Pregnancy, morning sickness and polyp on cervix

by Mateja

Dear Wray, some time ago you already answered to my questions and you helped me very much. I thank you for that. Now I have another question. I am pregnant again, and I have a terrible morning sickness all day. Besides, I developed also, according to my doctor's words, a big (3 cm) polyp on my cervix, which she removed.

As I understand it my morning sickness and polyp are due to a big amount of estrogen in my body. Is that so? And if it is should I increase the amount of Natpro cream so that the sickness would ease (just for a little bit)? I would also not like to develop another polyp again. I'm using now around 4-5 ml of Natpro cream per day. Is that enough?

Thank you for your help!

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Nov 23, 2010
Pregnancy, morning sickness and polyp on cervix
by: Wray

Hi Mateja I'm pleased I was able to help you. And such good news you're pregnant again, but not good news about the nausea. I wouldn't wish that on anyone! Progesterone does help nausea, you are obviously not making enough or using enough. I've found once terrible nausea has started about 330mg/day is needed, but this can take 2 months to stop it. 330mg is 10ml of Natpro. Please increase to this amount and see if it helps you, if not you'll have to increase it further until it does. Please read through this page here. You might like to read this page we have on Pregnancy too. Once the increased amount has helped, please do not reduce suddenly. It must be slowly reduced over a few weeks. Take care Wray

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