Pamela june

by Pamela
(Sth. Aust)

9 years ago I had half my thyroid removed. Went OK for a few years. My levels decreased, I then started on 25 mcg of thyroxin . Eventually increased to 150 mcg. I realised I never felt any better. Went then to endocrinologist. He put me on armour. Also progesterone compounded variety. Have gained weight. Feel bloated , increased breast size. Not happy . Please would love to hear other females experiences. I am 66 years old.

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Jan 21, 2016
by: Diane

Hi Pamela~
I am on Armour and progesterone as well, but have not had weight gain and breast tenderness. My suspicion is that you are using way too low a dose of progesterone. You should be on atleast 100-200mg cream per day, if not more. I'm on 300mg daily of progesterone. If you're on oral P and too low a dose, then estrogen dominance can be triggered causing breast tenderness, bloat, weight. I dont know if a change in your thyroid meds would contribute to your symptoms.. I would ask your dr..
What dose P are you and what way are you using/taking it?
Search the page on Estrogen dominance on this website.
Hang in there.

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