Progesterone Cream Bioidentical -- for high adrenals

by Dianne

I began taking 250-300 mg of progesterone cream to combat high adrenals. I took 100 mg, then 200, then 300mg. After a 2 wks, I began breaking out badly. My skin became greasy looking. I did lose about 10 pounds initially but the progesterone cream conflicted with my synthroid. Everytime I would take synthroid, my heart would palpitate. I was told to go higher until I was at 300 mg to combat the acne, but the acne got worse everytime I went higher. Oil was coming out of my ears, and my hair began to falling out, then I began getter bigger-wider looking and bloating. I took the cream an average of 275 mg per day for 4 wks. Finally, I stopped for a few days, and went back on progesterone cream at 30 mg, then 50 mg-75. But I am still breaking out but much less. I tried 100 mg but I broke out . The higher dosages made the acne worse not better. How long will be it before I rebalance. Finally, I'm beginning to be able to take synthroid but I'm still looking heavier and breaking out -- but much less. I'm off the high dosages of progesterone cream 10 days. Taking between 50-75 mg.

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