Partial hysterectomy due to ovarian cysts

by Dana
(Evanston, Il. USA)

At 43 I was told I needed a hysterectomy due to a large ovarian cyst.

The doctors left one ovary to supply hormones, which did not work. I've been told that since I do not have a uterus, I don't need progesterone. But I have all the classic signs of being estrogen dominent.

What's your feeling on this?

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Apr 09, 2009
Partial hysterectomy due to ovarian cysts
by: Wray

Hi Dana. Pity about the hysterectomy, as progesterone does reverse cysts. And I cannot agree about not needing progesterone, now you no longer have a uterus. There is so much research that progesterone is needed as we get older, that it reverses age related nerve degeneration, it prevents lipid peroxidation, atherosclerosis, neurodegeneration in the brain implicated in Alzheimer's, of benefit to the ageing skin, and more.

If you have oestrogen dominant symptoms, all the more reason to use progesterone. You might like to do the questionnaire on our site to see if you need it. The questionnaire can be accessed through the right margin of the page:

Take care, Wray.

Jul 27, 2009
Estrogen Dominant OR Low Estrogen
by: Tammie

Ok, I look at the symptoms of both of these and they are very similiar. I have both of them then. My doctor says I have LOW estrogen because I have migraines. I'm so confused as to what I really am. I do use Progesterone cream at night on my breasts and not sure if I'm using enough.

Can someone direct me ? Thanks.

Jul 29, 2009
Estrogen Dominant OR Low Estrogen
by: Wray

Hi Tammie. Oestrogen is an excitatory hormone, it causes water retention and inflammation, both can lead to headaches/migraines. Please see this, and this.
It could be you're not using enough progesterone, you don't mention how much. But doses of 100-200mg/day are far more effective than 20-30mg/day. I would suggest you increase your dose, adjusting as symptoms abate. I take it food and drink have been eliminated as a cause? Do you get the migraines before your period, if you do, this is a strong sign of excess oestrogen, and dropping progesterone levels.

Take care, Wray

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