by Steph
(Jacksonville, FL)

Hi Wray, This blog has been so helpful to me. I have self diagnosed myself so far, but have set up an apt with a Doc that specializes in hormone balance. Can't get in until mid August though.

I have had PCOS since I started my menses late at 16. Had a terrible episode and ended up in the hospital for 4 days sedated. No surgery, they just put me on BC. I stayed on them for ten years and then came off to have my two children.

Got pregnant very easy, but had really hard pregnancies. Pre term labor at 20 and 22 weeks for both children. They never figured out why.

After that they have tried to put me back on BC, but I have a lot of swelling. I always quit on my own and then started researching. I started natural progesterone 3 months ago.

At first didn't see a diff, then read a blog with my exact symptoms, and it said she was not taking enough. I am sure that was the case for me because I have been using the same tube for 3 months and its not empty yet.

I did increase my dose, and my period came in just two weeks. Then two weeks later I get my period again, but this time with a high fever and a lot pain for the whole period. I did get diagnosed with a kidney infection, I think because I got dehydrated, but I don't think all the pain and fever was due to just the kidney infection.

I know I currently have ovarian cysts and at least one was the size of a golf ball. Is it possible I applied enough that it was causing the cysts to rupture? Really appreciate your feedback.

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Jul 21, 2010
by: Wray

Hi Steph You were lucky to have become pregnant so easily, what with PCOS and on the pill! As for the preterm labour, I would say it points to a lack of progesterone. If levels drop a miscarriage or preterm labour can occur, plenty of studies have shown how progesterone in very high amounts helps both. I'm not sure what progesterone cream you are using, but 3 months on one tube is not sufficient. Even if you were using our cream which is a higher strength than most, it would be far too little. I generally recommend 100-200mg/day depending on symptoms, which means one tube lasts a month or less. Initially progesterone can disrupt the cycle, which is why increasing as you did caused you to have two periods in a month. It does settle down. Progesterone also initially stimulates oestrogen, this is a pro-inflammatory hormone and a mitogen, causing cells to divide and multiply. If a cyst did rupture, it would have been this burst of oestrogen causing it to, not the progesterone per se. A cyst rupturing is very painful, so to have both that and the kidney infection combined, you must have felt awful. The pain that is experienced during our periods is caused by prostaglandins, these cause uterine muscles to cramp. The same cramps we get with child birth. Progesterone is an anti-inflammatory hormone. It suppresses oestrogen and prostaglandins, which is why we don't bleed or have uterine contractions during pregnancy. And shouldn't have pain during our periods, it only occurs if levels drop too low. Or oestrogen is too high, which can occur if ovulation doesn't take place. This of course occurs frequently with PCOS, as the follicle forms a cyst instead of releasing the egg. Next time you have pain please rub the cream over the area, that goes for headaches, migraines, backache, period pains etc. We do have a web page on PCOS. Please take a look at it. It gives advice on how to use the cream, what causes PCOS and other nutrients to take to reverse it. Take care Wray

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