pcos symptoms, overweight, Norethisterone

by Marcia Jones

I have tried to conceive for many years and never been lucky. I am over weight which seems to be playing a big part.

I have been diagnosed with pcos symptoms but don't actually have pcos (complicated I know). I have had cysts removed from my right ovary many years ago ( I am now 36).

For many years now, to control very heavy bleeding, I have to take Norethisterone medication. This is to stop any period or bleeding in between. The periods/bleeding are so heavy its beyond being able to cope with at all times. Thankfully this medication stops all the bleeding and controls it. But as I am sure you are aware taking Norethisterone on a long term basis will never help me to become pregnant.

Reading on your site I am seeing that I have probably a very low progesterone level. I have had so many tests over the years with hospital appointments I am not sure if I was ever tested for this or not.

As I am now 36 I feel my time in trying to conceive is getting shorter.

Is there any advice you can give me as to what and if anything I could take so I do not need to take this Norethisterone any more? It has to be something that will not make me bleed totally out of control.

Many thanks.

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Aug 20, 2009
pcos symptoms, overweight, Norethisterone
by: Wray

Hi Marcia. PCO symptoms and cysts on the ovaries all point to too much oestrogen, low progesterone, the heavy bleeding too. All progestins come with adverse side affects, please see a web page we have on them.

Please look at the web page we have on PCO too.

We have another on conception and pregnancy, you might like to read this.

Research which came out this year has found a combination of cysteine and arginine helps restore gonadal function, please have a look at this paper.

The heavy bleeding will be stopped by using progesterone, rather than the synthetic progestins. These stop all ovarian function, which means you are not making any progesterone yourself, not what you need! You will need a high dose, a minimum of 200mg/day progesterone, possibly 300mg/day. Please see this contribution which came in two days ago.

Take care, Wray

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