Natural Progesterone Made me Feel Like me Again...

by Renae

Hi all, I am 36 and for the last ten years I have been trying to find answers for why I have been so unwell and so 'not myself anymore'. I fell pregnant early in life (14 years old) and then went onto the depo pervero needle (after my child was born) as a contraceptive that I wouldn't forget to take. Ever since that needle went into my body I have not been the same.
First I started putting on weight, I started getting angry and stressed. I stopped taking the needle and didn't have a regular hassle free period from then until today, that is 20 years! In the past 20 years I have not taken a contraceptive of any sort because of the damage I felt was done by the depo needle, I just felt that it was very bad for me.

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I went to a local GP asking why I was so fat and growing a beard, chest hair and arm hair even though the tests say my hormone levels were in the 'normal' range (normal for who??). The Drs didn't do the tests correctly, wouldn't listen to what I had to say, told me to take the pill and metformin and start riding a push bike.

I have been getting hemiplegic migraine with aura for seven years so thank Good I didn't listen to the Drs and take the pill or I would most likely be dead now from a stroke.

I first read about natural progesterone in a hormone book by Dr Sandra Cabot. I took it with me to my Dr and she rolled her eyes and told me it was nonsence, my hormone levels were 'normal'.
I stopped getting my period for months at a time and would then get my period for a whole month with crippling pains in the second and third day.

I hit 125kg and could feel inside that I was likely to die very early, from something that can be prevented if only the Drs would listen to me. I got desperate, my back pain from arthritis from my nursing career peaked, I was depressed, anxious every second of the day, withdrawn, too self focussed to enjoy being out in the world with people. I knew I needed help really really bad. I once had a dream that I could be a dancer. That girl felt dead to me now.

I tried other Drs but all had the same answers for me. They tend to believe that natural progesterone has no place in treating PSOS. But recently a wonderful lady put me on to a hormal Dr near me and after I begged her she agreed to try me on natural progesterone (30mg a day) for three months.
I found this site and quickly increased the cream to 100mg twice daily so I didn't get oestrogen dominace for the three months, and I feel diffetent.

It's been only two weeks and you would not believe it! I have not been able to sleep without pain meds for my back in years- no more meds! I feel adventerous!! I feel creative again!! I think of something fun to do AND I have the energy to go and do it!! TWO WEEKS on natural progesterone cream. I feel happier, less anxiety. I still feel nervous energy about things but it is more like excitement not impending doom.

I'm cutrently detoxing my liver at the same time so my energy levels would also be from this. The Dr said I have a fatty liver now too.

But I'm on my way!!! šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š

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Jun 17, 2015
Natural Progesterone made me feel like me again ...
by: Joy

Hi Renae

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. You certainly had a torrid time and from such an early age, all so unnecessary as you found out later in life. I am so pleased that you have found comfort in the benefits of natural progesterone, may you improve daily.

I am not sure what progesterone cream you are using, but I would just like to caution you that if it does not have the correct progesterone concentration, even though you are feeling relief now, your symptoms will return. Please make sure that you adjust the cream that you are using accordingly. You will know soon enough should you start to experience Estrogen Dominance symptoms.

The Depo Provera should be BANNED, it causes terrible problems. As for Doctors not wanting to listen to what a patient is telling them and wanting to push drugs down our throats without even doing research on how progesterone can help, is simply beyond me. However, I think we all know why they push the drugs, I will leave it there and not get carried away! I detest the word 'normal' when our hormone levels are take, just exactly what is 'normal', idiots!! The Hormone Testing page gives info on this, perhaps you will find it beneficial.

And to struggle with PCOS and go from doctor to doctor who would not help you must have been soul destroying. Oh yes the solution to all problems, the contraceptive pill and of course let's not forget HRT. I wonder if the doctor prescribing these drugs would actually take them themselves, guess not given the side effects that they so often cause. Did the doctor tell you that metformin destroys vitamin B12? He could have suggest Inositol which is just as effective without all the side effects, see here and here.

If you have not done so already, please read the Anxiety page and do you know what your Vitamin D level is? A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone and is connected to every single cell in our bodies making it vital. Co-factors need to be taken when taking vitamin D, especially magnesium.

May you go from strength to strength, but please be aware that your symptoms may return if not enough progesterone is used.

Jun 18, 2015
Thanks Joy!
by: Renae

Hi Joy,
Thanks for your great info! I have read and re-read every word on thid website, it's such an excellent resource. I'm just waiting now to buy the book that everyone has suggested.

I have been applying 100mg of progesterone cream in the morning and again at night and I am now three days into the first part of my cycle where I stop using the cream and have my period. I feel miserable! I haven't got my period and all of my symptoms are back :(((

I feel like I want to continue using the cream with no break for a couple months to get some of these symptoms under control but I would need to lie to my Dr if I do.
I'm on a 10% cream at the moment which is actually the ONLY bioidentical progesterone cream made in my country. But I have ordered some Natpro cream now.
I have not had my vitamin D3 tested yet, the Dr I'm seeing only had the occasional spot available so you need to book months in advance. My next appointment is in two months. I will ask her to test my vit D then. I already have my name down for the vit D cream here :)

At the moment I'm worried about how I'm going to afford continued use of the Progesterone cream because the one I buy here is $100 per tube and the natpro (being less concentration plus the exchange rate pluss shipping) actually works out dearer for me here :0((((( and I am a single mum with no income other than a student suppliment at the moment. My daughter is 21 and had almost NEVER had her period because of a lack of progesterone but we can't fond a way to afford two lots of cream plus vit D plus magnesium etc etc. we're quite anxious about knowing what the answer is but not being able to access it!

I hope We can work out a solution soon.

Thanks again for your help!

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