Natpro use for 4 years

by Carla

Hi Wray, I have written in before & am a 40 year old female who has been using Aprox. 350mg of natpro a day. My question is, will being on this amount of cream help with peri menopause symptoms? As I feel like my last period was pretty heavy & I had way more cramping. I had a vitamin D test done recently & it was at 40. I know this is low & have been working up my dose. I am just curious if I should increase the progesterone or wait to see how I feel once my vit D increases? Would 300-350 of natpro be fine to use all the way through my peri menopause years? Thank you for all the great info on your site! I look forward to hearing from you.

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Jun 03, 2015
Natpro use for 4 years
by: Wray

Hi Carla I'm so pleased the Natpro has helped you, and thanks for the kind words. 350mg/day is a large amount to use for so long, not harmful to you, only to your pocket! It's impossible to tell how much you'll need going through Peri-menopause or after Menopause. See how you get on adjusting to suit your mood etc. Over the 18 years I've been using it I've gone from the 20-40mg/day which was all anyone knew about back then. To 2000mg/day when I was hugely stressed, so there is no fixed amount. Unless you had your Vitamin D test done in the states, it's very low! Canada uses nmol/L as their value system, the same as Europe. The States uses ng/ml which is 2.5 times higher. In other words your level is 16ng/ml using the American system. It should be between 175nmo/L to 250nmol/L or 70ng/ml to 100ng/ml. If you have heavy bleeding and cramping, please see our page on Menstruation. There is a protocol at the end of the page which you might consider taking, it generally helps. Don't forget to take magnesium too, the most important co-factor for vitamin D. Take care Wray

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