Postpartum preeclampsia and PPD

by Antonia

Hi Wray,
I came across your site today by accident( but after reading, I see not by accident at all). I am 1 year postpartum and in the process of weaning my baby. I developed mild preeclampsia during labor and ended up back at the hospital days later when my pressure went up. I have had a pretty rocky pp. Lots of emotions of anxiety and physical symptoms of lightheadedness, tingling and itching in my skin, heart palpatations and shortness of breath. My doctors just though this was a natural reaction to becoming a new mother but I knew in my heart it was not. I have just been dealing with it on my own with a good diet, acupuncture and some safe herbs. But after reading your site I feel this sense of relief because for the first time I feel validated in my feelings. I am greatful. But I am also a bit scared because as I am weaning my daughter there are about 3 days around ovulation that these symptoms are out of control. The rest of the month I feel them but I can manage. I just ordered the progesterone cream you sell but I am a but unsure of when and how much to use. Is it just from ovulation to the first day I bleed? Or should I use it everyday? I am about 6 days out from the beginning of my cycle.
I thank you for your site and information. And thank you for responding.
Blessings to you.

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Mar 28, 2015
Postpartum preeclampsia and PPD
by: Wray

Hi Antonia Thanks for the kind words, I know how you feel as I had PND for 4 years. I was offered antidepressants but declined them, and just kept battling through. How I wish I'd known about progesterone! It's very interesting you are having such problems around ovulation. It's always been believed, and still is by everyone including the medical profession, that progesterone is only produced by the corpus luteum after ovulation. But as far back as 1930 it was thought there must be another source. This was confirmed in the 1960's, and re-confirmed in the 1980's, that there is an exponential rise of progesterone about 50 hours prior to ovulation. This surge comes from the brain, see here, here, here, here and here. Oestrogen also rises exponentially about 50 hours prior to ovulation. Unless there is the progesterone surge too, there is nothing to counter the oestrogen effect. This explains why many women get migraines, seizures, palpitations, panic attacks and asthma attacks around ovulation. The same reasoning can be applied to the symptoms that occur during progesterone withdrawal prior to bleeding. Although it's normal to use progesterone during the luteal phase only, see How to use Progesterone Cream, I would recommend you use it daily, through any bleeding until you feel stable again. I wish I could advise an amount, but can't, it's up to the individual. But don't use too little, as this only causes severe Oestrogen Dominance. You might care to read this page on Pregnancy and this one here. Take care Wray

Mar 31, 2015
by: Maria

I could not open the links related to articles that explain that progesterone production is also triggered in the brain. It was in the comment about post partum and pre eclampsia. There were 4 links. I was able to open the first one only. I would like to read those other 3 articles too. Thanks.

Apr 03, 2015
by: Wray

Hi Maria I get so infuriated by the publications changing the URL! I have found the new ones and edited my original answer. Take care Wray

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