Natpro Side Effects

by Louise
(London, UK)

Hi Wray, further to my last post, I did take it upon myself to decrease the amount of Natpro used due to heart palpitations and shortness of breath, by quite a bit (I, in fact, halved the amount to around 100mg at first, then even further down to 40mg), but unfortunately, these side-effects are still in full-swing, and I cannot function at all, cannot sleep. I'm so worried by the 'angry' way my body's responding to the progesterone, that I feel there may be something else that's badly wrong, which I shall have to look into. I feel I have no option but to stop taking the Natpro.

I recently ordered two more creams from you (in anticipation of a whole course) but the package lays unopened. I would like to return them for a refund for which you guarantee on your website, no questions asked, and which I would like to take advantage of. It's so unfortunate because I really wanted it work out, but my symptoms feel too bad to continue. So sorry.

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Aug 15, 2010
Natpro Side Effects
by: Wray

Hi Louise I'm so sorry this has happened, but pleased you reduced the amount yourself, I can't get back quickly enough when advising on the site. I don't think there is something else badly wrong, but just as well to have it checked. Oestrogen does cause havoc with us, and I would have hoped the progesterone could have helped the symptoms you were using it for. I don't know what they were, but I do hope you can resolve them somehow. If nothing is found in the check up, and your symptoms still trouble you, you could consider progesterone again, but starting off very low, about 10mg/day increasing very gradually over a number of weeks. And of course we'll refund you, please would you fill in the following form. If you could give your order number it would help trace it. The accounts department will contact you directly about how you would like payment. Take care Wray

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