Pregnenolone saved my daughter

by Cheryl
(Manhattan, KS)

I had to take my 15 year old daughter to the emergency room about 3 weeks ago with what I thought might be appendicitis. She ended up having ovarian cysts on both ovaries and was in a lot of pain. She had gone several months without a period and had lots of estrogen build up!! She never believed me when I told her what estrogen could do. She will not use lotion or any creams, so taking progesterone was out of the question; so I gave her pregnenolone and she takes a 50mg pill everyday. It took only two days and her pain from her ovarian cysts were gone and her face cleared up. I told her to take pregnenolone everyday for the rest of her life and she will be okay.

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Jul 23, 2013
That's quite interesting
by: davidgmills

I take pregnenolone now along with progesterone. I have finally now succeeded in getting both of my daughters and wife to take progesterone regularly. Pregnenolone is recommended for men in lieu of progesterone since progesterone will sometimes reduce testosterone.

But I began to wonder whether my daughters could take pregnenolone during the first half of their cycles. I take progesterone every day and pregnenolone (100 mg) every other day. But apparently your daughter must be proof that taking pregnenolone every day does not disturb a young woman's cycle.

Thanks for the information.

Jul 24, 2013
Pregnenolone saved my daughter
by: Wray

Hi Cheryl Thanks for sharing this good news. Pity she wouldn't listen to you about oestrogen and what it can do. I would be interested to hear if she gets her periods again. Take care Wray

Jul 24, 2013
That's quite interesting
by: Wray

Hi David Although the pregnenolone helped Cheryl's daughter, I'm not convinced by it. It can be converted to either DHEA or progesterone, but there's no telling which way it will go. Excess DHEA in a woman is not a good thing, as it will only convert to the androgens. This is an excellent chart by Genova Diagnostics. As we've discussed before, progesterone can reduce testosterone levels in both men and women. It does this by increasing levels of SHBG to which both oestrogen and testosterone are bound making them inactive, see here. Low levels of SHBG are implicated in metabolic syndrome, see here. "Low plasma SHBG levels are a biomarker of the metabolic syndrome and a harbinger of its associated pathologies. In insulin-resistant individuals, elevated insulin levels have been linked to low plasma SHBG levels, but hyperglycemia is also usually present in conjunction with hypertriglyceridemia." SHBG drops with sugar consumption, but sugars and large meals also drop progesterone levels, see here. Plus insulin drops progesterone levels too, see here. So SHBG drops again. I somehow feel, even if only for this aspect, that progesterone is an essential for both men and women. Unless of course we all forgo the sugars and eat a ketogenic diet! Take care Wray

Aug 08, 2013
by: Anonymous


I have to disagree with your answer. Our bodies are master chemists; if we give it what it needs, it will make what is needed in our bodies.

My daughter has had regular periods since taking pregnenolone. Before she would go 3 months without having a period.

Aug 08, 2013
by: Anonymous


One other thing. Pregnenolone keeps my daughters acne at bay; if she doesn't take it for a week, her face will start to break out again. If she was producing more androgens from pregnenolone her face would be terrible broken out with acne.
I have read that if pregnenolone is not needed that it is stored along the intestinal wall until it is needed.

Our own bodies make pregnenolone from cholesterol to make all the other hormones..

Aug 10, 2013
by: Wray

Hi Cheryl I think you misunderstood my reply to David. By my "I'm not convinced by it", I didn't mean I didn't believe your daughter hadn't been helped, but that I was concerned the conversion could go either route. Maybe I'm being over cautious as it's evident your daughter has been helped. Take care Wray

Aug 24, 2013
by: Anonymous



I am in Canada and a having difficulty finding some. Would you be able to email me?

Aug 29, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hi anonymous,

I get my pregnenolone from Swanson's Vitamins. They are out of North Dakota, very close to Canada.

Please read about iodine though. Dr. Brownstein, MD has written some very good books as has Dr. David Derry, MD, PhD. Dr. Derry's book is called Breast Cancer and Iodine.

It has been found out that breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, prostate cancer and testes cancer are all due to low iodine levels in the body. Iodine is what keeps estrogen at bay.

Iodine is now keeping my daughters cycles normal, her acne is gone. she also had a learning disability, which is getting much better her teachers are telling me.

I don't think e-mails will show up on this sight.

Aug 30, 2013
by: Anonymous

So she is using both pregnenolone and iodine?

Sep 04, 2013
by: Cheryl

No, she is only using iodine now, with selenium and vitamin D. Her lab results showed her thyroid was slow, but I wouldn't let them put her on a synthetic thyroid hormone. She also has a learning disability.
I have learned that she probably has a learning disability because I was low in iron when I was pregnant with her. My youngest son also has a learning disability and is also now on iodine. He is in college and said that it has made a big difference for him; he says he remembers things much better.
I know you live in Canada, and they have outlawed putting Bromine in your baked products, but they haven't done that in the U.S. If iodine is low, Bromine will attach to your thyroid hormone; as well as the other halides.
There are some excellent books on Amazon; by Dr. Brownstein and Dr. Derry. It was known in the 1800's how important iodine was; even in the 60's and 70's Dr.'s would give KI (potassium iodide) for whatever ailed a patient. But then big pharma was introduced and anything good for you was pretty much set aside.

Sep 06, 2013
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry, I meant my daughter has a learning disability because I was low in iodine when I was pregnant with her and when I nursed her.

Feb 27, 2014
pregnenolone cheryl
by: Anonymous

Hello Cheryl

Not sure if youre still on here but question about he pregnenolone was 50 mg not too high of a starting dose?

Jan 04, 2015
by: Elaine

My daughter has low morning and lunchtime cortisol but it is high early and late evening.
She has very low Progesterone and suffers severe PMT but has exhaustion throughout the month. Her thyroid is borderline hypo.
Obviously she needs Progesterone but would Pregnenolone also be of help. I understand it raises Progesterone but does it also raise Oestrogen?
My concern is if it does raise the oestrogen would it be contradictory for her as I have had breast cancer so I am concerned of the oestrogen effect.
Any advice would be really appreciated.
Many thanks Elaine

Jan 06, 2015
to Elaine
by: Anonymous


As you had breast cancer, please read the book by Dr. Derry, he explains how thyroid and iodine scout the body for cells that have not gone through apoptosis. Thyroid actually has the ability to cause a cell to go into apoptosis.

I used to have cystic breasts my whole life, it was interesting to find out that every time a woman has a cycle extra cells are put into the breast, and it is iodine's responsibility to wash those extra cells away during menstruation!! I also had breast cancer in 2010. I got rid of mine with Immunocal, but I still had the cystic breasts until I learned what thyroid and Iodine can do... Now I don't have cystic breasts any more. I still take Immunocal also... I worked up to 50 mg a day of Iodine and took that for several months and went down to 25 mg. I also take a natural thyroid from the tyroid of cattle in New Zealand. My body temperature was at 95, never higher than 96. I started taking thyroid and iodine and within 6 months to a year my body temperature is normal, it runs around 97.9 to 98.7. I feel better also, my hands and feet aren't always so cold.

Take care. There is a sight on Facebook for women that have had breast cancer and now use iodine. you might look for it. There is lots of support there.

Jan 14, 2015
fix pregnenalone production
by: Anonymous

If she has excessively high estrogen and cannot produce enough pregnenalone or estrogen balancing hormones without taking pregnenalone, it sounds like she could benefit from detoxing her liver. It could get out excess estrogen and improve liver function, which can improve cholesterol production. Cholesterol converts to pregnenalone. It helped me.

Oct 27, 2016
Pregnenolone supplementation only increases Progesterone
by: Anonymous

An interesting article highlighting a study on the use of pregnenolone for combating schizophrenia of all things showed that an increasing dosage up to 500 mg of pregnenolone did NOT significantly affect estrogen or DHEA levels as suspected. In fact, a before/after placebo protocol showed that following pregnenolone supplementation, all of the following stayed the same: Testosterone, DHEA, Estradiol, Androstenendione, and Cortisol.

Apparently Pregnenolone supplements ONLY increased Progesterone, Allopregnenolone and DHEAS. In fact, Progesterone levels increased 5-fold in just 8 weeks, indicating that supplementation with appropriate levels of pregnenolone might be a very effective and outrageously affordable way (more so than through creams) to increase progesterone without a concurrent increase in estrogen or DHEA.

Jun 26, 2022
pregnenolone supplement during pregnancy
by: MissyLedezma

Hi ladies just wondering if anyone has taken pregnenolone during pregnancy or and has had a successful pregnancy.I was tested and bloodwork showed absolutly no values for pregnenolone in my system als show low estrogen low testasterone still awaiting results for dhea doctor is puzzled why i am on 36 but am going into menopause so young could anyone help with this question expecially on the question of pregnenolone during pregnancy because i tried to get off but i get axiety shakieness confused can't focus those were some of the symtms i had before taken pregnenbole but since taking it has really really help me

Jun 28, 2022
Pregnenolone during pregnancy
by: Joy


I can never understand why pregnenolone is used, it converts into progesterone anyway. Why give the body extra work? That would probably explain why your tests showed no pregnenolone. See the post by Wray dated June 2013, she explains it all there.

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