No Sex Drive

by Crystal S

Hi Wray,

I am 41. I have long suffered from a hormone imbalance, PMS, high cortiol. I have been using NatPro now for about 6 months. I use 3/4 tsp in the morning and about half that at night. I have felt remarkably better in many areas. Far less irritablility, which I suffered from for most of the month, especially at the 10 day mark before starting my period. I still feel a some amount of grumpiness at the end of my period and the few days that follow.

But my main concern now is my complete lack of sex drive. I used to have one and now I literally have none. Once my husband and I are into it, I'm fine, but I do not have the desire I once had. It has become a huge strain on us because he doesn't understand that it's not him. I really want to find a fix for it. I have read your forums and was curious about tyrosine. I am also nervous to take something like that mainly because I can easily become jittery and from what I've read, it can do that.

I would love any insight you have for me and appreciate your time. I know you are busy!!

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