No period

by Callie

Im fairly certain I have never ovulated. I had 3 periods prior to starting birth control at age 19, and I don't believe ovulation occurred with any of these periods. I have stopped birth control and it has been 10 months with no period. I'm 28 years old. My question is, how do I use progesterone cream if I currently have no period? I have had my hormones checked. My estrogen is very low and my progesterone is low normal with a ratio of 60:1. I have been on herbal therapy for 4 months and while I do feel better, I have yet to have a period. I take my herbal supplement as if I have a 28 day cycle. I am about to recheck my levels this month. I couldn't find information about dosing based on a lack of period at my age. Is it possible that even with progesterone supplementation I will continue to not ovulate or have periods?

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Dec 21, 2013
No Period
by: Joy

Hi Callie

Happy to hear that you have come off BC, dreadful stuff as all drug based contraceptives and HRT have a potential to cause harm - see here. Have you been tested for PCOS? PCOS is caused by oxidative stress, this leads to inflammation and malfunctioning ovaries. Please have a vitamin D test done too, a lack of vitamin D can lead to all sorts of adverse symptoms, it is vital that you get your level up. Interestingly a lack of vitamin D reduces the benefits of progesterone.

As you have no cycle to follow, Natpro Progesterone cream must be used every day with no stopping. Nothing less than 200mg/6ml should be used, possibly more depending on how severe your symptoms are. It is not an overnight fix and can take anything from 2 to 6 months before signs of improvement are felt. As soon as your cycle returns to normal you can use the cream by following your cycle.

I stress again, if your vitamin D level is low you will battle, please have a test done and read this page.

Hope this helps.

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