My Oestrogen/Progesterone Ratio

by Liz

I had a hysterectomy 30 years ago when I was 32. I was on oestrogen only supplements until just over 3 months ago. I was prescribed bio-identical progesterone and bio-identical oestrogen but due to oestrogen dominance symptoms stopped the oestrogen gel. Although the progesterone I am using is an oral capsule I am putting the contents onto my skin.

I had my hormone levels checked last week and don't know how to work out the ratio.

I told the technician that I had a hysterectomy and wanted to know the levels of OESTRADIOL, OESTRONE and OESTRIOL but they have only taken the oestradiol level.

When I look at the blood results it looks like I only have a very small amount of oestradiol but a very high amount of progesterone.

Here are the results which I hope someone can help me understand:-

17 Beta OESTRADIOL <5 pg/mL
PROGESTERONE. 15,470 ng/mL (49,19 mnol/L)

I had my TESTOSTERONE level checked as well but have to pick up the results this afternoon.

I really would appreciate help understanding with a very low oestradiol and a very high progesterone level why I have oestrogen dominance symptoms?

Many thanks.

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Feb 04, 2019
by: Liz

I have collected my TESTOSTERONE result which is:-

TESTOSTERONE: 0,09 ng/ml (0,31 nmol/l)

Reference range: 0,10-0.80

This looks low to me but I don't know what it should be to give a therapeutic effect.

Feb 05, 2019
My Oestrogen/Progesterone Ratio
by: Joy

Hi Liz

I am pleased that you stopped the estrogen. There are well over 100 estrogen mimics in our Environment as it is.

Are you sure that those test results are correct as I work out a ratio of 3094:1, it should be 600:1. The Hormone Testing page explains how to work out ratios. How much progesterone are you actually using?

Feb 05, 2019
Amount of progesterone
by: Liz

Hello Joy,

I am taking 200mg. At first I was using 100mg but after reading that if not enough is used it can increase oestrogen dominance the gynaecogist increased it.

Feb 06, 2019
Amount of progesterone
by: Joy

Hi Liz

I am not sure why your progesterone is high as 200mg is really not that much. Many women use much more. If you are feeling stable with no estrogen dominance symptoms then slowly reduce to 100mg and see how you get on with that. If you are still experiencing ED symptoms, continue with 200mg until you feel stable enough to reduce.

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