Night sweats

by Louize
(Saskatchewan, Canada)

I'm 52 and I seem to need quite a bit of progesterone cream. My Dr. prescribed 25mg twice a day for 2 months. I've found your site recently and I've been using quite a bit more for my very sore breasts and as needed for other problems, anxiety fatigue etc.

I ordered some of your cream but may be asking the compounding pharmacist to recommend more for me from my Dr. Right now I think I use close to or over 200mgs a day. It helps my sleep alot but lately I've been having more night sweats and they wake me frequently. I take about 75 mgs of progesterone cream before bed. Could I just rub some more on in the middle of the night to stop the night sweats, or would just washing down with a cold washcloth be better?

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May 17, 2010
Hot flashes/night sweats came back
by: Dianne

I am 58 and it has been 10 years since I entered menopause. After years of enduring hot flashes and night sweats and waiting for them to end I decided to try Progesterone cream. I use Progesta-care by Life Flo which is rcommended by Dr. Lee. After using it twice daily for several months finally the hot flashes were down to a couple a day and the night sweats almost gone. I had relief for about 6 months and now for some reason they have returned even though I am still using this cream. What should I try?

May 18, 2010
Night sweats
by: Night sweats

Hi Louize. 50mg/day would not be enough to help the symptoms you've given, plus more you say, so I'm pleased the higher amount has helped. Increasing the cream as you have will cause some symptoms to worsen, which is merely caused by progesterone activating the oestrogen receptor sites, for more info on this please see here. Your idea is a good one, to rub more on if you wake in the night. Or you could try increasing the amount you use during the day for a week or so, this should probably help too. It could be you need more tryptophan, this amino acid is the precursor to serotonin, some studies have found a drop in this causes night sweats/hot flushes. You could try some of this too, as serotonin itself is the precursor to melatonin our sleep hormone, it should help the anxiety too. For info on how to take it, please see here. Using a cold cloth to wash with is a good idea, but would only be of immediate help, it will not solve the problem. If you haven't seen our page on menopause, please see here. Take care, Wray

May 18, 2010
Tryptophan etc..
by: Louize

Thank you, Wray, I'm unable to get Tryptophan in Canada, would 5HTP do just as well? Also the compounding pharmacist recommended I rub on estriol 0.5mg + testosterone 0.25mg combo cream for low libido and some incontinence, 1 gram daily for seven days, then twice weekly afterwards. Do you think these are okay to take or would progesterone do the trick?

May 19, 2010
Hot flashes/night sweats came back
by: Wray

Hi Diane. I'm pleased the progesterone helped, but to my mind you were not using enough if it took several months before you found relief. Hot flushes/night sweats can go in as little as 4 days if 300-400mg/day progesterone is used. Once they've gone the amount of progesterone is reduced gradually until the optimum is found, which I've found is usually between 100-200mg/day for most women.

Are you going through any extra stress at the moment? Stress drops progesterone levels sharply. If this is the case please increase the amount you are using, best if you can use somewhere between the ranges I gave above. You might like to see a page we have on menopause here. Take care, Wray

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