Ovulating at Perimenopause

by Zillah

I'm 52 years old and on perimenopause stage. The last month of my regular period was May last year (10 months ago). I thought that was the onset of my menopause. Surprisingly, I had my period (3 days like my normal)last March. My ObGyne told me I'm still on perimenopause stage until I got 12 straight months of not having monthly periods. My husband and I no longer have regular sex due to his graveyard shift job. But we got a chance last April 18. I had mild pain and probably had minor laceration in my vagina. I started having UTI-like feeling but it became full-blown UTI only 10 days after our sex. I was prescribed antibiotics which I took for 5 days. Following that week, I noticed I was ovulating for about 5 days now with all the symptoms of ovulation - tender and achy breasts, white sticky mucus vaginal discharge (clear white and no odor), mild ovulation pain. By the way, I've been taking 800 I.U. of Vitamin E everyday for a month now and USANA's Proflavanol C + my antihypertensive meds. Occasionally, I'm also taking Omega-3 Fish Oil. I'm just alarmed by having normal ovulation during this stage when I thought ovulation no longer happens when a woman enters the menopausal stage. How do you explain this?

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