My Story with PCOS

by Cullean Sanders
(Brandon Mississippi)

I have a few questions to ask about taking steps to getting pregnant. But, before I do I would like to share a little about me and my medical history. I started my period when I was 10 years old and started to developed signs that something was very wrong after only 2 to 3 years of having periods. When I tell you that I have experienced all the signs and symptoms of PCOS, and I still do to this very day (Hair under my neck, light hair on my chest, weight grain mostly in the mi-section, type 2 diabetes, mood changes,, a history of irregular periods, all of the onset signs and symptoms I have, period! I have had long to no periods at all, periods every 6 months out a year. I was placed on Birth Control that seemed to work at first and then stopped. When I was only 21 year old I had to have a D and C done to correct my period because it would not stop bleeding for over 2 months straight; after the having the D and C done my period stay corrected for only a year, so I when back on the birth control pills and faced the very same issues, but all these issues did happen before I had my thyroid removed. Once, I have my thyroid removed I was placed on the replacement pill called Synthroid, I used the generic Levothyroxine 125mg for over 9 years only to found out that I was still having thyroid issues, my levels were still in-balanced, so I decided to take a different kind of thyroid pill called Armour Thyroid,, it seems to make me feel a whole better, but my husband and I started trying once again to get pregnant, I begin to see an Endocrinology for my diabetes and thyroid issues, who did not like the fact that I was taken Armour and who stated that I should using Synthroid the name brand, so I do now although I did not really want to, but I because I want to have a baby so I am trying it once again,,. I do however have periods every month, thou the days sometimes change as to when it comes on, sometimes I am every 22 days, but mostly every 36 days. I have taken progesterone pills of which was over several years ago and they work for me in helping to produce more progesterone, but I did not get pregnant , Clomid 50mg did not work for me. Some years pasted and then after my husband and I got married after only three months of marriage, with no help of any kind I was pregnant for the time ever in my life in (2012). But I miscarried at 6 weeks (Oct 2012) and had my second D and C on 30 Oct 2012 it now July 2014, we don't use anything and are trying to get pregnant, but non -thing seems to work for me,, I still have type 2 diabetes and my doctors said that it is uncontrolled, but seem to be moving slow in helping me to correct this situation so I been working on that myself by changing the way I take care of my body. I have changed that way I eat and I have also added some excise like walking to my life once again and I feel better. I am now taken a Synthroid 150 mg once daily for my thyroid replacement,, I feel a little better since I have been taken this dose. I am still getting a period every month mostly every 36 to 38 days. My current doctors says that if I were to ever try Clomid once again that he would rise the dose to 100 mg because test shows that I am not ovulating and that progesterone levels are very low. But, he isn’t doing non- thing right now it seems to help us just making money off of us, that’s all, I need some help I am now 37 and turning 38 on the 28 Aug, 2014 I want to have some kids with my husband, it seems that my doctor don’t really care about my overall health or helping me to get pregnant, because my sugar levels are not where they should be yet and I have been seeing this doctor for over six months, I am doing all that I can eating as healthy as I can, I even added exercise to my life once again, so I have already changed doctors, I will begin next month seeing a new Reproductive Endocrinology.. I am so excited about that, but I still feel that I need to do something on my own, more natural and safe to help my overall health and increase my chances of getting pregnant, please do excuse me for being so long with my story, but I just wanted to share about my medical history just little for you understand my situation. So which brings me to my questions as to what can I do to better my situation? And is it safe to take the herbs with the medications that I am already currently taken? Here is my list of meds right now: Below
Metformin 500mg twice daily
Novolog three times daily_- 4 unit each time
Synthroid- one pill daily
Prenatal- one daily
Cinnamon with Chromium – 2 pills twice daily
Levimir- once daily at bed time
I just need some answers as to what I can do now,, so please help us.. Thanking you in Advance, Cullean Sanders Brandon Mississippi

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Jul 21, 2014
Good places to start
by: Chris

Ok I am no doctor but I have hypothyroidism, pcos and was pre diabetic at one point. I have done a lot of research on my issues and this is what I have learnt.

Armour thyroid (or any natural desiccated thyroid) works way better than synthroid -Have you seen the website -this may provide you with valuable info. When you are pregnant you will need to increase your dose of NTH if that is what you are on at the time and don't be concerned about low TSH blood test readings while on NTH they are always suppressed, you must read your FT3 & FT4 bloods - FT3 should be in the upper bracket of the normal range and FT4 in the mid to upper of the normal range.

I 'doctored' myself through a successful pregnancy using Natural desiccated thyroid and Natpro progesterone cream. I did this by evaluating my own thyroid blood tests (I asked my doc for them each time) and adjusted (usually upward) my thyroid dose accordingly. I did this after I had originally followed the doctors orders and ended up with a miscarriage at 3mths instead of the successful pregnancy.

The diabeties...personally I don't know why they prescribe insulin to type 2 diabetics when that is the very last thing you need. I wouldn't take metformin either. What you should try and has been very successful for me. Is eating Paleo style. That is no grains (in particular go 100% gluten free) and also keeping your sugar and starches very low, at least to begin with until you have stabalised your blood sugar levels (this is key). That is how you control blood sugars not by injecting insulin. Insulin should only be for type 1 diabetics.

Paleo usually excludes dairy as well, people who call themselves Primal will include dairy. I include only organic, grass fed, raw dairy in my I guess I am officially primal rather than paleo. I wouldn't ever drink pasteurised dairy though.

Check out some of these paleo blogs out there. A couple of good ones are and also mark sissons

I think you would benefit enormously from large doses of natural progesterone cream. I feel this is the one thing that made a big difference to my moods and cycles and reduction of hair growth through the years. It may take a while but persevere with it. I used 200mg through my pregnancy and even more after to avoid post natal depression. It worked.

So my advice would be really inspect and clean up your diet, avoiding sugar and starch like the plague, at least to begin with and then maybe only having very tiny amounts once you find some balance (could take awhile and requires real commitment to eating super clean).

Use progesterone cream prob 200mg per day in two doses -morning and evening.

Stop the pharmaceuticals & insulin, except thyroid med obviously but switch to armour or another NTH (thyro-gold is the one I use) and educate yourself on why so you can educate your doctor or at least try. Possibly you could do a combo of synthroid and NTH.

I ended up not bothering with doctors and took care of myself -it worked for me but may not be everyones cup of tea.

I also did the iodine protocol which you can find info on here

join this group and have a read. I do believe that iodine is very important in balancing all hormonal issues and also very important during pregnancy and for fertility. It must always be taken in balance with selenium (selenomethione at 200mcg per day) Lugols iodine at 12.5mg per day. buy iodine here 2 drops of this is 12.5mg. Additional complimentary nutrients are Real salt, magnesium, vitamin c. It's all on that yahoo group.

Please read all these links before making decisions that you feel are right for you and listen to your own body. Only you will be able to find good health, don't rely on any doctor, it must come from you first.

I hope you don't mind me putting my two cents in here and I wish you the best of luck with having children and most of all finding your health!!

I was motivated to discovered all that I have because of my strong desire to have a second child. It was a long hard road at times but I got there and so much the wiser, no longer hoping for the right advice from a doctor who didn't really know much of anything. I was 41yrs when I finally had my second baby and I am now in very good health and am 27kg lighter than I used to be.
Good luck to you :)

Jul 22, 2014
by: Cullean

Hi, Chris

Thanks for all the helpful information that you have given to me. I am most definitely going to go and checkout the sites for more information, I am sure that I will get some more helpful pointers. Yes, it is a hard road to travel to parenthood, but (we)my husband and I are going to hold on to our faith and we are not going to give up. I really thank you so much for all your help.

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