My periods are back!

by Scianna


I take melatonin and a study showed that after 6 months women who were menopausal, even post, started to get their periods back. I was one of them. My period started last July, then just last month after taking this progesterone cream they have started to stabilise to every month, though this month I am 2 weeks early. I am on pregnesone because I have a Lupus flare up for a week and that too, in the past, has made my periods come early.

Will I now have a monthly period? I am trying to get off of the HRT patch but for right now I take it cutting down to just once a week not to throw myself more off.

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May 09, 2018
My periods are back
by: Joy

Hi Scianna

A missed period for 12 months puts one in Menopause. To bleed once or twice in menopause is not uncommon but since your periods returned last July you would be in Peri-Menopause. I suggest that you use between 100-200mg progesterone cream, anything less will aggravate your estrogen receptors. You may need to use more as you are also weaning off HRT and you need support. Progesterone does regulate monthly periods but you shouldn't be getting them if you are in Menopause. Melatonin can affect the monthly cycle in some women.

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