Progesterone and Thyroid

by Sharon Hawkins
(Humble Texas )


My question is: Does progesterone increase thyroid hormones over a period of time? The more progesterone I take the more my insomnia worsens. I'm on desiccated thyroid 1 grain/100 milligrams of progesterone trouche and three times a week bi est vaginal cream.325.

My sleep improves only during the end of a very light cycle. I'm starting to dwindle down on the cycles. Should I reduce my thyroid meds? My Doctor upped my progesterone to 100 from 25 and no sleep, seriously I'm up for 24 plus hours three or four days a week, until I fall asleep exhausted.

I'm giving up, been to three doctors and nothing. Going out of my mind. My estrogen was very low so that is why my Doctor prescribed the Bi-set cream which helps with vaginal dryness and bladder and over all dry skin. But no sleep, DHEA is very high and cortical too.

Thank you for your time.

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Mar 19, 2017
Progesterone and Thyroid
by: Joy

Hi Sharon

Perhaps this post will help you, Progesterone and Thyroid

Progesterone troches are not the best delivery method as 50% gets destroyed by the gut and liver. I do not believe that any women needs to take estrogen either, there are well over 100 estrogen mimics in our environment as it is, why take more? Progesterone is excellent when inserted in the vagina at night, it helps with inflammation and dryness. Excess estrogen causes bladder issues. The muscles of the bladder weaken with age, most probably due to a lack of vitamin D3, it is essential for muscle strength. At the junction of the urethra and the bladder is a sphincter which controls the emptying of the bladder. Progesterone and estrogen receptor sites are found in the urethra, so excess estrogen can cause water retention. This in turn would swell the sphincter making it difficult to close. This is often the case in peri-menopause and menopause. Estrogen causes contraction of smooth muscle, progesterone relaxes smooth muscle. Therefore excess estrogen could lead to bladder spasms.

What is your Vitamin D 3 level? A deficiency not only affects the thyroid, it also reduces the benefits of progesteorne and is connected to every single function of cells in our body, this makes it vital. Co-factors are needed when taking Vitamin D3.

Please read the following pages and the references given:

How to use Progesterone Cream
Estrogen Dominance
Progesterone Delivery Methods
Vitamin D3

Mar 22, 2017
Progesterone and thyroid
by: Sharon H Humble Texas

Hi Joy,
Thank you for your response. I was on Progesterone at 300 mg., however it did not help issues. I was on it prior to 300 25/50 mg. Then I found your website so I was uping a bit on my own to try and get sound sleep of which I was getting 2/4 hours a night. This started all of sudden. I was having issues that were so severe insomina. Occasionally I had them last year, but not to this extent. That is why I up my progesterone. I tried pills, and the bio progesterone cream compounded for me, The cream did not really help, was on it for a few months, saw no improvements on it. Meanwhile I'm in the end of peri menopause. My Estrogen was so low that my Natural Path D.O. Said her old dog was making more than me. Extreme vaginal dryness, skin issues which I have a on going rash on lower legs for years.

This is what I did out of desperation, I used the bio estrogen cream 80 percent estriol 20 percent estradiol vaginally. In a few days say 2/3, I noticed the dry skin go away overnight. I did in the past used the progesterone cream on the legs noticed no difference. My Doctor is very particular in what labs are used for compounding, so I felt good of her resources of materials. My vit D is at 91, so that is good. I was so wanting progesterone to work for me. However the more I took at higher range even a few days at 500 mg. It made my feel very anxious and felt like my brain was separated from my cranial bones.

I'm a person who has battled health with natural things. I refuse to go the typical western method, but to get my body back to Balance I am trying this temporarily, I'm incorporating adaptogenic herbs to help Adrenals, stay away from process foods, strictly veggies, lean meats, no refine foods. I was a veggan many years and this did not for me do a service as I approach menopause. When I use the bi est cream only 3 nights a week I sleep better. My job is very physical daily 6/7 days a week, so I need that rest and REM sleep. I started out with progesterone feeling really good first using it, had no problem for a year, but as my estrogen dropped so low I notice when I upped the progesterone I am breaking out in acne, no sleep feeling anxious and I started to have digestion issues, I ruled out everything else and just took progesterone only. For me I need some estrogen to create a balance.

I have read that estrogen from Pubmed which is a highly resourceful clinical studies that bio estrogen in moderation and temporarily can jump start hormones to balance. Providing the woman gets her hormones checked every three months and thyroid too. I have cancer that runs in my family and I'm very careful with this. As I only want to do this temporarily not long term as I think women get to lax on this and is on it too long. There is a misguided info out there on hormones and many women suffer too afraid to try both. My client had breast cancer and her Oncologist said her cancer was progesterone positive, which progesterone stimulated estrogen receptors, so each and every woman needs and I can't say it enough check your hormones regularly.

So, just to state I used progesterone for four months and upped it myself against my Doctors advise as much of which I forgot to mention I used cream and troche on the same day out of desperation 450 mg, I got so nervous shaking nauseating no appetite. So for me it didn't work like it should have after that day, I was up for 36 hours no sleep. When I incorporated a little bit estrogen, I'm on a very small dose of biest cream vagginly I noticed a marked improvement. So I will continue my progesterone still at a high dose to offset any estrogen dominance and see if that helps. I so appreciate your input and your time and care to help women all over the world, thank you so much, because you help me to THINK.....

Aug 31, 2020
Bi-Estrogen cream
by: Sharon H


I had read so many comments for the last 4 years on this site, and I have to say that Progesterone is needed to off set estrogen balance. I too for years tried only Progesterone from 50 mg twice daily to 200 mg one daily. I have cancers that are in my family. So, I want to be very careful.

I was a vegan for years using the right fats to implement in my daily diet. After years of severe insomnia to where I could not function and about had to stop my life and be in the bed for most days due to no sleep. I started a low dose of biest cream. That stopped my heart palpitations. Of which the Drs wanted to put me on heart meds. I think that estrogen is important.

Get your hormones check regularly and stay away from process foods that are estrogenic. Address your hormones too. Your adrenals glands are huge when you are in menopause. Make sure you get the adrenals check. Too much or too low cortisol is the key to balance in menopause.

Unfortunately progesterone was not enough for me as I wanted it to be only. I sleep now better, it took 5 years to understand how biest cream at a very low dose can help you. I have tried to get off and I have a very clean diet. All grass fed to grass finish. Even when I get my hormones checked I am still low in estrogen compared to where my Dr. wants me to be. But, I will not go any higher. I also use bio testosterone. I use all creams. I will not use oral hormones. It does not properly digest well in your stomach. You create metabolites that can be harmful for you. Any for those out there who are desperately wanting answers, give it time and a little estrogen in small amounts temporarily is good.

Always check with your Dr before any hormones are administered on your own. I do love this site, they do give good information. But, they will not support estrogen use. I respect that I tried it, about went in the rubber room two years ago in not wanting to use it. But, my diet is clean and I do not eat process foods. I have spring water, and I do not use makeup or deodorants with chemicals. Natural soaps make with oils.

Google the diet for menopause. It can be very helpful. If you take anything from this message, your adrenals are key in menopause.


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