by Karen

Hi wray always blessings to you and all you do. I wrote to you a while ago about my dog licking Progesterone off me when I put it on and you said to put a little on him. Well recently I took your advise. Well anyway he loves the creme , seems to crave it but now he becomes aggressive and kind of anxious every time I use it on him ie frightened of going out jumpy etc is it possible he's going though Ed like humans I know this sounds silly but my husband uses a lot of insect killers in the yard
Even though he is a small house dog and does not go out much apart from his 2 20 min walks aday
I know this site is for women going through problems but feel I should not of done this his personality has changed I'm worried thank you hope you can shed light
Ps no problems at vet tests but then again I don't fully trust them as much as our doctors

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Sep 08, 2012
by: Wray

Hi Karen Blessings to you too! He could well be having ED, insect killers are toxic to animals too. And the majority are oestrogen mimics, for more info see the excellent site Our Stolen Future. I must admit to not having heard of this before, but see no reason for it not to occur in animals as well. It could of course be the toxins are causing the symptoms and not the ED. Why not stop using it for a bit and see if he recovers. And if he starts licking you again you'll know he needs more! Please let me know how you get on. Take care Wray

Dec 04, 2018
by: Anonymous

A few years late but just seen this when researching, progesterone cannot be taken by mouth as it is broken down in the liver, but probably not what caused his symptoms.

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