PP---this is the repost I sent to you

by RJ

by: RJ

Hello PP!
You can go higher but I would try a couple things first. For migraines Wray would recommend you putting the progesterone along the temples, behind the ears and down the neck underneath the ears every few hours. If your cycles are regular is it time for one to start? It may be the migraines will come the week before the cycle starts. Can you correlate it to your cycles? I also don't believe raising to 10,000 units of D3 a day will hurt either, but I don't believe that is going to help the migraines. Three weeks is not a long time to see significant results. Also raising to 1,000mg a day won't hurt either, unless you are taking a compound progesterone that has estrogen and testosterone in it. Natpro is the best out there, you get more progesterone per tube for less, but most importantly, it is all natural. I started this journey four years ago at 46, anywhere from 300-1,000mg a day, non-stop, since. And things are just now balancing out. Depends on how much excess estrogen we all have in our bodies that determines how long it takes to get some sort of relief during this rough transition. There is have found the right place. Be sure to read about all the other supplements you need to take with progesterone. And for vitamin D3 be sure to take K2, boron and magnesium (which you do). You don't want the calcium building in places we don't want it to build when we take D3. The other supplements make sure it is sent into the bones, where it belongs, not in our arteries. I have sent along a couple articles for you to look over...maybe something in there might help you. There is light at the end of this crazy tunnel...most importantly, have faith that you will find the right combination for relief! God Bless! RJ

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