Ovarian cysts

by Carol
(Staten Island, New York)

At the age of 48 my cycles became irregular. A cyst was found on my ovary secondary to the hormone shift. I was told it was because of my age that this happened but I have had cysts before. After changing my diet and juicing beets and vegetable and fruits and avoiding sugar and organ meats I was examined again and the cyst had apparently shrunk.

I avoided surgery because I was told if it grew I would have to have my ovaries removed. The imbalancing causes all kinds of symptoms like nervousness, insulin resistence, lack of concentration and hair loss.

I have started using natural progesterone and it usually gives me a calming effect and has stabilized me somewhat but I have questions about dosage and cycling because my cycles are not coming on the same day every month. My doctor said it is safe to use up to 100mg and not worry when the cycle comes. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Nov 01, 2009
Ovarian cysts
by: Wray

Hi Carol. Your doctor is right, don't loose him! Cysts are an indication oestrogen is too high, progesterone too low. Evidently you needed it well before age 48. Oestrogen is an excitatory hormone, it is the only hormone capable of stimulating cells to grow and multiply. Progesterone is calming and stops cell growth too. As you are now in peri-menopause no amount of progesterone will help regulate your cycle, it's best to ignore it and use it daily. As your doctor says don't worry when they come or not. You might find 100mg is not sufficient initially, it would be advisable to use 200mg/day until such time as your symptoms have abated and then reduce the dose slowly until you find the optimum level. Take care, Wray

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