Possible Catamenial Epilepsy

by Meg

Firstly, I would just like to say 'Thank You' for all of the information regarding catamenial epilepsy and others that suffer from it.

I am 41 and had my first seizure in September. Drs did not find anything wrong. I've had a few since then and it seems as though they are related to menstruation.

For a week or two prior to my first seizure, I had the worst pinched nerves in both of my shoulders and my muscles were just stiff. The ER doctor told me that wasn't related to my seizure. I have also been diagnosed with endometriosis and have had ongoing issues with menstruation: extremely heavy, clotty, horrible memory loss, excessively emotional... I believe all of my symptoms are connected to excess estrogen.

I saw a naturopath, she told me to eat flaxseeds as I don't eat seafood. Flaxseeds are suggested against if one is estrogen dominant. Needless to say, it wasn't the best experience as she didn't listen to my concerns. I am not interested in doctors shoving pills down my throat and all of the side effects that come from them. I am a single Mom and my kids have witnessed a couple of my seizures, which are grand mal and nocturnal.

This is an immensely stressful situation and I truly need real guidance. I don't ever want my kids to witness another seizure as it takes a serious toll on them. I have upped my coconut oil intake and eat very healthy. I can not do the ketogenic diet as I tried it previously and lost too much weight as I'm not a big meat eater.

Will you please give me advice on how much progesterone cream to use and how often to use it?

My last 2 seizures were right before my period.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I really can't express my gratitude enough.

Thank you so much for any help you give!!

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Sep 01, 2017
Possible Catamenial Epilepsy
by: Carol

My sister-in-law was suffering from very heavy periods and then started having seizures.

I suggested that she was most probably Estrogen dominant and it was interesting to hear that her mother and sister had both had hysterectomies. I suggested she order Natpro and use at least 200 - 300 mg a day and NOT to miss any days.

In the beginning she didn't take my advice until she had another massive seizure and was told she could no longer drive.

She started using Progesterone Cream after her test results indicated that her Progesterone level was virtually zero.

I also advised her to maybe increase the dose a week before her period. She hasn't had any seizures for months.

There is some great advice on this site about Hormones and Seizures. You may have to play around with the dose but I do not advise you use less than 200 mg a day.

See what other advice you get. Good luck!

Sep 01, 2017
Thank you
by: Meg

Thank you for responding Carol.

I will get started on it today!

My cycle has shortened quite a bit as well, which I'm leaning towards low progesterone. If my calculations are correct, my seizures started earlier in my luteal phase but more recently are right before my cycle starts.

My situation sounds very similar to someone else's post. Can you suggest a specific area of the body to rub the cream on so there is better absorption?

Prior to finding this site, I ordered Dr Christopher's Formula Hormonal Changease. Do you or anyone else have any advice on taking it? It contains various herbs and roots. I haven't started it as I found this site and just don't want anything to interact with me using progesterone cream.

Thank you again, I am immensely grateful!

Sep 02, 2017
Possible Catamenial Epilepsy
by: Carol

One can rub the cream any where on the body and some women insert it in their vaginas. I rub mine on my breasts, face, neck and shoulders.

I have never heard of the product you have mentioned, but I am a fan of bio identical Progesterone Cream and that is why I use Natpro. I don't think you should mix the two.

Good luck and I am pretty sure if you play around with the dose, you will find the best amount for you to use to stop the seizures. In your case, I would say too much is better than too little.

Get more information on this site regarding amounts to take.

Sep 02, 2017
Possible Catamenial Epilepsy
by: Joy

Hi Meg

You are so correct in saying that your symptoms are caused by Estrogen Dominance. I can't really say if it's related to pinched nerves, I have not heard of this being the case before. Perhaps tension has something to do with that.

I take it that you would have read the page on epilepsy and seizures? How dreadful that your children had to witness a few of your seizures. You would have also read that there is a definite connection between them and Peri-Menopause which you are currently experiencing. I am astounded that doctors couldn't connect the dots!

PM can be a torrid time for most women, but it need not be with the correct use of a good natural progesterone cream. Heavy/continual/clotting periods is a classic symptom of PM. It's also a time when doctors simply love suggesting a hysterectomy, unless cancer related these are not necessary. The following heavy bleeding protocol has helped so many women and continue to help them. It must be used exactly as stated otherwise you will battle.

• Natpro Progesterone Cream - 400mg to 500mg/per day
• N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) - 2000mg/per day
• Taurine - 2000mg/per day
• Vitamin D3 - 5000iu's/per day more if Vitamin D3 level is low.
• Bioflavanoids - 1000mg/per day

Flaxseeds can be estrogenic, so be careful with them. Endometriosis is cause by excess estrogen as well and oxidative stress and unless the inflammation is dealt with you will always battle. The above heaving bleeding protocol will also help with that.

Now stress destroys so much including our progesterone, vitamin D3, magnesium and B vitamin levels, more needs to be used and taken during stressful times. Coconut is excellent especially MCT oil, but please also include Omega 3 fish oil. So many ladies would just love to read how the Ketogenic Diet helped you to loose so much weight. I just ask you to cut back on carbs, especially sugar, it's toxic.

I really have no knowledge of Dr Christopher's formula, but I am all in favour of herbs etc, if they work then great. I can't see it interfering with progesterone cream either. If you do decide to try it, please let us know.

Do you know what your vitamin D3 level is? A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone and is connected to evey single functioning cell in our bodies, making it vital. Most beneficial for endo as well. Vital co-factors are also needed as mentioned on the D3 page.

If you have not done so already, please read these pages and the references:

Estrogen Dominance
How to use Progesterone Cream
Epilepsy and Seizures
Vitamin D3
Vitamin D3 deficiency and Epilepsy

Sep 05, 2017
by: Anonymous

Thank you Carol, I appreciate your feedback.

I am already feeling better and have only been using progesterone cream for a full 2 days.

I read elsewhere regarding someone addressing sore and tight muscles and it being related to progesterone deficiency. My body, especially my shoulders, are finally feeling better, after a year.

I don't know what my Vit D levels are but I have always taken supplements. I also take algae for the omega 3s.

I can't even begin to express my frustration with the number of doctors I've seen and their inability to suggest hormonal issues. It has only been a couple of days but I'm feeling a huge difference, not only in my body but my mind as well. I really wish I would have realized the need earlier.

Oh well, all I can do is get better.

Thank you for all of the links and advice!!

Sep 05, 2017
Thanks Joy
by: Anonymous

I meant to add Joy into my last post as well. Thanks for all of your advice and information!

Sep 05, 2017
Possible Catamenial Epilepsy
by: Carol

Great news. Glad to hear things are getting better for you.
All the best.

Sep 25, 2017
A couple more questions
by: Anonymous

Hi Carol and Joy, Can either, or both, of you please answer a couple of questions for me? I've been following through with progesterone lotion and have been feeling pretty good. I've been using 500mg a day. I do hope to lessen the mg as it is quite a bit. Can you explain that if progesterone doesn't stay in the system after 13 hours, how can one begin to lessen the dosage?

Does anyone have suggestions from someone that suffered from this type of seizure, their length of time using high doses, and the amount able to taper down to?

If continuously using progesterone throughout the month, how does one know when to stop using it when trying to start menstruating again?

I've read so much information regarding this, it's hard to keep it all straight and separate fact from fiction. I didn't ever have the negative issues that so many have complained of when using progesterone and estrogen coming back stronger. I think my body was so in need of progesterone, it just utilized it all. I started with 200mg. I'm a bit confused regarding the idea of progesterone building up in one's body and then others blaming that on just estrogen being stronger. If estrogen is just coming back stronger, wouldn't it happen early on when adding progesterone and not further down the line?

A week prior to when my menstruation would have started and through when it would have been, I got quite a bit of acne. I'm not normally acne prone and read someone else's post regarding the same issue. Not sure if that's the progesterone or estrogen causing it. Other than that, it's been a very positive experience. I do hope at some point I begin to need less sleep as since this has all started, I've needed a lot of it.

If anyone has any research or studies to share regarding progesterone therapy, I would appreciate it.

I'm sure some of my questions have already been answered elsewhere, but as I stated before, it's hard to keep all the information straight.

Thank you for taking the time to educate and guide me!

Sep 25, 2017
A couple more questions
by: Joy

Hi Meg

That is exactly how Natpro Progesterone should be used. As soon as all adverse symptoms have cleared and you feel stable, then and only then can the amount of cream be reduced to a level that suits you but never less than 100mg per day. This usually takes 2-6 months. From what I understand, you haven't being using Natpro for long enough which is why your cycle has not returned.

It should be used no less than twice a day as I think you understand. It should never be used once a day. Progesterone levels start to drop after 12-13 hours and the idea is to keep levels stable at all times which is why it is important to use no less than twice a day. When you start to reduce, reduce by between 16-20mg at a time. Stay on that reduced amount for a week, then reduce again and so on until you reach a level that suits you. If you are actually feeling stable with NO estrogen dominance symptoms, then start to reduce slowly. Your monthly cycle will assert itself when it is ready to. But again, you are not ready to reduce, you have not being using Natpro long enough.

As we are all different it is difficult to say what will suit you, you will have to experiement with this. It can take a person a longer period of time and then it may take another less time. It is so difficult to say, but may I suggest that you use Natpro according to you and how you feel.

There is so much misinformation out there regarding progesterone and how to use it, all by uninformed people, including the medical professionals. Please do not get yourself confused by it all. The negative issues that you have most probably read about would probably be due to progesterone not being used correctly, it not used correctly it will not work. Progesterone does not build up in the body. It's a hormone that our body makes all the time. The body makes huge amounts when pregnant. Please ignore these misconceptions about progesterone. If estrogen dominance symptoms start to return, one has to look at what has caused levels to drop. Low Vitamin D3 levels and stress will certainly do this. But so too will eating large meals and alcohol. The beauty of using a cream is that it can be used accordingly to how you feel. Listen to your body and use according to how you feel.

Acne is probably your body adjusting, it affects some women. Or too much sugar in the diet or high testosterone levels. Please read the Acne page.

If you follow advice given here on this website and especially information given by Wray, you can't go wrong. You will get terribly confused otherwise.


Oct 02, 2017
Couple more questions
by: Meg

Thank you again for your feedback Joy. If I am understanding everything correctly, it's described that one may feel pretty bad due to the progesterone "waking up" estrogen receptors and that one should stop using the progesterone for a little bit to feel better. Is that accurate? If so, how does one do that when using such a high dose? I know I've been advised to use it throughout without taking a break.

Can you explain how much the body can use at one time and what would happen to any excess? I'm curious as to whether or not the constant rubbing on the same areas helps or hurts its chances of being absorbed.

Unfortunately, I had another seizure, if I menstruated this month, it would have been at the end of it. Fortunately, it was not as bad as my others. Not sure if that has to do with progesterone or not. Around the same time, I had some pretty bad pains where my ovaries are. Wondering if my estrogen was trying to kick in. Since then, I have started spotting, doesn't seem to be old blood. Many of my other issues I was experiencing have gotten better. I know many reports suggest 2 - 6 months for full benefits from progesterone. Regarding the seizure, I'm just hoping that is the case as it was only one month of using it. Do you have any suggestions or experience with this issue?

I have changed the kind of cream I was using (without a break), the same day I became moody, irritable, and hands and feet super cold. I read on this site regarding changing types and how one might have a bit of a relapse. I hope it's a mild one as I didn't give myself a break from the cream.

Please give me any advice or suggestions you might have.
As always, your information is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

Oct 03, 2017
Couple more questions
by: Joy

Hi Meg

Where one earth did you read that one should stop using progesterone if estrogen receptors have been 'woken up'? Gosh, I read every day just how many progesterone misconceptions there really are about progesterone, all by uninformed people. Please follow advice given to you above.

Everyone is different, all with different symptoms and severity, all needing different amounts of progesterone. It is something that one has to experiment, what suits one, may not suite another. The late Dr Kittie Dalton used to prescribe 2,400mg progesterone for her patients who suffered psychotic symptoms. TBI sufferers are given 1,400mg. It is perfectly safe for you to use the amount of Natpro Progesterone (3.33%) Cream for your symptoms. The cream can be rubbed all over the body. It is also a good idea to insert some Natpro in your vagina at night, this helps with dryness and inflammation. If you are using a different cream, please adjust to equate to Natpro and make sure that the cream is organic with no irritating ingredients before inserting in the vagina.

I doubt very much if progesterone would help your seizures in the short time that you have used it. It takes 2-6 months, possibly longer of the correct use. During this time, you must expect your cycle to be disrupted and become irregular, that stands to reason as your body and cycle is adjusting. Your cycle will assert itself when it is ready too and not before. Progesterone therapy is not and over night fix, it takes time and patience for the body to adjust.

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