioneers like Dalton, and Lee were great, and I do admire them. But sometimes medicine becomes dated, and more information has been given to us since their passing, that perhaps may have changed things.

If it feels unnatural getting 400mg of cream onto your skin with 20mg creams, is because it is. Expensive as well. When I dropped from 400 mg to 200 mg, I felt better. Eventually, I hope to stay at 100mg, for a while, then lower.

If you need a higher percentage cream for now try Ona's natural progesterone, its 10% and you will get 100mg a pump. Great website as well. Comparing many brands, prices, ingredients, and shipping costs. If these sky high doses are being advised we should either have a doctor righting a compound Rx for a higher percentage cream or have a cream available with a higher percentage so we're not going broke. You can not rotate receptor sites using a low dose cream for high doses, you will run out of area. I do not know about you, I don't want to put progesterone on my fatty areas, it is fat soluble. I don't want it being secreted for long periods of time while I think I'm on a progesterone break. I hope this post gets posted, my others have not. Listen to your intuition, its usually right, and it will keep bothering you, as it did me, until I felt I was getting the right answers, answers that no one else gained from. Most importantly remember to be practicing a healthy diet, the progesterone is only as helpful as to what we are putting in out bodies, it works like synergy. And agreed, with the above post, make sure your thyroid is in good condition as well. Best wishes for you

Apr 07, 2015
Hi dose ceam
by: Anonymous

I'm one of those people who found herself needing high doses of progesterone. My levels had dropped to 1 nmol/L and I was experiencing about 20 hot flushes a day, each time accompanied by a weird stomach lurch (like I'm riding a roller coaster) and also insomnia and vaginal dryness.
I started off with Emerita's Progest but that took so long to arrive that in the meantime I researched and found Natpro which I duly ordered. I worked my way up to 500mg a day before I found any true reflief of my symptoms. By then I was getting through a tube every 6 days. I've moisturised my body every day since I was a kid, so rubbing on large amounts of cream was never a problem for me. It was getting through loads of tubes that I couldn't get my head around. So I researched some more and found Ona's Natural 10% Progesterone Cream which I use twice daily (1/2 tsp each time) alongside half a teaspoon of Natpro. Ona's NPC is slightly waxy in texture, so I don't use it on my face as it would be too greasy but I slather it on tops and soles of feet, calves, legs and arms, bum. I've noticed my skin is really soft because it contains a lot of vitamin E.
I still get the occasional flush and one or two night sweats but I can live with that. I also sleep really well and feel much better and use the Natpro to rub on my breasts and for my vaginal dryness problems. The Progest I use as handcream.

Jul 15, 2015
by: Reese

Hi! Sharing this link it might help you guys.

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