Never been well for years now at 75 have been diagnosed hypothyroid

by Wendy

I would like to know if I could use progesterone cream whilst taking levothyroxine. I have just started on Vitamin D3. I have trouble with balance and so afraid of going for walks. Also I have anxiety at meeting people and the feeling of inferiority. I am housebound because of these problems. I would love to go to church but afraid of having a panic attack and making a fool of myself.
Please tell me that progesterone cream will help I just want to feel well.
Like so many people I have so many symptoms I feel the doctor thinks I am a hypochondriac.
Do I need to test for this cream treatment?

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Aug 11, 2015
by: Anonymous

I understand how you are feeling, as I go through this all the time, too.

Yes you can use progesterone while on levothyroxine.
It actually compliments the thyroid.

I have been on progesterone for years now, and really struggle if I don't have it.

It eased my anxiety attacks, to the point, I don't even notice them anymore.

It eases my headaches and tight muscles that I get from the thyroxine.

So if I were you I would seriously consider trying it, but keep in mind, that when you first start using it, you symptoms can get worse, but the more progesterone you can get in, the better you will feel.

I hope this has helped.

take care

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